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Terry Francona Topless Picture – A Potential Scandal?

Terry Francona

So broke this story of Terry Francona apparently emailing a topless photo of himself to a 27-year-old girl from Tucson, Arizona. The story came to their attention when a reader of theirs, whom they refer to as “Rob”, sent them the emails. Upon doing some research, “Rob” was able to connect the email address of the sender to Terry Francona’s AOL account. “Rob” also informed Deadspin that he pulled Francona’s number from phone records and called it. He didn’t speak with Francona, but he said the voice on the other line was no doubt the former Red Sox Manager. However, the article takes a shocking turn when we find out that “Rob’s” girlfriend initiated the email controversy when she sent Tito a chest picture of her own.

Now I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t see a problem in what Tito did here. Sure some people may say that he works for ESPN and that this is inappropriate. However when you break down the story, Francona didn’t do anything wrong.

First of all, she sent him a picture first. If “Rob” is going to get mad at anyone here it needs to be his..ahem faithful.. girlfriend. Francona did what most middle aged, successful, single men would have done. He responded. Also, the girl in question is 27-years-old. She isn’t 17 needing parental consent for decisions. She is an adult acting on her own. The act she chose, was to gain Terry’s attention. I would say she succeeded at that. Lastly, the picture Francona sends isn’t all that provocative. As you can see he is standing on a balcony in a towel, topless. Clearly he is enjoying his lovely ocean view. This picture is no different than if he was in a bathing suit, in fact the towel covers more than a bathing suit would anyway.

Anyone I know will tell you I have always been a supporter of Terry Francona throughout his time in Boston. I stand by my support of him in this sense. The man managed our team to arguably the biggest comeback in sports history during the 2004 ALCS. He led us to two World Series victory while flaunting an 8-0 record in the Fall Classic. Not to mention he led us to game 7 of the 2008 ALCS where they couldn’t muster up any offense against Matt Garza and the Rays. I disagreed with the decision to fire Francona and disagreed even more at the owner’s attempts to tarnish his name on the way out. After all Francona has done for this team and city, I think he deserves some time to relax. He’s a single man, why shouldn’t he be allowed to attempt to meet some co-eds? If he has the opportunity to go out and meet some young twenty-somethings then more power to him.

Sure Francona is 53 years old, but he is also famous and successful, which will draw the interest of plenty of women. At some point in his life Francona will not be able to go out and meet people, so who would we be to criticize him? My only advice to Francona would be that before you send out a picture to a girl, make sure she doesn’t have an angry boyfriend named “Rob” who will send the picture and the emails to Deadspin for the whole world to see. Like the old saying goes: “Hater’s gonna hate, Terry Francona’s gonna swap chest pics with 27 year old girls.” Circle of life.

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