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Connelly’s Top Ten: BC-BU Hockey, Great Football Weekend

John Harbaugh (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

1. Around the NFL:

* Things aren’t falling the Patriots way – Ravens steal a victory after Houston did earlier this week – 4th and 29 conversion for Ravens is the longest in 12 years (NFL Redzone) – bogus spot by officials would have ended the game if placed correctly
* Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman played a major role in the Seahawks victory over the Patriots – Juicer.
* BJGE big game for Bengals – 129 yards / 1 TD
* Seattle is 5-0 at home / 1-5 on the road
* Amazing the Colts are 7-4 with that team (does that mean Manning wasn’t that special or that Luck is?)
* Poor ESPN has another bomb – Eagles vs. Panthers (must have seemed like a match up of two exciting quarterbacks last summer when they picked)
* The first and second round picks for Carson Palmer isn’t looking too good as he is now 7-14 with 31 TD to 28 Int

2. Around College Football:

* Odds for Notre Dame to win the National Championship before the season 90-1
* Bad day for ACC – in four games against SEC teams they were 0-4 being outscored 161-74
* First names of Syracuse’s backfield – Prince and Adonis
* In the two Big 12 games Saturday (Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State / Baylor vs. Texas Tech) – the combined points were 196
* Inviting Jim Tressel to the Michigan game Saturday (carried off the field by his players) is like inviting an arsonist to the ribbon cutting of the refurbished building he burnt down
* SEC powerhouses, Auburn, Arkansas and Tennessee combined for 3-21 in the conference
* Coach Jerry Kill of Minnesota has yet another seizure in front of his players
* BSC games should be determined before conference championship games

3. Boxing’s lost two stars this month:

* Hector Camacho died at 50 after 88 fights (79-6-3) / beat Roberto Duran (twice), Ray Mancini, Sugar Ray Leonard, Greg Haugen, Howard Davis and Freddie Roach / was 127 pounds in 1980 and 161 pounds in 2010
* Welterweight Carmen Basilo died at 80 after 79 fights (56-16-7) / last fight was at Boston Garden against Paul Pender / Once beat Sugar Ray Robinson / was 145 pounds in 1949 and 159 pounds in 1961

4. Boston College:

Must not have been fun to work for Gene Difillipo at Boston College – during his tenure, there have been plenty of coaching changes: basketball (men’s and women’s), football (twice), baseball (twice), men’s and women’s golf, women’s lacrosse, softball, men’s track and field, women’s volleyball – fortunately Jerry York survived.

5. Conference football records for teams that changed conferences:

* Texas A&M now in SEC……6-2
* Missouri in SEC……………….2-6
* Colorado in Pac 12…………..1-8
* Utah in Pac 12…………………3-6
* TCU now in Big 12……………4-4
* West Virginia in Big 12……..3-5

6. Hockey:

Amazing marketing opportunity during strike for Providence Bruins – In 1992-1993 they Baby B’s averaged 9,279 fans a game – last Sunday there was 4,876 fans at the Dunkin Donut Center. They should be bussing Boston Bruins season ticket holders to Providence and also playing games in the Garden

7. Amazing Stats:

The Manti Te’o story for Heisman has all the plot lines – Notre Dame, tragedy and victory, but look at his season compared to Boston College’s Luke Kuechly’s last year:

Linebacker Solo Assisted Total Tackles Tackles for Loss Interceptions
Te’o 52 51 103 5.5 6
Kuechly 102 89 191 12.0 3

8. Old School:

Speaking of Jerry York, if you take out Steve Cedorchuck from Boston College hockey annals and Leon Abbott out of Boston University annals…

Boston College has had three coaches since 1946 / Boston University has had 3 coaches since 1945:

Boston College
* Snooks Kelly – 404-195-9 (.674) – one national title / one runner up
* Len Ceglarski – 419-224-27 (.651) – one time runner up
* Jerry York – 454-223-60 (.670) – four national titles / four runner ups

Boston University
* Jack Parker 852-442-112 (.646) – three national championships / three runner ups
* Jack Kelley 208-80-8 (.716) – Two national championships / one runner up
* Harry Cleverly 211-144-10 (.592) – one runner up

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Sports Illustrated’s Sportsmen of the Year who maybe weren’t great sports (since 1975):

1975 – Pete Rose
1981 – Sugar Ray Leonard
1985 – Kareem
1986 – Joe Paterno
1996 – Tiger Woods
1998 – Mark McGwire / Sammy Sosa
2000 – Tiger Woods
2002 – Lance Armstrong
2007 – Brett Favre
2008 – Michael Phelps

10. Randomocity:

* $175 to attend the Baseball Writers dinner?
* Lebron James twitter handle is really King James – boy is happy with himself
* Amazing how many football players continue to look at someone’s back and push them on punt and kickoff returns
* Boston Red Sox won’t allow another (Steven) Drew in town
* Saw Skyfall this weekend – 25 minutes too long and slow at times
* Very sad for Kevin McHale – lost his daughter to Lupus

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  1. > Lebron James twitter handle is really King James – boy is happy with himself

    Where did you grow up, in the Deep South? Do you really thinks it’s appropriate to call Lebron James a “boy”?

    REPLY – MPC – To be honest the word “he” was supposed to be in front of happy. Interested if you read the top ten blog often or seldom – if often you would have interpreted that phrase one way – if seldom I think that speaks to your perception more than mine

    Posted by Alan | November 26, 2012, 10:18 am
  2. MPC, I have read every one of your Top Ten’s at Sports of Boston, since your very first last year.

    REPLY – MPC – Then you should know better – I have never ever commented in that direction or even used sarcasm or humor in that direction. Surprised you would even think in those terms.

    Posted by Alan | November 26, 2012, 12:12 pm
  3. MPC, Don’t blame me for what you wrote. As a writer, you should be apologizing for making the mistake, not blaming me. And if you think I should have been able to correct your mistake myself based on what you have written over the last year, then you clearly have a misperception of your own writing.

    REPLY – MPC – Everyone reads and hears things out of their own lens -thats your perogative to interpret as you see fit but even with the word “he” out of the phrase your lens is tired and outdated – I recommend an upgrade.

    Posted by Alan | November 26, 2012, 3:45 pm
  4. Alan, do you really need to insinuate racism here? I’ve read every blog as well and find it ridiculous that you would go there. I guess that we should all tap dance around for the rest of time lest we offend someone who is likely trolling for an offense.

    MPC, I know what you meant. Keep up the good work. You give a lot of people something to look forward to a couple if times a week

    REPLY – MPC – Thanks David H –

    Posted by David H | November 26, 2012, 4:26 pm
  5. David H,

    Was about to post a very similar thought, but you beat me to the punch. Very unfortunate to take a very entertaining site and try to manufacture an issue where it clearly does not exist.

    REPLY – MPC – thanks

    Posted by steve | November 26, 2012, 4:54 pm
  6. Ditto what Dave H said.
    Alan, This is what racism looks like. “The Cambridge Police Acted Stupidly”. Obama opening his pie hole, hours after his black friend was arrested. To hell with any facts!
    You want to see what a real racist looks like? He’s living at 1600 Pennsylvania Av.
    I despise Obama not because I’m a racist but because he is!
    Keep up the good work Michael!

    REPLY – MPC – Thanks for the support – we’ll let Alan have his say – not because he’s right but because it is his right. I guess this is what makes the world spin and counter spin differing of opinions and perspectives. I’m sitll mad at the Fenway Group for signing Lebron to a contract.

    Posted by NoBama | November 26, 2012, 8:34 pm
  7. @Alan – I can assure you that Michael meant nothing by “boy” when referring to LeBron – When editing, I read nothing into the comment.

    Posted by KC Downey | November 26, 2012, 10:30 pm
  8. Boy did this thread get heated!

    REPLY – MPC – Really escalated and Brick killed a guy with a trident

    Posted by TimU | November 27, 2012, 10:11 am
  9. keep up the good work. avoid the trolls.

    REPLY – MPC – Keeping head low

    Posted by tronburger | November 27, 2012, 10:15 am
  10. How unfortunate that this has been such a topic. Keep up the good work. You have our support! Now, a better story is your accusation that the boys in the league ofice are plotting to keep the pat’s out of the top two spots just for TV money. 😉

    REPLY – MPC – Could the PAtriots be better off staying active and not sitting?

    Posted by mfcurtis | November 27, 2012, 12:24 pm

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