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Jason Terry and Celtics Nation Need to be Reminded There Are 82 Games in an NBA Season

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The Celtics are 2-2. Get over it.

You can look at this one of two ways. Either the Celtics have played four games and are yet to really hit their groove, or “OH MY GAWD DUDE THE CELTICS ARE IN FRIGGIN’ TROUBLE. ALL WE GOT IS RONDO, PIERCE AND GARNETT AND THESE OTHER DUDES BLOW AND WE SHOULDA NEVER GOTTEN RID OF RAY OR STIEMSMA!”

The first view would be the rational one, because after all, four games is four games. It’s not even 5% of the season, or if you want to put in football terms, which of course you do, it’s the equivalent of playing three quarters of the first game of the season.

The second one, to put it politely, is an overreaction. That’s how the leader of the Celtics bench, Jason Terry, seems to be handling it. It’s a little to soon to condemn the Celtics offseason moves or the production of their newly formed second unit, isn’t it?

Sure, it doesn’t look great that the bench has been outscored by an average of 14 points per game. Or that the Celtics only wins came by narrow margins against a Wizards team missing John Wall and Nene. Or that KG, through the use of an odd but strangely accurate comparison to Comcast, claims the team lacks chemistry.

On the flip side, the Wizards bench outscored their own starters by a whopping 42 points last Saturday- that’s sure to pad the negative stats for at least another two weeks. Avery Bradley should be back in a month. Jeff Green and Chris Wilcox now have fully operational hearts. Terry is a former 6th Man of the Year award winner, and so is Leandro Barbosa. Jared Sullinger, while a starter, has only played 4 games in his NBA career and can only get better from here. Half the Celtics losses [which is one, by the way] came against the Heat, who, lest you forget, won the championship last year and have the greatest basketball player on Earth.

Also, please try to consider that IT’S ONLY FOUR GAMES INTO THE SEASON. No one expected this team to be the 72-win Bulls- it’s a marathon for this team, not a sprint.

Look, the bench blew last year. They were second to last in terms of bench scoring per game and gave significant playoff minutes to Sasha Pavlovic and Ryan Hollins. So it’s easy [or more accurately lazy] to point the bench and say, “HERE WE GO AGAIN!”

But this isn’t last year’s bench, literally. Brandon Bass and Wilcox are the only guys on the bench now that were on the team last season, and Bass was a starter. Doc Rivers knows he can’t have Kevin Garnett logging 40+ minutes each night, he’s said so himself. The bench will get minutes, and in time they’ll start to sync up. If you think four games is the amount of time they should do it in, then the finger should be pointed at you, not the Celtics bench.

Amidst a pedestrian 2-2 start, let us take a moment and remember the fact that things could be worse- Hell, at least we’re not the Lakers.

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