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If the Playoffs Started Today – MLB Week 8

Dodgers vs Rangers: Week 8's prediction for the World Series

May is just about up, but the story lines haven’t let up. Matt Kemp should be back on the DL again. The Red Sox have injuries galore but are suddenly good. The Angels and White Sox have picked up their game, while the Orioles and Rays are faltering. Where does that leave everyone? Let’s look at what would happen if the playoffs started as of Thursday, May 31, before the day’s games:

National League

#1 Los Angeles Dodgers

With star Matt Kemp still having issues, the Dodgers have lost three straight, all home games to a struggling Brewers team. The Dodgers still have a comfortable division lead, but at this rate, they won’t be competitive against the better teams.

#2 Washington Nationals vs #3 Cincinnati Reds

The Nationals have lost three straight in Miami, but before that they won three straight in Atlanta. They’ll need more consistency to finally make a decent playoff push, especially with Cincinnati‘s recent run (despite some trouble in Pittsburgh).

#W1 Miami Marlins vs #W2 New York Mets

Both teams have been doing well lately, but the Marlins have won three straight. The Mets have had a bit harder time as of late, and the Marlins made major offseason acquisitions in Mark Buehrle and Jose Reyes, so they have plenty of talent to put the Mets away.

American League

#1 Texas Rangers

As if the Rangers didn’t have enough talent already, they went out and made a huge splash, signing Roy Oswalt. That will add to their depth, and maybe allow Neftali Feliz to get more bullpen work, where he excelled last year. The Rangers remain one of the top contenders.

#2 Baltimore Orioles vs #3 Chicago White Sox

The Orioles have lost five straight, while the White Sox have won eight straight. Momentum completely favors Chicago right now.

#W1 Tampa Bay Rays vs #W2 New York Yankees

The Rays are another team that has had major struggles lately, while the Yankees have seen their bullpen depleted due to injury. If the Rays can run up the pitch count on New York’s starters, they have a great chance. But of course, the Yankees have the cash to never be counted out.

What Might Change Next Week:

  • Look for Tampa to take over the division, thanks to hosting the Orioles.
  • With an easy schedule, the Giants have a good chance to take over a wildcard spot, and the home field advantage one if the Marlins have any trouble with Philadelphia.

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