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Thoughts on Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy

Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School (Reuters)

On Friday morning, Sandy Hook Elementary school kids woke up to get ready for school. Since it was Friday, everyone going to school was in a good mood knowing the weekend was up ahead. These kids woke up, brushed their teeth, ate breakfast, got on the bus and went to school. The 20 kids and the 7 adults (6 at the school, plus the shooter’s mother at a separate location) that were killed Friday never woke up with the sense their lives could end.

We all wake up thinking about what the day brings for us. I woke up on the Friday morning focusing on getting my paper done for one of my classes and getting lunch later. Never did I ever have the thought my life was going to end. That’s the scary part about the world today. We all wake up without expecting what will happen tomorrow even if it means our lives or the lives of the people we love could be taken away.

I’m currently a sophomore at Bridgewater State University majoring in Communications. While I currently work for Sports of Boston, I also work as a student security guard several days a week. Student security officers sign guests into the assigned dorm building and also check bags. I love this job because it has helped me bust out of my shell, but also, I feel I’m doing a good deed for my school. Friday’s tragedy made me nervous for my next shift. Seeing that even the lives of Kindergartners can be taken away in a school, it sends out a strong message that a shooting can happen at anytime and in any place, no matter the conditions.

Getting close to the holidays, this week has been hectic due to finals coming up. My goal Friday was to finish a paper due in a few more days so I could have some time to relax. After viewing the coverage of the shooting, I could not even start my paper because Friday’s events bothered me that much. I put myself in the shoes of the children, parents, and the whole community and feel empathy for the pain they’re currently going through. And for the futures ahead, it’s upsetting that that school will never feel like a safe place for students at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

My hopes are that from this tragedy, we can change something. Without going into political matters, I felt there has needed to be changes since Columbine. After witnessing Friday’s events, it’s clear that something has to be changed so people can go on with their lives without waking up thinking their lives could end. I’m sure that some people who viewed this tragedy woke up a bit more scared today than usual.

It is important for every one of us to cherish the people we love around us and to take advantage of the lives we live today because you never know what the next day will bring.

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