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Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots Defense Needs Bangers and Mashers

Alfonzo Dennard, Stevan Ridley (AP Photo/Stephan Savoia)

1. Patriots:

* If Wes Welker’s career ended today, he would be in the Hall of Fame
* Over / Under on Bob Kraft being shown – I say before 2 minutes has elapsed of the second quarter
* Bill Belichick in the land of Churchill – fitting
* Odds that the Brady’s cross with power couple, the Beckhams: 60%?
* In England, the hooligans won’t stand for such porous secondary play – they will throw a flare at you

2. World Series:

* San Francisco is a cool park and city
* How did the Panda get on top of that Verlander fast ball?
* As long as the Yankees aren’t there

3. Triple Crowns:

Only positions not to be represented by winning the coveted milestone – Shortstop / Catcher

1b – Jimmie Foxx / Lou Gehrig
2b – Nap Lajoie / Roger Hornsby
3b – Miguel Cabrera
LF – Ted Williams / Yaz / Joe Medwick
CF – Mickey Mantle /
RF – Frank Robinson / Chuck Klein

4. Red Sox:

* Red Sox traded Marco Scutaro and then the Red Sox traded his replacement for a coach who has never had a winning season
* David Ortiz – we’ll see how tough Ben Cherrington is now – (2 years / $20mm and no more)
* Was Bobby V wrong about David Ortiz?
* Would you bring back free agent Marco Scutaro?
* Would you trade Ellsbury, Barnes and Iglesis for Felix Hernandez and then sign Michael Bourn?
* Would you sign Melky Cabrera and make him donate 25% of his salary to drug rehab centers in Boston and take monthly blood tests
* How about Ichiro…and don’t underestimate Juan Pierre – he’s one level beneath a Hall of Famer

5. Running Backs:

Rushing attempts in a season by a Patriot running back under Belichick:

1. Corey Dillon (2004) – 345
2. Stephan Ridley (2012) – 309 pace
3. Antowain Smith (2001) – 287
4. Antowain Smith (2002) – 252
5. BJGE (2010) – 229

6. College Football:

* Alabama is a 24-point favorite over undefeated Mississippi State (7-0)
* Game of the week is Kansas State vs. Texas Tech (Florida bores me)
* Baylor vs. Iowa State fun game
* Auburn will be 1-7 after Saturday, just two years after “convincing” Cam Newton to come to Auburn
* Charlie Weis is 1-6 in Kansas and it looks like they will end 1-11
* Oregon is a 47-point favorite over the once proud program of Colorado
* Coach O’Brien can exert himself as a legit coaching force with an upset of Ohio State this weekend coming off an off week

7. Amazing Stats:

Who benefited from hitting behind the last five Triple Crown winners:

2012 – Prince Fielder……..30 / 108 / .313
1967 – George Scott…….19 / 82 / .303
1966 – Brooks Robinson..23 / 100 / .269
1956 – Yogi Berra………..30 / 105 / .298
1947 – Sam Mele…………12 / 73 / .302

8. Old School:

Sam Cunningham fumbled 22 times in 1973 and 1975 combined on just 234 carries

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

I”ve said for years the Celtics should have an annual game on St. Patrick’s Day – at home on March 17th they are 13-1 (

10. Randomocity:

* The city of New Orleans is overrated
* Yankees not winning last week was the highlight of the month
* Lance Armstrong – was it all worth it?
* Go pick me out a winner Bobby
* How could the California Seals take themselves serious with white skates?
* Why couldn’t Tim Wakefield pitch after a year off?
* I predict Dice K is done
* Remember the Titans is overrated

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  1. Barnes is currently untouchable. And that package would not pull Hernandez away from Seattle.

    No to Cabrera. He will go for under market value, but he will play to that number

    Posted by DMac | October 26, 2012, 8:16 am

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