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Connelly’s Top Ten: Every Time Patriots Give Up 20-Yard Play – Drink

Andrew Luck (Getty Images)

1. Patriots vs. Colts:

* Imagine what an opposing QB thinks when watching Patriots game films?
* There is some Patriot defensive backs that I wish were afraid to fly
* By the way – going for it 4th and 2 was the right call
* Would you bet that Brady or Luck would have higher QB rating / pass for more yards
* Patriots are 9-2 odds to win Super Bowl – second behind Houston
* Don’t forget last year, Colts QB Dan Orlovsky was 30 for 37 for 353 yards against the Patriots

2. Paul Pierce:

Pierce now has 22,750 points / John Havlicek has 26,395 – if Paul Pierce averages 17 points a game, then it will take 214 games to be the all time Celtics leading scorer

3. Red Sox History:

Regular Season wins of Red Sox vs. winners of World Series against them:

1946 – Red Sox 104-50 vs. Cardinals 98-58
1967 – Red Sox 92-70 vs Cardinals 101-60
1975 – Red Sox 95-66 vs. Reds 108-54
1986 – Red Sox 95-66 vs. Mets 108-54

4. Around the NFL and College Football:

* Tim Tebow only has to hold his nose for 7 more games
* USC vs. UCLA is finally an anticipated game – USC favored by 3
* Oregon is favored by 24 over ranked Stanford
* UMass a 10-point underdog to Buffalo (not the Bills)

5. MLB award season:

* Before the season, Cy Young winner RA Dickey was pushing a book of his life in which he was abused
* MVP Buster Posey was coming off a potential career ending injury
* Miguel Cabrera was one year removed from yet another drinking incident
* Three of the top vote getters in Rookie of the Year are Asian – Norichika Aoki, Yu Davrish, Wie Yin Chen

6. Batting averages in regular vs post season in 1946:

* Ted Williams……… .342 / .200
* Johnny Pesky…….. .335 / .233
* Bobby Doerr……… .271 / .409
* Rudy York …………. .276 / .261
* Dom DiMaggio….. .316 / .259

7. Amazing Stat

No Red Sox got a vote in the Rookie of the Year / MVP / Cy Young – $170mm doesn’t get you what it used to (no one has offered to give money back from contract the way Ted Williams did)

8. Old School:

  • Brooklyn Dodgers’ average attendance the year they left – 13,423
  • The Celtics vs. Brooklyn Nets had 17,732 in the stands

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

As mentioned before, Greg Bedard of the Globe is becoming a legit writing force in the Boston Sports world. His no-holds-barred critique of Sunday’s game was refreshing. He used the following words in his article: INDEFENSIBLE / ATROCIOUS / EMBARRASSED / INEXCUSABLE / UNDISCIPLINED / INADEQUATE / ABUSED

10. Randomocity:

* Boston College football needs talent and a barber
* The NHL has entered the world of irrelevance – people could care less if they come back or not
* General Petraeus, meet Senator Geary
* I like the theatre lighting at the new arenas
* Stan Jonathan arrested for manslaughter
* The other night I saw Kevin Garnett D-up Gordon Hayward of the Jazz and clap his hands and bring it on – Hayward dropped a jump shot in his face – when Garnett claps his hands or bangs the floor it is an automatic two for the other team

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  1. Brady will have the higher passer rating. The Colts pass defense is no better than the Pats, but Brady is a lot better than Andrew Luck. Luck has a 79.1 rating this year. Blowout win for Pats here.

    REPLY – MPC – OK consider it a bet

    Posted by TimU | November 16, 2012, 8:38 am
  2. the patriots don’t blow anyone out. besides the bills. and even then, they could have lost last sunday.

    REPLY – MPC – a breather finally

    Posted by tronburger | November 16, 2012, 12:10 pm

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