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NCAA Announces Penn State Punishment for Jerry Sandusky Cover-Up

Penn State students react to sanctions (Reuters, Craig Houtz)

The NCAA announced Monday morning the sanctions that will come as a direct result of Penn State’s actions over the past (at least) 14 years. After covering up the actions of Jerry Sandusky – assistant football coach and convicted pedophile – for over a decade, Penn State will now face the harsh consequences.

$60 million fine

The NCAA will collect a record $60 million fine from the school. While this is an unprecedented amount, the school does typically make that much in football revenue per year, and they will still be allowed to collect revenues from television deals and ticket sales. They will pay the $60 million in five installments.

4 year postseason ban

Penn State will not be allowed to compete in bowl games for four years. Because of this, current players are being allowed to transfer to any school without penalty, and many will probably take advantage of that opportunity.

Loss of scholarships

Penn State will lost 20 scholarships per year over the next four years. Teams typically field 85 scholarship players. To make a comparison, USC was stripped of 10 scholarships for two years for violations relating to improper benefits.

Forfeit of wins

Penn State will vacate all wins since 1998. This will reduce Joe Paterno’s record number of  wins to 298, making Florida State’s Bobby Bowden the winningest coach in NCAA football history.

Unfortunately, we have already been shown by brainwashed residents of Happy Valley that this penalty was not enough.  In an article from the Associated Press:

The news devastated senior Nicole Lord, who questioned why Penn State’s student body, and especially its student athletes, should be punished ”for the wrongs of three men and a monster.”

To Nicole Lord, and to the remainder of Penn State’s student body, and even those who make a living off of Penn State’s football culture:

It is your obsessive fandom, your insatiable love of Joe Paterno and Penn State football, and your blind dependability on a football team that has lead to the largest cover up and most heinous scandal to ever reach the world of sports.

It is your deflection of blame, your unwillingness to reflect, and your misplaced reverence that has caused thousands to make excuses for and defend a program that aided a known child molester. A known child molester.

The NCAA may have placed unprecedented sanctions on Penn State’s football program. But their football program was allowed to flourish under the passion and faithfulness of a fan base and culture that is so delusional, they would dare to question the level of severity of the NCAA’s penalty.

At first glance, the NCAA’s decision seems harsh and fair. But after listening to Nicole Lord, who most likely speaks for thousands of students, thousands of alumni, and countless employees and residents of Happy Valley, one begins to wonder if anything, even the Death Penalty, would have been enough.

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