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Connelly’s Top Ten: Trade Ortiz and Lucchino


1. Red Sox Limp Into All-Star Break:

* I would put on the trading block: Ortiz, Ellsbury, Kalish, Nava, Posednik, Beckett, Lester, Buchholz, Aviles, Aceves, Iglesias, Shoppach and Lucchino
* Two youngs guys, Pedro Ciriaco and Mauro Gomez, are just as good as the guys we’re paying and playing
* Ciriaco is going all Ted Cox in this series
* Would you trade Beckett and eat 40% of his salary to the Giants for Tim Lincecum?
* Ortiz has been having a hoot for himself down at first with Yankee first basemen
* Why did Bobby Valentine throw Franklin Morales for 1.1 innings out of bullpen then go back and start him two days later?
* How is David Ortiz getting faster as he gets older?
* Red Sox still getting 37,000 fans a night and won’t have to pay any incentives this year by the looks of it – cha-ching

2. Wimbledon

* Roger Federer at age 30 wins 7th singles
* The stress of winning for the Kingdom on Andy Murray was awesome
* The McInroe boys are great in the booth but Chris Fowler struggled with them – often talking over them and not drawing them out
* Still too many winners on service, which reflects on rackets
* Didn’t realize that Andy Murray was a student at the Dunblane Primary school when 16 of his school mates were killed by a gunman

3. Red Sox pitchers:

Projected stats for the last three years:

* Beckett / Buchholz / Lester / Dice K: 17-18 / 5.01 ERA – $36mm
* Cook / Morales / Doubront: 12-8 / 4.14 ERA – $2.7mm

4. Celtics:

* I can’t believe that Ray Allen is that fragile that he was insulted that the Celtics paid more attention to KG than him (hello KG had double production and plays defense). And your mother got better seats.
* Celtics are the 4th best team in the NBA (Considering no Derrick Rose) with three draft picks, Jason Terry, (likely) Courtney Lee, Jeff Green
* Lakers are now best team in the West
* The fact that Avery Bradley needs a second surgery means the first one failed?

5. Classy Athletes:

Roger Federer is one of the classies athletes ever. Who else?

* Julius Erving (other than mugging of Bird)
* Jim Lonborg
* John Bellevue
* John Havlicek
* John Ratelle
* Lenny Wilkens
* Jim Kaat
* Mariano Rivera
* Dave Shultz (I’m kidding)
* Dave Bing
* Bobby Orr
* Ray Bourque

6. Old School:

Power hitters – Reggie Jackson overrated / Harmon Killebrew underrated:

Player Height Weight AB HR K BB PERSON
Killebrew 6’0″ 195 lbs 8,147 573 1,699 1,559 Not a big mouth egomaniac
Jackson 6’0″ 195 lbs 9,864 563 2,597 1,375 Was/is a big mouth egomaniac

* PLAYER….HT / LBS…../. AB / HR /…….K to BB…… / PERSON
* Killebrew – 6’0″ / 195 lbs / 8,147 / 573 / 1,559 to 1,699 / not a big mouth ego maniac
* Jackson – 6’0″ / 195 lbs / 9,864 / 563 / 1,375 to 2,597 / was and is a big mouth ego maniac

7. Amazing Stats:

Kevin Youkilis with White Sox

* 13 Games
* 14 RBI
* .347 average
* 5 extra base hits
* Red Sox are paying 90% of his salary
* Team is 9-4

8. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Just back from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – a great take (U2 Concert in 3D wow!).

Here are bands not in Hall of Fame that should be:

* Cars
* Boston
* Rush
* Nirvana

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Deaths come in threes – Ernest Borgnine, Andy Griffith – who’s next?

* Dick Van Dyke – 86
* Bill Cosby – 75
* Larry Hagman – 81
* Alan Alda – 76
* Bob Newhart – 82
* Jack Klugman – 90

10. Randomocity:

* Let it be noted that I’m not always right – I thought Andrew McCutchen of the Pirates was overrated (he was ranked 45th best player in the league before the season) – now he’s the league MVP
* Still can’t watch Ultimate Fighting
* The PGA Golf tournament this weekend was at the Greenbrier in West Virginia. Underneath the hotel on campus is the bunker that Congress and President would have to travel in the event of a nuclear war

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  1. You probably know this by now, but Bradley’s operation was on the other shoulder, not a re-do.

    I met Lonborg over the course of a few days, couldn’t be a nicer, classier guy, BTW.

    Posted by vermontk | July 9, 2012, 7:28 am
  2. How’d you forget Tebow?

    REPLY – MPC – An assumed theorem

    Posted by David H | July 9, 2012, 8:34 am

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