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Claude Julien is Back, But is that the Best Thing for the Bruins?

Claude Julien (Photo by Francois Lacasse/NHLI via Getty Images)

Claude Julien was a game away from losing his job as the Bruins played in Game 7 in the first round two years ago against Montreal. Of course, as you remember, the Bruins won that and went on to win the cup.

He earned himself a multi-year extension with the Bruins, signed during this off-season.

I’m not sold on this being the best move for the team. This means more rolling of four lines and more defense first hockey, not to mention most likely the same awful power play.

As productive as the fourth line has been in past years, it takes away shifts from the top two lines. In last year’s playoff series, the Washington Capitals played that grind-it-out style with the third and fourth line players and beat the Bruins. Maybe it’s time to turn to the top two lines more and let them win the games.

As for the power play, Julien still hasn’t figured out who to have out there and what to have those five guys doing. We have seen Zdeno Chara screen the goalie in desperate times and other times it is just five skaters standing around. If the power play can be fixed, this team can make a really deep run.

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3 comments for “Claude Julien is Back, But is that the Best Thing for the Bruins?”

  1. If Julien ever should’ve been fired, it should’ve been after the Game 7 loss to the Flyers in 2010. But, good thing they didn’t because the team ended up winning the Stanley Cup – despite losing Horton and that awful powerplay. And now, running into a goalie in this year’s playoffs who got hot just like Thomas did the previous year, he should be fired??? Because of the power play and rolling four lines? Julien is far from the best coach in the NHL, but to fire him would be idiotic. The team needs head coaching stability and has finally got it and thrived under it. Would it be nice if the power play worked? Sure, but if you win games who cares how you do it? Complaints about defense first hockey? Goodbye Kessel, hello Lord Stanley. When was the last time offense won a Cup? It’s always a hot goalie and smothering defense that does the trick, not lots of goals, because you inevitably run into Thomases, Holtbys, Quicks, etc. And the rolling lines? Perhaps outdated, but it was brought into fashion by the Detroit Red Wings. When was the last time they missed the playoffs?

    Posted by Erikk | August 11, 2012, 3:44 pm
  2. They would win more games if the power play worked is what I’m saying. Being in the playoffs every year is great but with a core of young players on offense that can score goals and know how to play defense its time to cut them loose and score goals. The goalie is good enough to let that happen and the defensemen are more than good enough for that to happen. A guy like Seguin leads the team in points with 67 playing 16 minutes a game. If he plays 21 or 22 minutes like other leading scorers we have a 90 point player on our hands. Look around the league other teams are doing the grind it out thing better than the Bruins, the Rangers do it better and even the Capitals did it better. I’m not saying fire Julien now but him signing on for more years doesn’t exactly solve any of the Bruins problems. If he takes some shifts away from lines 3 and 4 and hands them over to Krejci and Seguin that will produce more goals, and wins.

    Posted by Bobby Doherty | August 11, 2012, 4:49 pm
  3. Seguin only plays 16 minutes because they don’t want him to burn out. Skinner is the same, averaging 17 minutes his Calder-winning rooking season and then 19 minutes last season. It will be great to see Seguin average 20-22 minutes a game and hopefully that will boost production. But I’d rather him score 67 points playing only minutes a game and develop properly than be sidelined by injuries like Taylor Hall. And I don’t think giving Krejci more shifts is the answer. It’s disappointing we couldn’t flip him for Ryan on the cheap.

    Posted by Erikk | August 13, 2012, 12:46 pm

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