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Connelly’s Top Ten: Theeeee Yankees Lose!

Alex Rodriguez (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

1. Patriots vs. Jets:

* Tebow at running back? Look out Emerson Boozer (led the NFL in touchdowns in 1972 with 14 TD)
* Patriots opened up as a 13-point favorite, now down to 10
* Patriots could win by 28 points
* Foxboro Junior High Schools be careful – Mark Sanchez is coming to town
* Need the Colonial Minutemen to shoot down any long passes thrown by Jets QB’s and help out Pats DB’s

2. Around MLB:

* I am more excited about the Yankees losing than if the Red Sox won
* Matt Holiday’s takeout slide of Marco Scutaro was reminiscent of Dwight Evans rolling takeout slides in the old days
* Post season averages of Yankees: Swisher .167 / Martin .161 / A Rod .120 / Cano .075 / Chavez .000 / Granderson .100
* Yankee Stadium occupancy for the playoff games: 96.7% / 94.4% / 90.1% / 90.2% / 90.1%
* Think of the pressure A-Rod would take off himself if he donated a portion of his salary to a cause because he didn’t perform?
* The Cardinals bore me
* Will the Giants be criticized if knocked out for not re-instating Melky Cabrera
* Does Bobby V. get royalties every time someone eats a wrap?

3. Around College Football:

* Game of the week – West Virgina vs. Kansas State – New School QB vs. Old School QB
* Can the Fighting O’Briens keep in going at Penn State this week against Iowa, who is favored by 2.5 (both coaches part of the Belichick tree)
* Upset alert for Oregon State against 9.5-point underdog Utah / BYU could give Notre Dame trouble
* Over-Under rushing yards by Georgia Tech against Boston College – I will say over 215 yards
* Lock – Over in the Michigan vs. Michigan State game – 43

4. Around the NFL:

* Do bookies have Philip Rivers’ family held hostage somewhere?
* You know how some restaurant locations are just doomed no matter what restaurant goes in – Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, etc
* Bills 10-game record is 7-3 before Ryan Fitzpatrick signed multi-year contract / 1-9 in the ten games after

5. Defensive Backs:

DBs chosen by the Patriots with what pick and where they were ranked prior to draft (USA Today)

2012 – Tavon Wilson 48 (212) / Jake Bequette 90 (not ranked top 500) / Nate Ebner 197 (not ranked top 500) / Alfonzo Dennard 224 (56th)
2011 – Ras I Dowling 33 (52) / Malcom Williams 214 (not ranked top 500)
2010 – Devin McCourty 33 (57th)
2009 – Patrick Chung 34 (53rd) / Darius Butler 41 (24th)

6. Odds to win the NBA Title:



7. Amazing Stats:

More Patriots draft stuff…Patriots draft picks still on the team (2000-2008):

2008 – (7 picks) Jerod Mayo / Matt Slater
2007 – (9 picks) None
2006 – (10 picks) Stephen Gostkowski
2005 – (7 picks) Logan Mankins
2004 – (8 picks) Vince Wilfork
2003 – (10 picks) None
2002 – (6 picks) Deion Branch
2001 – (10 picks) None
2000 – (10 picks) Tom Brady

8. Old School:

More Patriot defensive back talk – Past Pro-Bowlers:

6 Times – Michael Haynes
4 Times – Ty Law / Lawyer Milloy
3 Times – Raymond Clayborn
2 Times – Fred Bruney, Brandon Meriweather (crazy)
1 Time – Dick Felt, Asante Samuel, Tim Fox, Fred Marion, Devin McCourty, Ron Hall, Leroy Mitchell, Chuck Shonta, Don Webb, Larry Whigham

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Top Ten Comedians of All Time:

1. Lucy
2. Jack Lemmon
3. Vince Vaughn
4. John Belushi
5. Bill Murray
6. Chris Farley
7. Billy Crystal
8. Will Ferrell
9. Ben Stiller
10. Leslie Nielsen / Gene Wilder

10. Randomocity:

* Interesting documentaries on ESPN, including from 9.79 on Ben Johnson’s historic and chemically enhanced run showed that at the LA Olympics in 1984, all the positive drug results of popular American athletes were stolen / Also that athletes taking growth hormones needed braces to control their teeth growth (Carl Lewis had braces)
* This is the longest stretch in October that Milan Lucic hasn’t missed his check and crashed face first into the glass
* What does A-Rod do now?
* Tone Loc or Young MC?
* Looking at A-Rod, could HGH give you short term advantages but accelerate the aging process?
* I think Jon Meterparel was the most underrated personality in Boston Sports radio – huge loss for WEEI and others alike
* B-52’s three best songs – Give Me Back My Man / Roam / Love Shack
* Cool youtube of U Mass football getting a visit from two state troopers
* Everybody was kung fu fighting and they were fast as lightning

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5 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Theeeee Yankees Lose!”

  1. Vince Vaughn?!?!

    REPLY – MPC – Watch him in Wedding Crashers his delivery of lines is amazing – should have been nominated

    Posted by Mike | October 19, 2012, 8:27 am
  2. Vince Vaugn and even worse Ben Stiller??? But yet no Richard Pryor, one of the best comics of all time? And I know you can’t stand Eddie Murphy’s movies, but have you not seen Eddie Murphy Raw?? And I know i’m going Old School on this one..but how about Jackie Gleason, Steve Martin, or George Carlin?

    REPLY – MPC – I was sort of leaning toward movie actors vs. stand up – Jackie Gleason deserves mention and Robin Williams deserves to be in there. Vince Vaughn is comic genius

    Posted by Jerry M | October 19, 2012, 9:16 am
  3. I know its been said before. But how did Rodney Harrison escape all those Pro Bowls?

    REPLY – MPC – Opponents hated him – he was certainly good enough to go to 3-5

    Posted by MFC | October 19, 2012, 11:20 am
  4. You are joking about Meterparel? A few examples of the midget moron: His junior high school girl giggle talking about Brandon McCarthy the day after he got the line drive off his head. (Real funny stuff). His constant shilling for BC and that other midget moron, Gene DeFilippo. (At the start of the 4th footbal game this year Meterparel was claiming the team deserved to be 3-1 not 1-3). His nauseating groveling to Larry Luchino to get a play by play job or the PA job. Meterparel belongs under a bridge harassing people who walk above. A creep’s creep. Disgusting.

    REPLY – MPC – Some of your points valid but overall we disagree on his value to sports radio

    Posted by Fred Burford | October 19, 2012, 11:29 am
  5. Jake Bequette was a Defensive End: not a DB

    REPLY – MPC – thanks for help

    Posted by Dan McCarthy | October 19, 2012, 4:38 pm

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