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Connelly’s Top Ten: Bloody Sunday

Tom Brady (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

1. Patriots:


* After Gostkowski banged through the 53-yarder I was thinking how automatic he is – and then he hits the coffin corner choke kick – uggh (terrible hold by Mesko)
* Kevin Kolb beat Tom Brady
* The Krafts streak of being shown during broadcast remains in tact (Jonathan got a raised chair now also)
* Poor Jonathan had to spend the game explaining the rules to Tommy Hilfinger
* Patriots still can’t return kicks – long for the day – 23 yards
* With all the money they poured into Gillette Stadium – I think its foolhardy that injured players have to go down steep narrow stairs to get to the locker room
* Officials were no worse than the regular ones
* Total Yards – PATS 387 / Cardinals 245


* Whole game changed when Hernandez got hurt
* Thought Josh McDaniels called a bad game – Cardinals were too fast on defense to go outside
* For the third time, the Patriots have tried to run the play action / fake the end-around and throw and Brady has got killed (see first play of 2007 Super Bowl)
* I hope that wasn’t their best play they ran for the two point conversion – I could have drawn that up in the back yard?
* I think that was a fair call on the Gronkowski hold that negated the Woodhead game winner
* Brady is still the greatest QB of all time, but throws a terrible deep ball – wrong shoulder to Lloyd and had Gronkowski wide open
* Brandon Lloyd dropped a pass that stopped a drive (by the way he’s good, but not a game-changer and goes down easy)
* Wes Welker dropped a pass (might have been tipped) that ended a drive and the ensuing punt was blocked
* Speaking of Wes Welker – he caught a ball down the seam right where Brady should have put it against the Giants
* At the end of the first half and the ball at midfield – why not throw a Hail Mary with six seconds left instead of punting?
* At what point does Matt Light and Brian Waters come back?
* Patriots had two drives over five minutes and only managed a total of three points combined


* You hold Larry Fitzgerald to one catch / four yards and you lose?
* Chandler Jones is even better than a young Willie McGinest (before the quarter-pounder commercials)
* Seems like everyone starts games off with long drives against the Patriots – 6:18

2. Home runs as a teenager:

Bryce Harper hit his 19th home run before age 20. Tony C has the record still at 24.

3. Around the NFL:

* Who do you root for Steelers vs. Jets
* Right after Patriots lose – Giants pull it out
* Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz combined for 378 yards of receptions
* Danny Amendola of the Rams, who Tom Curran said the Patriots were interested in this summer, had twelve receptions in the first half

4. Around College Football:

* Matt Barkley of USC and Tyler Wilson come back for Heisman and National Championship and both lose both dreams Saturday
* Louisiana Monroe had a chance to pull off the most improbable of back to back upsets – against Arkansas in Arkansas and then had Auburn on the ropes in Auburn but decided to kick an extra point with no time left and go to overtime instead of go for two on the road and be bold – Auburn won in OT
* If you back out Maine and U Mass – Boston College is 3-11 over their last 14 games
* I did pick Arkansas to cover the 20 on Friday, but Vegas took them off the board on Saturday when QB Trey Wilson was ruled out
* As predicted Nebraska coach Bo Pelini will drop on the sideline – he was taken out in ambulance at halftime Saturday

5. Pitchers after they threw no-hitters in 2012:

  • Felix Hernandez (8/15/12): 2-3, 4.75 ERA
  • Matt Cain (6/13/12): 6-3, 3.66 ERA
  • Johan Santana (6/1/12): 3-7, 8.26 ERA
  • Jered Weaver (5/2/12): 13-4, 3.16 ERA
  • Phil Humber (4/21/12): 4-5, 6.66 ERA

6. Around Baseball:

* Theo can’t be happy with the Cubs winning this weekend – they currently have the number two pick – top prospects – which would be according to mock drafts – Ryne Stanek a right hand pitcher out of Arkansas / the Red Sox would have the 7th pick, which could be Kris Bryant a third baseman out of San Diego
* Some Braves pitcher Kris Medlen has a streak going right now – last 20 appearances the Braves have won – matching Roger Clemens (bum)
* Jonathan Papelbon is two saves away from the Fireman of the year award (he’s at 34)
* With the Red Sox averaging 101.4% capacity – how about some playoff bound teams: Tampa 58.6% / Oakland 59.9% / White Sox 60.2% / Baltimore 57.1% / Washington 71.5%
* Has John Farrell done such a masterful job in Toronto?
* Former Red Sox batting practice pitcher Darren Oliver has a 1.73 ERA in 56 appearances

7. Amazing Stat:

Pedro Ciriaco has 14 stolen bases and has not been caught. Other Red Sox not caught in a season since 1920:

Leon Cluberson (1943) – 14
Lee Tinsley (1994) – 13
Fred Lynn (1980) – 12

8. Old School:

Bobby says Friday was the worst line up ever. How about the lineup just before 9/11?

9/14/12 – Ciriaco, Ellsbury, Aviles, Ross, Gomez, Lavarnway, Nava, Loney, Iglesias
9/09/01 – Stynes, Merloni, Alcantara, Manny, Bichette, O’Leary, Hillenbrand, Mirabelli, Lewis

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Major League Baseball will not allow Melky Cabrera to be crowed batting champ as he is three points ahead of Andrew McCutchen (.346 to .343) and if they do disqualify him, doesn’t that mean Roger Maris should be the season home run champ at 61?

10. Randomocity:

* Daniel Bard threw six pitches on Sunday: a walk, hit, hit
* Great weekend – AGAIN!
* Sox Lost, Patriots Lost, Hernandez hurt, Bruins out, but Boardwalk Empire started (Homeland 9-30 / Dexter 9-30 / Walking Dead 10-14 / Mad Men midseason / Game of Thrones – Midseason)
* Remember when the Brady Bunch was about to kick off a new season (where did Mr. Brady do his architectural drawings when Greg took over his office?)
* How many offensive rebounds will the Celtics allow when they play the Lakers?
* Could Tim Wakefield’s Knuckle Ball Documentary and Bobby Valentine’s Dominican documentary be competing for Oscar nomination?

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2 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Bloody Sunday”

  1. nice point on that ’01 lineup. that team was despicable, BUT they did have Pedro and Manny. lot of bad dudes there, though – including Manny.

    spending yesterday at the Pats game was a great time, but the heartbreaking manner in which they lost, coupled with a bizarre 2 and a half hour drive home to the north shore (we even waited a good 90 minutes after game in parking lot to get in our cars) made me surly today.

    REPLY – MPC – It would be better to rent a helicopter and land it on the 50

    Posted by tronburger | September 17, 2012, 7:50 am
  2. The 2001 lineup is pretty bad, but at least it has a Hall of Famer. Bobby V took a lot of heat for the comment, but he is right – the current lineup is horrible. When you lead off with Pedro Ciriaco – .299 lifetime OBP in more than 3000 minor league AB – you are just not planning on scoring a lot of runs.

    REPLY – MPC – No doubt that’s a tough lineup but its passing the buck – he doesn’t need to insult his players – everyone sees the lineup

    Posted by TimU | September 19, 2012, 8:55 am

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