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Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots and Brady Survive South Beach

Robert Kraft

1. Patriots Win:


* Tom Brady missed Edleman wide open deep – not a great long ball thrower
* Though we should appreciate every time he is under center – he got hit a lot Sunday
* Mentioned last week – can the Patriots feel good with Gostkowski kicking?
* Another big drop by Welker – this time in the end zone
* Brandon Lloyd was quiet, but he had a crazy athletic catch on sideline
* Great old school drive at the end of the game for the Patriots – 16 plays / 7:18
* Hats off to Josh McDaniel being stubborn with running game – could pay dividends down the road


* Could this be Vince Wilfork’s best year?
* The secondary actually looks like it has graduated from high school to College I AA
* Four times I saw the Patriots bring creative pressure – Gregory, Arrington and Mayo three of the times disrupted plays
* Hightower continues to be quiet
* Spikes must love the Rockettes
* Davone Bess had no plays over 20 yards


* Unless I fast-forwarded through it and missed it – the Bob-Kraft-being-shown-during-a-game-streak is over!
* Nothing funnier than watching a guy go through his Rod Tidwell dance after a touchdown not knowing that there is a flag behind him – like Dolphin cornerback Reshad Jones
* Is Brady the MVP or JJ Watt?
* The effort by Kyle Arrington and Ryan Tannehill on the sideline is pure sports
* Is it too late to make one last run at Brian Waters

2. Around the NFL:

* Jim Harbaugh just created a big problem at quarterback losing to Rams
* Rams kicker Greg Zuerlin’s winning 54-yard kick would have been good from 70 yards
* Courageous win by the Kansas City Chiefs
* BJGE last three games – 348 yards on 69 carries (2 TD)
* Luke Kuechly had nine more tackles this weekend including three for a loss – he will be going to the Pro Bowl
* Great win by Charlie Batch of Steelers – great to see professional care s-o much

3. Around College Football:

* Three amazing plays this weekend: Nebraska Taylor Martinez run for TD / Kansas State cornerback Nigel Malone drops ball all alone before going into end zone / Baylor running back Lache Seastrunk’s 76-yard run in which he refuses to go down despite pulling his hamstring

* Tremendous SEC championship – which could prove to be the real National Championship game with Alabama beating Georgia 32-28

4. Other Boston Stuff:

* Danny Ainge better recognize earlier than later that his team isn’t a top-eight team and think about a monster deal over the next 30 days
* Red Sox will sell at least 2,800,000 tickets whether they sign anyone big or not – not big on Swisher (it looks like they will be forced to make a run at Hamilton)
* The pizza at the old Garden was great

5. Heisman:

The two Heisman finalists (Klein is a better kid than Manziel)

Kansas State’s Collin Klein – 66.2% completion / 2,490 yards passing / 15 TD to 7 INT / 890 yards rushing – 22 touchdowns
Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel – 68.3% completion / 3,419 yards passing / 24 TD to 8 INT / 1,181 yards rushing – 19 touchdowns

6. Ray Allen:

In case you are curious – Ray Allen compared to last year (left because he wasn’t getting enough touches)

* Celtics last year – 34 minutes a game / 10.7 field goal attempts a game
* Miami this year – 27 minutes a game / 8.4 field goal attempts a game

7. Amazing Stat:

How about 140-pound Kejonte Hickman (of Cathedral) who carried the ball 46 times for 249 yards Saturday, leading his team to the high school Super Bowl

8. Old School:

In honor of the Bob Kraft being shown streak ending:

* On June 1, 1941, in the middle of Joe DiMaggio’s hitting streak (May 15, 1941 to July 17th) – Lou Gehrig died.

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Tidbits from the Making of Animal House documentary:

* The scene of Belushi breaking the guitar was improvised by Bluto. The guitar player was Steve Bishop who sang the song On and On
* University of Oregon was the only school that would allow them on campus (no one from the school bothered to read the script)
* The night before filming, the Delta men got beat up at a college frat party (Hoover has a fat lip in the first scene)
* Belushi drinks tea out of the Jack Daniels bottle
* Chevy Chase was supposed to play the part of Otter but big timed John Landis – he filmed Foul Play instead with Goldie Hawn
* The boy who had the sorority girl come through the window and said “Thank you God” is now a minister
* John Landis kept the Delta and Omega frats from socializing off set

10. Randomocity:

* The fact that Lock Ober and the Oak Room have been eliminated from Boston’s social scene is a loss for the city
* Terrible casting of the hit man in Weekend at Bernies – Paulie (Don Calfa)
* What percentage of football tackles actually include the defender wrapping his arms around the ball carrier?
* Players should not be able to reach the ball for the pylon and then lose control – I would make it like a reception that you have to maintain control to the ground or it’s a touchback
* Sad on Rick Majerus’ passing – great college basketball personality who was a nice counterbalance to the slicked-back hair and Armani suits

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  1. “The pizza at the old Garden was great” Really? Are you sure it wasn’t the beer? 😉

    I don’t think Danny should panic until Avery Bradley gets back. The defense really came together last year when he got into the lineup. Also deadline deals are not Ainge’s forte.

    REPLY – MPC – They need a presence in the paint that can rebound and block shots. Right now its like lay up line (I agree Bradley will change some of that – best on ball defender which isn’t saying much). Pizza yum

    Posted by TimU | December 3, 2012, 8:42 am

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