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Report: BU Hockey 2009 NCAA Championship Party Included Penalty Box Sex

BU earned the nation's top overall seed in the NCAA Hockey Tournament.

An independent task force, formed after two Boston University hockey players were accused of sexual assault, has found that the players generally have a sense of sexual entitlement. In other news, another independent task force has found that grass tends to be green and water is wet.

The fact that the top sports squad at a college feels “sexually entitled” is nothing new, but… a report revealed Friday by the Boston Globe may be a different story.

After winning the 2009 NCAA Championship, BU hockey players threw a party in Agannis Arena, which included kegs in the locker room, naked skating on the ice, and SEX in the penalty box.

Two minutes for roughing? How about a five-minute major?

OK, I’ll stop. Apparently, BU police and administrators did not know about the party until this year after the task force began asking questions. Coach Jack Parker, who at first did not acknowledge knowing anything about the party, later said  he knew of “a few guys drinking in the locker room.”

Parker had apparently lost control that year. Within days of the party, he reprimanded the team for its behavior. Clearly, that had no effect.

He also advised players to stop participating in group sex. Apparently, that’s an issue with the BU hockey team, too.

“However,” Parker is quoted in the report as saying, “my job is not to say, ‘You guys gotta be celibate.’ ”

And finally, apparently the players, until recently, have been drinking for free without using IDs at T’s Pub, which is down the street on Comm. Ave.

Players being entitled? That’s nothing new. Players participating in group sex? Sex going on in the penalty box? Yeah, that’s a bit different.

It’s clear that Parker may not be able to really control his team’s behavior. As a result, BU stripped him of the title of “executive athletic director” but did nothing else to punish him. Is that the right move?

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