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Connelly’s Top Ten: Thank You Veterans and All Who Serve

Danny Woodhead (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

1. Patriots are average team:


* Welker two big drops
* If Woodhead got stopped before his first touchdown – I would have said they are overusing him, but he scored after his third straight play (just to be fair when I complain about him when it doesn’t work)
* Brady screaming at Welker and Edelman (Brady – Welker is a love/hate thing)
* Brandon Lloyd actually stayed on his feet for a couple of catches
* An effort by Brady to target Deion Branch
* They did that stupid play action/fake the end-around thing and Brady almost killed (it has never worked)
* With the goal of running clock – why did Brady rush the team up to the line for a rush at 2:55 – instead of two plays bringing under 2 minutes?


* I submit with Mayo, Wilfork, Jones, Spikes and others the Patriots have sufficient talent on defense – it’s schemes and coaching
* Personal fouls on Mayo, Spikes (bad call – ref reacted to helmet coming off), Denard
* If a ball is on the ground and Chandler Jones falls on it and a Bill touches him doesn’t he have possession and down by contact as opposed to a Bill ripping the ball from him
* Who is Justin Francis?
* I want the Patriots blitzing – but not when the ball is on their own two and the QB will be getting rid of the ball quick anyways
* Seemed like the Bills were going after Denard
* Patriots only allowed 9 yards on the Bills first drive – for a change


* Bob Kraft being shown streak alive three fold: 6:04 of the first / half time with Kevin Faulk / 1:30 left in the third quarter
* Every time a defensive back drops an interception, an announcer says “that’s why he’s not a receiver”
* With the ball on their own two in the 4th quarter – why punt – they can’t stop anyone once they have the ball?
* Bills had 148 yards in penalties 231 in total for the game – too much (replacement refs would have got killed)
* Need to change review of blown calls (shouldn’t be up to the coach to prove they are wrong – the league should prove they are right if close – college rules)
* Speaking of challenges – nice red flag throw by Bill
* With 1:50 left in the game and Buffalo driving toward a win – the camera scanned the stadium to show 40% of red seats empty
* Time of possession: Bills 33 / Pats 26
* Patriots have allowed 919 total yards in two games to Bills

2. Around the NFL:

* Falcons loss means Mercury Morris is partying until 1999
* Hats off the Peyton Manning – better than I thought he would be
* Yahoo being down from 12 to 1 before kickoff is a nightmare for millions of fantasy football players

3. Around College Football:

* Why not to bet reason # 1 million – 4-5 Syracuse was only 3.0-point underdog to undefeated Louisville and Syracuse won – trap city
* Louisiana-Lafayette can’t allow Florida to block a punt with seconds left to win the game
* Good effort by Boston College but the fact is that the AD let the basketball and football program depreciate to a level that they are an embarrassment to the school (effort was sincere though)
* BCS got lucky with Alabama losing – down to three teams with undefeated records
* I did give you a heads up on Texas A&M Johnny Manziel – he makes plays like Flutie

4. Baseball:

Interesting situation occurring now in baseball with caught steroid users now becoming coaches – so much for example (Rockies almost hired Giambi / Dodgers just picked McGwire)

5. David Ortiz:

Happy to say one week has passed and David Ortiz hasn’t complained about his contract yet.

6. Top War Movies in honor of Veterans Day:

1. Deer Hunter
2. Battle of the Bulge
3. Patton
4. Platoon
5. Best Years of Our Lives

7. Amazing Stories:

College Game Day had a story on Clemson wide receiver AND Purple Heart award winner Daniel Rodriguez Saturday which personified the brutality of war (talking about keeping a bullet in his pocket to kill himself if Taliban completely took over his camp)

8. Old School:

Ted Williams missed 1943 / 1944 / 1945 seasons completely – look what he did the year before he left:

1941 and 1942 – 73 home runs / 257 RBI / 276 Runs / AVG of .379 / OBP of .528 (2nd twice in MVP)

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Great monologues in a movie – Spencer Tracey’s monologue at the end of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner is daring and profound for its time (17 days before his death).

Other speeches of note:

1. Patton
2. Network – Peter Finch
3. Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday
4. Jack Nicholson in Few Good Men

10. Randomocity:

* By the way, the Showtime series Homeland is one of the best seasons ever (up there with the second year of the Wire) – I thought the first year was overrated, but not this year
* had worst athlete commercial ever – Milan Lucic for MTW Community Credit Union
* Do you think 80% of athletes are juicing and when a guy like Brandon Bolden gets caught they are laughing at him calling him an “idiot!”

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  1. -Pats better than average – they are headed for 12-13 wins

    -Mayo, Wilfork, Spikes, Love.. all players that excel against the run but struggle against the pass. But it is a pass-first league! Are there two D-tackles in football that generate less pressure on the passer? So it isn’t all scheme, it is also personnel.

    -Gallipoli; Saving Private Ryan; Paths Of Glory

    REPLY – MPC – Saving Private Ryan is insane at beginning but then turned into formula movie – i think there is more talent on D than is being utlized

    Posted by TimU | November 14, 2012, 9:51 am
  2. Oh geez – Das Boot!

    REPLY – MPC – Subtitles?

    Posted by TimU | November 14, 2012, 9:52 am

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