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If the Playoffs Started Today – NBA Week 3

Knicks vs Clippers: Week 3's prediction for the NBA Finals

Another week is over in the NBA, and no team has yet to carve out any sort of niche for themselves. The top of the West is looking to be a revolving door, while the Knicks are holding onto the East for now, but Miami can never be counted out. We’re seeing which select teams will be cellar dwellers this season, but the last seeds are still hotly contested, so let’s look at what would happen as of Wednesday, November 21, before the day’s games:


#1 Los Angeles Clippers vs #8 Utah Jazz

Six straight wins have the Clippers atop the West. Meanwhile, even though they’re perfect at home, the Jazz have struggled on the road. Against the dynamics that Chris Paul and Blake Griffin (among others) bring (not to mention L.A.’s perfect road record), Utah will find it difficult to stay in games.

#2 Memphis Grizzlies vs #7 Golden State Warriors

Memphis is simply dangerous. They have explosive talent and can beat you with the swipe of a paw. Golden State isn’t completely healthy right now, and that will kill them if it remains the case in the postseason.

#3 Oklahoma City Thunder vs #6 Los Angeles Lakers

Oklahoma City continues to remain at the top of the heap, with plenty of young talent. Los Angeles has plenty of veteran presence and a new coach helping them back to their winning ways, but Steve Nash is down to one working fibula and will be out indefinitely. Russell Westbrook could hold the key in attacking a weakened point guard position for a Thunder victory.

#4 San Antonio Spurs vs #5 Minnesota Timberwolves

San Antonio may not be #1, but Minnesota is still having a tough time dealing with some key injuries. Against a team as good as the Spurs, that leads to an easy loss.


#1 New York Knicks vs #8 Boston Celtics

Detroit is now 1-3 at home on the season thanks to Boston. The Celtics have been too inconsistent this season. With New York rolling the way they are, Boston won’t be able to make another deep run at this rate.

#2 Miami Heat vs #7 Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta is so-so in the early going. Simply put, against the talent pool of Miami, you need to be perfect.

#3 Milwaukee Bucks vs #6 Charlotte Bobcats

Somehow, the Bobcats aren’t waiting around for their season to die. Still, that doesn’t mean anything will be easy for them. Milwaukee isn’t used to much success either, but their weakened division is helping them out. In a close battle, the home team usually gets the edge.

#4 Brooklyn Nets vs #5 Philadelphia 76ers

Brooklyn is still hanging with the top of the pack, but Philadelphia has won their third straight. If this is a sign, Philadelphia is adjusting nicely without Andrew Bynum. If they can do well without him, they’ll do even better when he returns.

What Might Change Next Week:

  • With Boston’s very rough week ahead, look for Chicago to take advantage.
  • Look for the Grizzlies to take over the #1 spot with the Clippers cruising the East coast.

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