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Connelly’s Top Ten: More Thugs – Ravens or Longest Yard Winner?

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1. Officials Debacle:

* Wise guys in Vegas must be making a living simply by betting on Division II officials being influenced by hostile crowds thus slanting calls toward home team
* Should have been a metal detector for players entering the playing field


* Look at Welker’s early catch down the line and Pollard taking a full swing-shiver into his facemask
* Logan Mankins type of game
* Lloyd has the best feet on the sideline since Randy Vataha
* Another drop for Welker (he disappeared for a while after that)
* Julian Edelman does a lot of talking for a guy with 54 career receptions (Happy Halloween)
* Fifteen carries for Danny Woodhead?
* Long kick off return 24 yards
* Hated McDaniels play calling in second half – empty backfield on the last drive leading to a sack – are you kidding me
* Please get rid of the end around reverse fake nonsense – it never works!
* Their last three losses (including Super Bowl) the Patriots have given up leads in the fourth quarter


* McCourty horrible again – freakin’ catch the ball you’re a pro athlete
* Torry Smith 21.2 per catch / Jacoby Jones 28.7 yards per catch
* Baltimore controlled each line
* Arrington completely choked falling down with the Flacco pass right at them (threw up on Dean Wormer)
* Brandon Spikes chasing Ray Rice in coverage was embarrassing
* D’ontae Hightower looked like a rookie
* Why was McCourty playing up on the line of scrimmage on the last drive with no help over the top?


* You know when someone introduces himself from the “U” that there are cheap shots to follow – Ed Reed head shots on Edelman and Branch
* Flacco 382 yards passing / no sacks
* Drives of 92 / 92 / 82 / 80


* All is good – Bob Kraft being shown streak lives at 6:48 of the third quarter
* Last two games vs Ravens: Flacco 688 yards – 5 TD / Brady 574 yards – 1 TD
* Did Edelman get hurt on his celebration after his first half TD?
* The Raven’s organist was participating in the bullshi* chant
* Bill Belichick = Kevin McHale / Ref = Kurt Rambis


* Holding called on Gronkowski
* Offensive interference on Edelman
* Interference on Mayo keeping touchdown drive alive in first half
* Contact after five yards on McCourty saving a 3rd and 14 for Ravens
* Illegal contact on Spikes
* No holding calls on Ravens offensive line
* No penalty on Ray Lewis for hitting Gronkowski down field

2. Around the NFL

* The Tebow thing in New York is a mess – a complete waste of his year (he was covering punts on Sunday six months removed from the Pro Bowl)
* Arizona the real deal – 27-6 win
* Jets and Giants win this week – ugh!
* Steelers, Saints, Patriots, Detroit are 3-9
* John Elway still hating on Tim Tebow?

3. Around College Football

* SEC teams are the #1 (Alabama) / #3 (LSU) / #5 (Georgia) / #6 (South Carolina) / #11 (Florida)
* Louisiana-Monroe played Arkansas / Auburn / Baylor and have a combined points for and against: 104 to 109 and were paid $2mm for their visits (their budget for year is $2.6mm)
* My favorite college football player is Collin Klein the QB of Kansas State – he is a warrior
* Rutgers could be 11-0 going into their last game against Louisville
* UNH allowed 730 yards to Old Dominion (make an adjustment one time)

4. Red Sox

* Dice K 50-36 career with the Red Sox 4.47
* Red Sox can’t do anything right – I’m rooting for the Baltimore Orioles and the Red Sox finally win a game
* To think that David Ortiz will have played in only 90 games this year and made $14,575,000 ($161,944) and still complained about his situation
* When is JD Drew coming back from injury?
* Remember when players used to play 160 games – Dustin Pedroia will lead the team with 145
* Cody Ross 122 K to 41 bb

5. Around MLB

* The Orioles are 22 games over .500 but have been outscored by 6 runs for the whole season
* Hmm Josh Hamilton is out again with a “sinus” infection
* Adam Laroche, who was with the Red Sox in 2009, has 32 home runs / 98 RBI for Washington
* Scutaro is hitting over .300 for the Giants (Aviles .251)

6. Commissioners:

Amazingly – The commissioners in hockey, football and baseball are having a negative impact on the very league they are custodian for

7. Amazing Stat:

In September of Triple Crown:

* Yaz in September of 1967: 9 HR / 26 RBI / .417 avg / .504 OBP
* Cabrera in September of 1967: 9 HR / 22 RBI / .357 / .434 OBP (still games to go / lower mound)

8. Old School:

Alfredo Aceves is 2-10 with 8 blown saves and an ERA of 5.31, which makes me reflect back on underappreciated Bob Stanley’s 1978 season when he was: 15-2 / 10 saves and a 2.60 ERA out of bullpen

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Can someone dust off Ronald Regan’s Air Traffic Controller strike strategy?

10. Randomocity:

* For anyone thinking of traveling to an away game with your team’s gear on – watch Real Sports on HBO and then stay in your TV room
* The movie “The Master” was so bad – so disconnected – so illogical, that every critic is going to say it was great because they were so confused that must mean that its depth can only be explained by genius (great acting jobs though by Seymour Hoffman / Phoenix)

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  1. Defense still Achilles heel. If you score 30 on the road, you should win 9 out of 10 times.

    They are now a 12-4 team at best, more like 11-5. Ugh. Thoughts?

    REPLY – MPC – I don’t like to be held hostage either but not giving Assante money cost the team at least one Super Bowl 11-5 you are correct

    Posted by Jamie | September 24, 2012, 9:34 am

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