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Connelly’s Top Ten: Red Sox For Sale?

Red Sox Ownership: Werner, Henry, Lucchino (J. Meric/Getty Images)

Taking a break for two weeks so I gave an extra Mosi Tatupu effort on this edition of Top Ten: Two things

* Blanket Dinner is 10/9 at Doubletree/Hilton in Cambridge featuring speaker Jeff Idelson – President of the Baseball Hall of Fame – $60 includes three course dinner, speaker, auction – its a bargain!
* Have a book called NBA List Jam, which I co-authored with Orlando Magic Excecutive President Pat Williams, coming out in 30 days:

1. Red Sox:

* When a company is laying the groundwork to sell – they have to reduce expenses to improve cash flow and make the team more appetizing to buyers. Sox just got leaner! By February 1st, Henry sells!
* I would have given the Red Sox a standing ovation Saturday when they took the field – to tip my hat to managment for ridding the team of Josh Beckett
* Every time Padilla, Ortiz, Buchholz and Salty come on the field – fans should give them a standing O for attending the funeral and to let the other players know what is acceptable in Boston
* Red Sox who played Sunday that were not on roster two months ago: Breslow, Beato, Melancon, Ciriaco, Loney, Lavarnway, Gomez, Posednik
* Speaking of the funeral – I know Nomar became Greta Garbo – but hats off for being present
* Isn’t Aaron Cook a little old for a mohawk?
* I’ve never seen so much laughing in a dugout from a losing team
* Is Aceves going to join the all nut list of Boston athletes: Carl Everett, Eddie Shack, Uggie Urbina…
* Pedro Ciriaco is at 136 at bats and is hitting .360 – I think you make a low ball offer to Aviles and if says “no,” trade him and hand the job to Ciriaco next year
* I also offer Ellsbury $15mm a year for 5 years and if he says no, trade him tomorrow with Matt Barnes and Jose Iglesias for Felix Hernandez
* I would release James Loney and not waste any at bats on him
* Infield next year: Pedroia, Middlebrooks, Ciriaco / Outfield Kalish, Ellsbury, Ross, Posednik, Bradley (midway)
* This series 2:54 / 4:31 / 3:36

2. The Trade:

* Closest Popeye Chicken to Dodger Stadium: 2000 E. Marengo Street – 1 mile
* They say that the National League ERA is one point lower, which would drop Beckett to 4.23
* Stop going after free agents and just commit $20mm in signing bonuses each year in the draft. Money spent on signing bonuses by year: 2012 – $7.2mm / 2011 – $10.4mm / 2010 – $10.00mm / 2009 – $5.5mm / 2008 – $9.5mm/ 2007 – $4.5mm / 2006 – $8.3mm (
* Do you think Adrian has texted the Dodger owner yet?
* Watching Nick Punto all giddy looked like he just got to hang out with the cool guys at the party after the high school football game
* Hats off to Ben (must be killing Larry) – I said he should have quit in February – he has this window to save his career
* Watch how the media start killing the players that left (and Red Sox management) but wouldn’t share these stories with us while they were here

3. Fantasy Football:

Players who have caused people to shift rankings: Tom Brady (won’t be standing for long), Russell Wilson, Michael Vick (injury)

4. One of my favorite topics, Pitch Counts:

From Wikipedia – Most pitches in a game since 1990 – Tim Wakefield with 172

Number of times a MLB pitcher has thrown over 125 pitches, a season:

2011 – 40
2010 – 24
2009 – 26
2008 – 19
2007 – 14
2006 – 26
2005 – 31
2004 – 46
2003 -70
1998 – 212

5. Around MLB:

* Does Dusty Baker deserve more credit as a manager – five times top 2 in Manager of the Year and has the Reds on the way to the playoffs
* Good article on Mike Trout in Sports Illustrated
* RA Dickey hit the knuckleball wall like Tim Wakefield did in 1995 – Dickey 13-1 on July 19th – 8 starts later 16-4 / Wakefield in 1995 was 14-1 on August 13 and ended up 16-8

6. Greatest Seasons:

Some people have been talking about LeBron’s season being the greatest ever – not close to Bill Russell in 1956, when he won the NCAA’s (back to back), Olympic Gold and an NBA championship in one year.

Here are the best seasons by a local athlete from the Great Book of Boston Sports Lists:

1. Yaz – 1967 Triple Crown
2. Russell – 1956
3. Bobby Orr – 1970 – Stanley Cup, Conn Smythe, Norris, Art Ross, Hart trophies
4. Bill Rodgers – 1977 – Boston, NY and Fukuoka
5. Pedro – 2000 – 18-6 / 1.74 ERA / .167 average against
6. Ted Williams – 1953 – 39 missions in Korean / hit .407
7. Cam Neely – 1993 – 50 goals / 44 games
8. Doug Flutie – 1984 – Heisman
9. Larry Bird 1985 – MVP – 28.7 pts / 10 rebounds 6.6 assists
10. Jim Rice – 1978 – 406 total bases – 25 doubles/ 15 triples / 46 HR

7. Amazing Stat:

Little League World Series:

* Tennessee – California game was insane with California scoring 10 in the sixth to tie it but still lost
* Boulevard Theatres sold out both theatres (500 seats) every game at $5 a ticket to watch California’s team
* Giants and Oakland A’s donated $15,000 to California for travel
* The Baseball Factory has video and scouting report on every player in the tournament – trip

* Assuming Dustin Pedrioa is no taller than 5’7 – California has four players bigger than him, including Bradley Smith, who is 6’3″

8. Old School:

Speaking of Mike Trout – Mickey Mantle hurt his knee in the 1951 World Series as a rookie, changing his career forever:

1951 – Rookie Stats – 96 games / 13 home runs / 65 RBI / .267 average

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Signing bonus for Red Sox draft picks made who made it to bigs:

2000 – Manny Delcarmen (2nd round) – $700,000
2001 – Kelly Shoppach (1st round ) – $737,750
2001 – Kevin Youkilis (8th round) – $12,000
2002 – Jon Lester (2nd round) $1,000,000
2003 – Jon Papelbon (4th round) $264,500
2003 – David Murphy (1st) $1,525,000
2004 – Cla Meredith (6th) $135,000
2004 – Dustin Pedroia (2nd) $575,000
2005 – Jacoby Ellsbury (1st) $1,400,000
2005 – Clay Buchholz (1st) – $800,000
2005 – Jed Lowrie (1st) – $762,500
2006 – Daniel Bard (1st) – $1,550,000
2006 – Justin Masterson (2nd) – $510,000
2006 – Ryan Kalish (9th) – $600,00
2006 – Josh Reddick (17th) – $140,000
2007 – Wil Middlebrooks (5th) – $925,000
2007 – Anthony Rizzo (6th) – $325,000
2008 – Ryan Lavarnway (6th) – $325,000

10. Ramdomocity:

* The shaving cream in the face during interviews is getting old
* When I heard that Condelizza Rice was accepted as a member at Augusta National Country Club I immediately thought of the All in the Family episode when Archie needed to diversify the lodge he was a member at so they recruited an individual from work to fit into two demographics at once: Solomon Jackson (Jewish and African American)
* John Tomase has worked himself back to a more-than-suitable sports writer in this town following the Patriots problem
* Part of me says Jose Iglesias is completely over-rated the other part tells me that he could be better in the pros
* American heroes? Lance Armstrong, OJ Simpson, Roger Clemens, Tiger Woods – How about Dan Roundfield who just died trying to safe his wife in a riptide.
* Where will Tito be coaching next year?
* Did you see Heidi Watney on the 18th green to congratulate her cousin Nick Watney?

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2 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Red Sox For Sale?”

  1. Flutie over Brady’s 2007 year?

    REPLY – MPC – Slightly – I thought Flutie’s year was magical that comes along once a generation ie. Ftorek, Yaz 67, etc- Brady was amazing but it was a 15% differntial to past years

    Posted by Bob | August 27, 2012, 8:04 am
  2. Pet Peeve – Media kissing players and teams butts or covering for players or owners they know are bad apples while on the team then blasting them when they leave town.

    Manny Ramirez – as long as Manny was putting up huge numbers media remained quiet. Just Manny being Many!

    Andrian Gonzalez – clubhouse lawyer.

    Jerry Sandusky – media knew in 1998 this guy was a pedophile but remained silent to protect the Penn State mystique.

    What other examples are there?
    REPLY – MPC – Thats a good list – I remember being shocked when Nomar was a problem when alls you saw was smiles and good articles then he leaves and you find out he was difficult??

    Posted by NoBama | August 27, 2012, 2:42 pm

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