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Red Sox Mutiny Makes it Hard to Root for this Team

Our thoughts exactly Bobby. (Photo Courtesy AP/LM Otero)

By now you have read or heard about the Yahoo! article that took the Boston sports world by storm on Tuesday. Jeff Passan mentioned how many of the Red Sox players have been unhappy with Bobby Valentine and they wanted to speak to the ownership. It seems to have stemmed from a text message from Adrian Gonzalez, who was unhappy that Bobby V left Jon Lester in a game against the Blue Jays on July 22nd. Lester gave up 11 runs that game.

There has been an uncertainty with this team and the manager all season. Right from the beginning he questioned the passion of Kevin Youkilis, a staple of the franchise. From then on, fans of the Red Sox knew we were in for a bumpy ride.

To blame Bobby Valentine for this mess is unfair. Quite frankly, this team was terrible before Bobby came to town. In September of last year they quit on the most popular, and arguably the best, manager in the history of the franchise. The clubhouse took advantage of Terry Francona’s laid back approach. Instead of playing up to their abilities out of respect for the manager, the game, the team, and themselves, they drank beer and ate fried chicken. The clubhouse spiraled out of control. Even Francona, who once had such a firm grasp over the clubhouse, couldn’t whip these overpaid underachievers into shape. Francona’s contract was not renewed and his reputation was dragged through the mud on the way. Thanks for your service Tito.

This team is nothing more than a bunch of overpaid, spoiled little brats. When they had a good thing, with a good manager, and were winning baseball games, everything was fine. Then, they got greedy. They wanted to see how far they could push it, and eventually they stopped winning games. As the losses piled up the fans grew anxious. All the skeletons came pouring out of the closet. There was beer, fried chicken, and an apparent “snitch.” Throughout all of this, instead of guys taking firm responsibility for blowing a 9 game lead in September and being a sub-.500 team this season, there has been constant finger pointing.

The little kids, upset with how their stern father has treated them, went running to mom in hopes of getting what they want. The only problem with that plan is mom is the one who went out and hired dad. The owners are the guys who set the interview and hired Bobby Valentine. Ben Cherington had nothing to do with this meeting, and was the virtual puppet GM throughout this entire process. I truly feel sorry for Cherington, as he seems to have inherited his “dream job” in the midst of a terrible nightmare.

The players tried to rise up and overthrow the manager, who appears to be too hard on them. Maybe he doesn’t spend enough time with them (reports say one of the complaints was the amount of time Bobby spends in his office).

Throughout this apparent mutiny, the only thing that has been cleared up is the fact this clubhouse is nearly impossible to cheer for. During a time where Red Sox Nation should be remembering and celebrating the life and career of a true legend, we are all focused on how awful this franchise truly has become. The blame does not rest on any one person’s shoulders, but it starts at the top and trickles all the way down. Maybe the only person not to blame is Cherington, because he hasn’t even been given a chance to do his job.

The ownership’s interest in the franchise is severely in question as they focus a lot of their attention on other investment opportunities. The manager was brought in to captain a sinking ship. No one truly expected Valentine to do much of anything as he took over the team after Francona was run out of town. The players are playing beneath their abilities, making excuses, pointing fingers, and flat out refusing to accept responsibility.

Today, it is hard to be a fan of the Boston Red Sox.

But hey, maybe they’ll all get $250 headphones on John Henry’s yacht party at the end of the season.

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