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Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots Win, Giants Sweep, Sanchez Stinks

Stevan Ridley (AP Photo/Alastair Grant)

1. Patriots vs. Rams:


* The pass on Gronk’s first TD had to be 85 MPH or more (Brady was drilling passes into some small windows)
* Deion Branch drew two flags / no catches
* When Welker finally kicks the bucket, could Brady be brought up on manslaughter charges?
* Even on Brandon Lloyd’s TD, he is falling to the ground
* I’m not a big fan of the Danny Woodhead into the line at the goal line
* Insane run by Stevan Ridley in which he punished Ram’s Dahl


* First drive AGAIN – 5 plays 80 yards for a touchdown
* Hightower could get fined for driving Bradford into the ground
* Is it me or is there a correlation between sending more guys after the QB and improved play by secondary?


* Kraft sighting went OVER – not shown to late in the third quarter (9:11), but streak is alive
* First Gronk spike was classic / second was more a function of activities with Bibi Jones
* Amazing how many times Patriots asked for flags and got them
* Howl watching Gronk spike the microphone – he did a world of good for his branding in England
* Patriots on pace to go 10-6

2. Around the NFL:

* Went out to watch the game Sunday – best part of the venture was having a Jets fan next to me – so fun!
* I guess Rex Ryan is sending his General Manager a message that he never wanted Tim Tebow
* Little disconcerting that Miami manhandled the Jets and the Patriots struggled at home against Gang Green
* So sad to see Fireman Bill sitting so sad
* In reality, Roethlisberger should be in stripes anyways, so those Steeler uniforms were just right
* Tony Romo more times than not won’t win with game on the line
* Jason Witten 18 receptions – he’s in the Hall of Fame

3. Around College Football:

* Nine quarterbacks threw for over 400 yards on Saturday (five of the nine lost)
* Thirteen runners with at least 70 carries are averaging 7 yards a carry or more
* Top twenty teams that the top four have left on their schedule: Alabama: #6 LSU / #20 Texas A&M —- Oregon: #9 USC / #17 Stanford / #7 Oregon State —- Notre Dame – #9 USC —- Kansas State #23 Texas

4. World Series:

* Triple Crown winner ends the series on a called third strike (Yaz made the last out in 1975 and 1978)
* Giants sweep on amazing pitching
* If you were the Red Sox – would you go after Lincecum as a closer?
* I’m not sure if Tim McCarver has calmed down or if he just drives me crazy when doing Red Sox games
* Dick Stockton called the Fisk – “if it stays fair” home run
* Giants have been to four World Series since 1989 / Tigers three since 1984

5. Lance Armstrong stuff:

* Very interesting piece in Sports Illustrated on Lance Armstrong that quoted from the book the Secret Race: “It took the drug-testing authorities several years and millions of dollars to develop a test to detect EPO (erythropoietin)…it took (Dr. Michele) Ferrari about five minutes to figure out how to evade it.”
* Also in the article they indicated something I have wondered – that there is the possibility that steroids caused Lance Armstrong’s cancer
* Did you see where the Boston Athletic Association is disqualifying his finish in the Boston Marathon?
* With that said – isn’t Lance Armstrong the biggest fraud in the history of sports and charity?

5. Random stuff from the new book NBA List Jam:

* Old school players who would have been good three-point shooters by Matt Goukas: #6 Jerry West
* Top NBA players from Ohio State by Jack Nicklaus: #3 Jimmy Jackson
* Top Foreign players by Leigh Montville: #9 Manute Bol
* Greatest single-game post season performance by Marv Albert: #3 Bill Russell (1962) 40 rebounds / 30 points
* Top Outfits by Craig Sager – #2 Pink and white carnation sport coat, one which Kevin Garnett told him to go home and burn it

6. It’s that time of year:

Google “hunting accident 2012” and there are 17,900,000 hits

7. Amazing Stats:

San Francisco Giants closer Sergio Romo at 5″10″ – 185 lbs was overlooked by many – how about some other small pitchers who didn’t fit in the box of scouts?

Pedro…………….5’11 170
Vida Blue……….6’0″ 180
Greg Maddux….6’0 170
David Cone…….6’1″ 180
Warren Spahn…6’0″ 172 pounds

8. Old School:

#1: In 1982 and 1983, Gary Carter threw out 145 runners of 334 that attempted (that’s a lot of attempts)
#2: Six of the fifteen 1954 Sports Illustrated covers were of wildlife

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Actors that played Batman

Adam West (ever read My Life in Tights? – yikes)
Val Kilmer
Michael Keaton
George Clooney
Christian Bale
Peter Weller

10. Randomocity:

* Good Sunday piece in the Globe by Greg Bedard questioning the Patriots and coaching along with praising Rex Ryan for outcoaching the Patriots coaches with less talent – the depth of the pieces reminded me of old school Sunday Globe
* Just a thought – found it interesting that Aaron Hernandez was such a big part of the Patriots game plan last week but this week he is not only dressed but didn’t travel with the team – is he not allowed to leave the country?
* Crazy the money they are throwing into promoting Assassins III – some cool Boston graphics
* Hurricane is coming – someone tie Danny Woodhead down
* Who had a tougher job than the guy in charge of programming for the NHL Network?
* Does anyone know who Victoria Azarenka is? #1 in female tennis
* Nomar wants to get back into coaching – will he draw a line around his locker again to keep the press away?

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  1. What I’ll remember most about Lance Armstrong was how he always bullies, berates and abuses anyone who raises questions about his use of performance enhancing drugs. That to me makes him as much a sociopath as a fraud.

    REPLY – MPC – It turns out that he was in the business of making millions and millions of dollars no diffrent than Milken or any other fraud. It was big business putting a needle in you

    Posted by Alan | October 29, 2012, 2:40 pm
  2. 10-6? I will take the over. How much are we betting?

    REPLY – MPC – Although I make many bad bets – this one I agree with you on

    Posted by TimU | October 31, 2012, 8:32 am

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