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Connelly’s Top Ten: Some Red Sox New School and Old School

Carl Yastrzemski

1. Patriots:

* I am blown away by the campaign going on right now to diminish Wes Welker as a player – you can put Welker right there with O’Rielly, Grogan, Cowens
* Brady last four games – record 2-2 / 100 completions – 154 attempts (64.9%) / 5 TD to 4 INT / average yards 266
* Last player to have as much leverage over management as Brian Waters was Doug Mirabelli after watching Varitek trying to catch Tim Wakefield
* NBC Sunday night means – Chris Collinsworth hating on the Patriots / they will show replays of Ray Rice’s playoff run and Ray Lewis’ stupid dance
* I’m so sick of Flacco talk
* Who names his kid with the first syllable of his last name – Cam Cameron?
* Does Deion Branch start over Wes Welker?

2. Red Sox:

* Don’t tell me that Aceves wasn’t laughing while Bailey gave up 5 ninth inning runs?
* Do you think David Ortiz regrets being a sponsor of Alfredo Aceves?
* Hats off to Clay Buccholz not letting the mess around him impact his performance
* Iglesias raised his average in one game from .057 to .128
* Do you realize that Kansas City has a better record than Sox?
* Red Sox are 2-8 in extra innings (Baltimore is 15-2)
* Mauro Gomez is hitting .309 after 81 at bats and has 8 extra base hits

3. The 2000 NFL Draft:

* If the Patriots were so smart to take Brady in the 6th round – why did they take Adrian Klemm, JR Redmond, Greg Randall, Dave Stachelski, Jeff Marriott, Antwan Harris before him
* With the pick before Tom Brady, St. Louis selected Matt Bowen, a DB out of Iowa who played in 77 career games
* There were three other players chosen that year in the sixth round that played at least 100 games in NFL – Neil Rackers, Dhani Jones, Adalius Thomas

4. September Call ups of the best core every built by the Red Sox:

Jim Rice…………..1974 – 24 games / 67 at bats / 5 extra base hits / .269
Fred Lynn…………1974 – 15 games / 51 at bats / 6 extra base hits / .419
Carlton Fisk………1971 – 14 games / 48 at bats / 5 extra base hits / .313
Dwight Evans…….1972 – 18 games / 57 at bats / 5 extra base hits / .263

5. Triple Crowns:

The last Triple Crown was won by Yaz in 1967. How does he match up against Miguel Cabrera’s projected year-end stats (don’t forget Yaz hit against the raised mound)

Size: Cabrera 6’4″ – 240 lbs / Yaz 5’11” – 175 lbs
Age: Cabrera 29 – Yaz 27
Stats: Cabrera .333 / 45 / 141 — Yaz .326 / 44 / 121

6. Tebow alert:

Tim Tebow was 7-4 for Denver plus a win in the playoffs over favored Pittsburgh Steelers while Kyle Orton and Peyton Manning are 2-5 combined.

7. Amazing Stat:

Cardinals have five players with 20 home runs this season – Red Sox with over 20 home runs in the late 70’s:

1977 – Rice 39 / Scott 33 / Hobson 30 / Yaz 28 / Fisk 26
1978 – Rice 46 / Evans 24 / Lynn 22 / Fisk 20
1979 – Rice 39 / Lynn 39 / Hobson 28 / Evans 21 / Yaz 21

8. Old School:

Yaz in 1967 against Denny McLain, Wilbur Wood, Sam McDowell, Joe Coleman, Whitey Ford, Jim Perry, Dean Chance, Jim Kaat, Luis Tiant: .462 (37-80) / 7 HR / 17

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

My order for best drama for Sunday nights Emmy Awards:

1. Downton Abbey
2. Game of Thrones
3. Boardwalk Empire
4. Mad Men
5. Breaking Bad
6. Homeland

10. Randomocity:

* Sports Radio this week – set a new record on talking about refs and Welker
* Red Sox got Denny Doyle in 1975 for Chuck Ross
* If a politician came out and spent a lot of money just ONCE to reach as many people and informed the audience that he would not bother us with any more commercials – I would vote for that person
* Can’t believe Subway invests so much in celebrities – Michael Phelps, idiot Michael Strahan, Blake Griffin, RGIII, CC Sabathia, Ryan Howard and more
* Ichiro on fire – 9 for his last 12
* The fact that Washington is 5.5 games ahead on Atlanta means they could have spared Strasburg 5 of his regular season starts and brought him back for the playoffs
* If baseball did what the English Premier League did – the Rockies, Cubs and Astros would be sent down to Triple-A after this year

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    REPLY – MPC – Ultimately you would have to say good ownership, great coach, great QB

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