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Connelly’s Top Ten: Let’s Go Thunder

LeBron James, Kevin Durant (Photo Credit: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

1. Celtics make a great run – thoughts:

* Heat were too good
* The Big Three New – was a huge success. A championship, two finals appearance and to be tied in the fourth quarter of game 7 of Conference Finals – hats off
* Rajon Rondo postseason goes up there with any other Celtic including Bird: 21 points / 7 rebounds / 11 assists a game against Miami (with that said, trade him right away – Hornets for first pick or Lakers for Andrew Bynum — only if you can get value)
* Five layups allowed in the fourth quarter not acceptable (tired or not)
* Doc didn’t make defensive adjustments – having Brandon Bass body up Lebron 35 feet from the hoop and then allowing him to beat you off the dribble
* The third foul on Garnett was criminal
* On the 2 on 1 between LeBron and Wade – I didn’t know it was acceptable to allow Lebron to hang onto the rim for over 5 seconds
* LeBron traveled 143 times
* So what the refs are telling me is that if the block is clean then you can knock Rondo into the third row or even shoot him and there is no foul
* You needed Paul Pierce to be Sam Jones, but instead he was Fred Roberts
* They needed to get physical with Bosh
* Ray Allen looked old on defense
* Celtics: 2 points off the bench
* I would offer Garnett 2 two years, $25mm – if thats not enough, let him go (if he loves it here he’ll stay – hasn’t he made enough money?)
* The Wade hugging mom before the game was so contrived they should have slapped a tech on him
* Celtics really missed Avery Bradley

2. Red Sox:

* With 102 games to go – the Red Sox are on pace to win 78
* Darnell McDonald should never start a major league game – 0-2 brings him down to .182 average
* National swept with a line up that had the following batting averages: .228 / .149 / .226 / .246 / .188 / .256 / .266 / .222 / .282 / .240 / .250
* Red Sox are not only unlikable but boring – their only dynamic player is Jacoby Ellsbury and I think its safe to say he doesn’t heal quickly

3. Celtics in Critical 4th Quarters:

Celtics-Lakers Game 7 vs Celtics-Heat Game 7:

2010 – 4 for 12 on two-pointers – outscored by 8, 30-22, after leading by four
2012 – 15 points – outscored by 13 points after being tied

4. Paul Pierce:

Pierce for the series in a game that was tied in the fourth quarter of Game 7:

* 17 turnovers to 16 assists
* 10 for 38 three pointers (26%)
* Shot 34% for series

5. When do the Stanley Cup Finals start?

6. Who is better?

Tom Brady:

or Peyton Manning:

7. Amazing Stats:

Great college baseball series between Stony Brook and LSU:

* Stony Brook from Long Island is going to Omaha for the first time
* They were a Division III program in the 1990’s
* Total attendance this year was 5,000
* In three games this weekend in LSU – They played in front of 35,000 people
* Holy Cross swept them this year

8. Old School:

In honor of Adam Dunn’s comeback year in Chicago – how about some Dave Kingman stats:

* His best year was 1979 with the Cubs: 48 HR / 115 RBI / 131 K’s in 532 at bats

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

What a TV viewing weekend:

* Celtics – Heat
* College Baseball – Super Regionals
* European Cup
* French Open Tennis
* The Belmont (something fishy going on with the Triple Crown?)
* Pacman losing

10. Randomocity:

* Interesting and well done movie, “Taking Chance” with Kevin Bacon about bringing home a fallen solider to his family
* If base coaches have to wear helmets, why don’t umpires?
* After reading the article on Pacquiao in Sports Illustrated – I can’t believe he has lasted this long – said by some to have the worst gambling addition in sports history and significant drinking problem
* Johan Santana again proves the wear of physical and mental stress of throwing a no-hitter – should always skip a start afterwards

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2 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Let’s Go Thunder”

  1. * Doc reminds me of K.C. Jones. Struggles to develop/utilize the bench.
    * Celtics bench (game 7); 2 pts, 4 reb (2 def), 1 ast, 1 stl, 8 personal fouls – YIKES!
    * Would have brought in Hollins before Stiesma; better energy, quickness, movement.
    * Maybe could have relegated Ray to a well timed sniper off the bench.
    * Would have liked to have seen what Johnson and/or Williams could have provided on defense. Plus an opportunity for some great experience.
    * The only way I trade Rondo is for the number one pick (Anthony Davis). Not for Chris Paul; injury prone(?), and strikes me as similar to Wade as a potential punk. Not for Bynum; very injury prone and horrible attitude.
    * Bring Garnett back, Let Ray go and trade Pierce, although it would pain me deeply not to see him retire a Celtic.
    * I miss Perk and Tony Allen!

    REPLY – MPC – PErk and Allen would have changed this team dramatically and would have won them the Conference / Doc did a good Job with Bradley / Hollins does bring energy no doubt

    Posted by mfcurtis | June 11, 2012, 12:27 pm
  2. Pierce was clearly hurting.

    I can’t think of any good reason to trade Rondo. He is very good and still getting better, and he steps it up in the big games.

    REPLY – MPC – You are probably in the majority on Rondo / Pierce is who he is -Game 7 vs Cleveland he proved me wrong most of the other games he proved me right

    Posted by TimU | June 11, 2012, 12:40 pm

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