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Celtics New Year’s Resolutions

Rajon Rondo (Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

New Years’ resolutions are surely swirling inside everyone’s minds, and the Celtics should definitely be thinking of their own resolutions to rectify their, thus far, lackluster season.

As the halfway point of the NBA regular season fast approaches, the Celtics are undoubtedly in dire need of some improvements.

Paul Pierce’s Resolution: Keep up a High Performance and Level of Play

Up until recently, Pierce had been just plain sloppy on the court. He wasn’t playing solid defense, wasn’t shooting well, and just seemed to be coasting as a Captain and overall player. Pierce’s unimpressive stats led many of us to wonder if he’d ever step his game up this season.

If Pierce wants his team to succeed, he needs to lead by example. He has to continue to play well and leave everything out on the court, which we haven’t necessarily seen on a consistent basis. He needs to get rid of his up-and-down game play and start stepping up every night. Pierce shouldn’t let any careless play carry over into 2013.

Kevin Garnett’s Resolutions: Be More Selfish. Get the Ball More.

While no one likes a ball hog, it’s glaringly evident that Garnett is a key factor to the Celtics’ winning. Garnett is far more consistent than any other player and has the ability to do so much more on the court because of his height and defensive skills. It sometimes seems like Garnett is the only reason the Celtics aren’t getting entirely annihilated by other teams.

Despite the scoreboard displaying disappointing final totals, Garnett continues to perform night after night. His surprisingly consistent high level of play proves that he is probably the most valuable asset the Celtics have right now. Plain and simple: Garnett needs the ball more often.

Rajon Rondo’s Resolutions: Stay consistent. Get healthy.

After sitting out against the Golden State Warriors because of a bruised right hip and thigh, Rondo was back in for  games against the Sacramento Kings and Memphis Grizzlies. While Rondo’s desire to play is admirable, it wasn’t the smartest decision to jump back on the court right right away. It has been obvious that Rondo has been in pain through the current stretch of games.

While Rondo may have thought his absence would be more detrimental to his team than him playing at a low level, he needs to focus on getting, and staying healthy. Rondo can’t be hobbling across the court and giving his opponents a significant advantage due to lack of proper defense. Because the Celtics are struggling enough as it is, Rondo cannot afford to be playing anything less than aggressive defense.

Avery Bradley’s Resolutions: Get on the Court Finally. Live up to the Hype.

Many are predicting that Bradley’s return will save the Celtics’ defense and potentially turn their season around.  The bottom line is that there is no guarantee Bradley is the saving grace the Celtics need. Though it is still too soon to tell, it is imperative that Bradley lives up to the hype that’s been building around him for weeks. If the Celtics really wants to start a winning streak, they need Bradley to perform and prove that his game is not all media hype.

Doc Rivers’ Resolutions: Find out what works. Stick to it.

While it is frustrating for fans to see the Celtics struggle, Doc surely has to be the most irritated by his players’ lackluster performances. Despite this, Doc has to keep a positive attitude and figure out what is preventing the Celtics from winning. Whether it’s poor defense, weak ball handling, or inconsistency, Doc needs to find a winning combination. If Doc wants his team to succeed, he needs to put together a team that meshes and plays together well- then the wins will come.

Hoping 2013 Brings Big Improvements

While the entire Celtics team undoubtedly needs to play better and more consistently over all, there is still potential to end the 2013 season on a positive note. As 2012 comes to a close, we can only hope that the players put the past behind them and look to the new year to improve what’s left of their season and start performing like we hope they can.

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