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If the Playoffs Started Today – MLB Week 22

Nationals vs Rangers: Week 22's prediction for the World Series

It’s just a few weeks left until the playoffs start, and the action isn’t any less exciting. The Orioles and Yankees are still neck and neck. The Athletics are making a push for the AL West. Even the Phillies are back in the picture. That’s not to mention the several other teams still in the mix, so let’s look at what would happen if the playoffs started as Thursday, September 13 at 6:30pm:

National League

#1 Washington Nationals

Stephen Strasburg is now done for the year, but Washington has still won three in a row. It looks like their chances won’t be exceedingly hampered by the loss of one of many pieces of talent.

#2 Cincinnati Reds vs #3 San Francisco Giants

Both teams have been solidifying their positions, but Cincinnati is still 5.5 games ahead of San Francisco. The records are such that Cincinnati will be able to pick off a game or two on the road. After already possessing home-field advantage, the pressure may be too much even for the Giants.

#W1 Atlanta Braves vs #W2 St. Louis Cardinals

Both teams are riding three-game losing streaks, but at least the Braves won five in a row before that. The Cardinals are even less well-off than the Braves, but this game will just be to see who gets to be crushed by the Nationals.

American League

#1 Texas Rangers

Texas still has a decent lead, but they have to be especially careful these days not only of Baltimore/New York but Oakland as well. Still, with Josh Hamilton leading the way, they’ve been tough to beat.

#2 Baltimore Orioles vs #3 Chicago White Sox

With two straight home losses to Detroit, Chicago now leads their nearest division rival by a single game. The Orioles have won three in a row to take a half-game lead over the Yankees. Dealing with the Yankees so successfully, the orioles will have no problem with Chicago.

#W1 Oakland Athletics vs #W2 New York Yankees

The Yankees are continuing to struggle, even having a difficult time with the lowly Red Sox. The Athletics saw their six-game winning streak not even an hour before press time, but in all fairness, it was to Jered Weaver. With the Yankees still trying to work out kinks in their lineup and rotation, there’s no question that the Athletics have the edge.

What Might Change Next Week:

  • With Baltimore travelling to Oakland, New York has a great chance to retake the division.
  • If the Dodgers can take their series against St. Louis, they’ll have a great chance to take the Cardinals’ Wildcard slot as well.

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