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Connelly’s Top Ten: Give Thanks

Rex Ryan (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

1. Patriots:


*Offensive lineman Donald Thomas allows first play hit on Brady, and he gets called for grounding again
*When does Gostkowski become an official concern?
*Play-action / fake end- around didn’t work again – Welker almost killed
*Three TD in 52 seconds – reminded me of Red Sox back-to-back-to-back-to-back home runs against Yankees on Sunday night
*Great cut by Edelman after the catch with Laron Landry chasing
*Brady big hit and three quarterback sneaks while up big in second half


*Dont’a Hightower finally made a play on defense and had a little dance – later in the game he was behind in coverage again
*No first-drive points allowed
*Gregory with three forced turnovers
*Patriots secondary starting to come together a little bit
*Love the goal-line stand by the Patriots in 3rd quarter (Spikes is a serious run stopper as Troy Brown did predict)


*Second half of seasons over the last three years the Patriots are 19-0
*NBC asked Mark Sanchez what he was thankful for – surprised he didn’t say Junior proms
*Bob Kraft being shown streak is alive – 6:28 of second quarter /12:42 of third quarter with music in background / 4:40 of fourth quarter
*Fireman Ed looks so sad – now what does he have in his life
*Halftime 35-3 and Jets time of possession 18 vs. Patriots 11
*Every NFL football player must have some degree of concussion every game

2. Around the NFL:

* Jim Swartz should have been fired for: Not the knowing the rules on rule challenges / getting conservative on play calling in OT – lost two yards rushing and then the field goal hits the upright / having a 4-7 record with the amount of talent the Lions have
* How many people nap during the Cowboys game?
* Texans are starting to win games with fate and luck, making them dangerous

3. Best College Football games:

Michigan vs. Ohio State / Oregon vs. Oregon State / Florida vs Florida State / South Carolina vs. Clemson

4. Red Sox:

Jonny Gomes is an excellent pick up for Red Sox – first-rate clubhouse guy but did strike out 37% of the time (104 K / 279 ab) last year

5. Hector Camacho:

Some of those Hector Camacho-Vinnie Paz fights were brutal filled with flash, insane boxing shorts and tough matches

6. NBA Hall of Fame:

Players with at least 20,000 points that are not in the Hall of Fame – Tom Chambers 20,049 / Mitch Richmond 20,497 / Gary Payton 21,183

7. Amazing Stat:

The Ryan brothers  – the defensive geniuses -gave up a combined 87 points on Thanksgiving

8. Old School:

Last Bruin to lead the league in scoring – Bobby Orr 1974-1975 (135 points)

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Things to be Thankful for

* Dustin Pedroia’s approach to baseball
* The championships we had in the last decade
* The readers of the Top Ten
* A Rondo fake behind-the-back pass and lay in
* Fenway Park
* Sports unique to Boston – Regatta / Boston Marathon
* Tim Thomas defending a break away – in the old days when the NHL wasn’t dumb
* Tom Brady moving in the pocket
* Wes Welker earning his pay
* Best coach in sports history wearing the hoodie

10. Randomocity:

* Nice job by Mike Lynch as usual with High School Thanksgiving highlights
* You probably shouldn’t watch on the plane

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Lifelong Boston resident who finds equal enjoyment in celebrating the local team's success as I do complaining about their failures. I have been writing the Top Ten for the last decade as well as five sports books: 26 Miles to Boston, Rebound, The President's Team, The Great Book of Boston Sports Lists and NBA List Jam.

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2 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Give Thanks”

  1. the 3 scores in 52 seconds was absolutely some of the funniest football i’ve ever seen. sanchez de-cleated himself by running into that large man’s backside.

    REPLY – MPC – HE should have had a hazmat suit on

    Posted by tronburger | November 23, 2012, 1:50 pm
  2. I still don’t get the attraction of Fenway – it would be great if the dimensions could be duplicated in a new facility with modern amenities. Why not start fresh? The charm of Fenway is the dimensions.

    REPLY – MPC – I think the whole feel of the stadium including dimensions – this assumes you are in a good seat looking at the field and not the center field bleachers

    Posted by Conor | November 25, 2012, 3:23 am

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