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Connelly’s Top Ten – The Fighting Henry’s Pull One Out!

1. Red Sox – one game win streak:

* The Sox play inspired baseball with John Henry sitting behind his dugout missing runs as he texts the skipper of his boat
* Baltimore is having a great season and they finally have a chance to stick it to Red Sox fans that invade their park and they show up with 25,483 on a nice summer night
* 3:22 for your basic 6-3 game
* I hate to say it, BUT – is .229 hitting / 18% caught stealing Saltalamacchia better than Jason Varitek?
* At the end of this season, if you put together Adrian Gonzalez’s first half from last year AND second half from this year – its a historical season (I know it doesn’t work that way)
* Don’t look now, but Clay Buchholz is on pace to go 15-4
* At this point why is Nick Punto (hitting .194) getting any at bats over some young prospect?

2. Giants-Patriots:

Regular Season record of Patriots and Giants in the two years that New York beat us (ughh!) for the Super Bowl:

* Giants – 19-13
* Patriots – 29-3

3. Beckett and Lester:

I know its unrealistic for these overpaid starting pitchers to throw complete games but what about at least going eight innings? Josh Beckett and Jon Lester last three years:

  • Beckett: 71 starts, at least 8 IP only 8 times (11%)
  • Lester: 87 starts, at least 8 IP only 13 (15%)

4. Jose Iglesias:

Iglesias is hitting .265 after 948 Red Sox minor league at bats and has dropped on the prospect lists to #5 on

5. Connecticut Baseball:

* University of Connecticut – 2011 three players chosen in first two rounds (Springer, Barnes, Ahmed) / Mike Olt is up with Texas big club / Won Big East 2011
* Milford American Legion Baseball – in World Series
* Fairfield – Little League – in World Series

6. Plaxico Burress:

Burress got a look-see by the Patriots… that would be like signing:

  • Bucky Dent
  • Enos Slaughter
  • Aaron Boone
  • Desmond Howard
  • Yvonne Lambert

7. Amazing Stats:

Pitch Counts of starting pitchers this weekend at the New England Regional American Legion Championships:

Keegan Dellacona from Barnstable – 164 (on two days rest after throwing 128 – he threw 11.2 innings 16 K / 13 hits – he probably really threw 200)
Harry Ridge from Portland – 133
George Bent from Barnstable – 130
Keegan Dellacona from Barnstable – 128
Jeff Gelinas from Saco – 128
Koy Lawrence from Woonsocket – 128
Louis Distasio from Portland – 126
Eddie Dionne from Concord – 126
Brandon Rainville from Woonsocket – 121
Brad Carney from Portland – 120
Brian Carr from New York – 120

8. Fantasy Football: ranked top 200 players for Fantasy Football players – where do the Patriots fall:

5. Tom Brady
13. Rob Gronkowski
21. Wes Welker (no respect)
44. Brandon Lloyd
55. Aaron Hernandez
65. Stevan Ridley
145. Shane Vereen
172. Patriots Defense
178. Stephen Gostkowski

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

With Horshack from Welcome Back Kotter dying this week – how about some other clowns from TV sitcoms:

* Ed McMahon from the Tonight Show
* Screech from Saved By the Bell
* Major Roger Healy from I Dream of Jeannie
* Robert Marone Everybody Loves Raymond
* Doberman from Sgt Bilko
* Vanderbilt from F Troop
* Lenny and Squiggy from Laverne and Shirley
* Art Carney from Honeymooners
* Barney Fife from Andy Griffith
* Gomer Pyle from Gomer Pyle
* Antonio from Wings
* Latka from Taxi
* Gilligan from Gilligan
* Michael Scott from The Office
* Ted Baxter from Mary Tyler Moore
* Chrissy from Threes Company
* Klinger from MASH

10. Randomocity:

* Leaves are falling from trees already
* Does Eli Manning need the money so bad that he is doing those absurd Direct TV commercials as Tinkerbell (look at Urlacher’s commercial where he squishes them)
* Any time you feel insulted about going through airport security, go home and watch United 93
* Is Michelle Obama’s comments connected with McDonald’s and their stock dropping setting her up for problems?
* I’m not a car racing fan, but last weekend race at Watkins Glen was pretty cool with racers bumping each other and going up on the grass infields to pass cars
* Whats wrong with college sports – LSU cornerback’s Ty Mathieu behavior and drug use was so bad that even the Tigers booted him and he has already got calls from 20 other colleges to come to their school
* I love all throw-back uniforms
* With Melky Cabrera testing positive, and Victor Conte’s comments that 50% of baseball is taking a synthetic hormone, it’s almost time to just let them take whatever they want and have their heads blow up on national television

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  1. Burlington lost to a team from CA last night in the Cal Ripken finals. They beat teams from Indiana and Arkansas earlier in the week to advance. Good run for the 12 year olds.

    Posted by David H | August 17, 2012, 8:37 am
  2. i dont think i could ever root for burress in any way shape or form. glad they didn’t sign him.

    brady is ranked too low by he’s easily the #2 pick in most formats behind only aaron rodgers this year. just my opinion!

    that’s a good ranking for welker. WR is very deep this year, and about 5 QBs, 10 to 12 RBs and then a smattering of WRs / TEs should all go ahead of him. don’t forget, in years where he doesn’t light it up TD-wise, his yardage totals only account for about 10 points per week.

    REPLY – MPC – Worried about Brady standing up

    Posted by tronburger | August 17, 2012, 9:05 am

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