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Should The Red Sox Owners Sell the Team?

No better time than now for a new ownership team. (J. Meric/Getty Images)

An article surfaced today on, discussing the idea of the Red Sox being sold. While the article mentions the ownership has denied the claim that they are shopping the team around, it’s not too crazy to think they are at least gauging the market interest. Nothing seems imminent, or even remotely close of happening, but this is an interesting topic to explore. Should the owners sell the franchise?

Personally I believe it is time for this group to move on and to let someone else take the reigns. When the ownership group took over everything seemed great. The team won a couple championships and were contenders year in and year out. Fenway Park is still in the midst of a record sellout streak, even in the team’s darkest year the park is still filled to capacity. Things have gone real sour in recent years, these past two seasons in particular. With the team dumping most of its high profile contracts, and all indications are manager Bobby Valentine won’t return for a second year, what better time than now than to start over completely with a new ownership group.

It’s no secret that this group has strayed from the path that saw them win two championships. They attempted to be the New York Yankees in the way they handled their finances. Instead of focusing on player development in the minor leagues to home grow their talent, like they did in the past, they used their money to over pay for free agents. This move was an attempt to keep pace with their rivals in New York, as well as avoid the surging Tampa Bay Rays. The only problem is the talent they were over paying for had trouble succeeding in Boston.

You can debate all day long about the poor moves in free agency over the years, but everyone understands the risk involved in signing a new talent. Many factors all come into play in regards to the success level of any new player. The poor signings isn’t the main gripe with this ownership. The biggest issue is the money first attitude that seems to define them. Ticket prices are insanely high for a relatively uncomfortable viewing experience. The team had one of the highest payrolls in the league before the big trade with the Dodgers in August, yet they were and still are a sub-.500 team. And how can we forget the infamous yacht party after the historic September collapse last season. While Terry Francona was being unceremoniously fired and had his reputation dragged through the mud, the same players who quit on the best manager in team history one month prior had the opportunity to party it up with John Henry on his yacht while they listen to music with their brand new $300 headphones. More proof that these owners are out of touch with the fans is not needed.

To wrap things up the team is going through a drastic overhaul. The finances basically reset after the trade in August, and I will be shocked if Bobby V returns for a second season. The team needs a fresh start and a new outlook. The time to sell the team is now. Not for the owners convenience, but because the fans of Boston deserve it.

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