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Connelly’s Top Ten: Save Brady!

Tom Brady (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

1. Red Sox:

* Their pitching is average
* Their line up is average
* Their fielding is average
* Their running is average
* Their management is average

2. Olympics:

* With all the money and investment put into soccer and men can’t even qualify for Olympics
* Frank Viola’s daughter is on the diving team
* Water polo practices must stink
* Could the Olympic comments with regards to London cost Mitt Romney the election if nothing happens in the next three days?

3. Patriots:

* Weird without Gino in the booth
* Brady lit up for a fumble – ughhh – Offensive line
* Did they have to give Brandon Lloyd Chad Johnson’s number?
* Most empty seats I have seen at any Patriots game since Krafts took over

4. QB’s Playoff record last six games:

* Brady: 3-3
* Brees: 4-2
* Rodgers: 4-2
* Eli: 5-1 (8-1 last nine)

5. Josh Beckett:

Bruce Chen of the Royals vs. Josh Beckett, last two years:

  • Chen – 20-17 / 284 innings / 49 starts
  • Beckett – 18-17 / 264 innings / 49 starts

6. Dwight Howard:

Dwight Howard going to Lakers – it will be silly. Danny has to get bold. Why not Rondo and two first round picks for Andrew Bynum?

7. Amazing Stats:

Aaron Boone vs. Tim Wakefield (career before the infamous home run: 2-16 / 0 HR / 5 K

8. Old School:

Patriots quarterbacks worst games:
* Steve Grogan – 11/30/80 – vs 49ers- 6 interceptions on 32 attempts
* Babe Parilli – 9/3/67 – vs Denver Broncos – 6 interceptions on 30 attempts

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

What do Matt Clement, Dick Pole and Bryce Florie have in common?

10. Randomocity:

* Hard Knocks was terrible with the Dolphins
* John Wasdin’s middle name is Truman – Jim Carey should have been nominated for the Truman Show
* Interesting high school quarterback show on ESPN – Elite Eleven
* In Matthew Perry’s new show on NBC – he was talking about not complaining and do something about it: “The Red Sox lost for 86 years and then hired Theo Epstein and the players took a lot of steroids.”

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One comment for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Save Brady!”

  1. #9 is obviously 3 guys that throw harder than Steve A. Either that or they all got line drives off the face and other than Pole….never recovered

    And for Matthew Perry’s comments….don’t worry, it’s on NBC. The only way people would ever hear about it is via blogs/posts like this

    REPLY – MPC – No one throws harder than Steve A. – see you at Blanket Dinner?

    Posted by Steve T | August 10, 2012, 7:56 pm

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