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Rajon Rondo is the Key to the Boston Celtics’ Success for 2013 and Beyond


Rajon Rondo is largely considered to be the biggest star on the Boston Celtics, but recent incidents involving opposing players and referees have brought his leadership ability into question. Let’s examine the positives and negatives of Rondo being the key to the Celtics’ future.

Rondo has the ability to dribble to the basket for an easy layup or throw it off to a streaking Kevin Garnett or Paul Pierce for a dunk. His prowess on the court has him in the conversations as the top point guard in the NBA.

Rondo leads the league with 11.3 assists per contest and has really been more consistent this season in shooting the wide open mid-range jumper that teams are still allowing him to shoot. His confidence in his shooting ability has really been one of the keys to the Celtics season thus far. Rondo’s field goal percentage is 49.5 percent and is second only to Tony Parker for point guards in the NBA.

The  26-year-old has averaged 13.2 points per contest despite struggling to score over the last two weeks.

Rondo still has some troubles with some key parts of his game that could really help the Boston Celtics going forward if he can improve them.

Rondo’s Lack of Maturity

Rondo has shown signs of being immature during his tenure with the Celtics.

There was the incident in the 2012 playoffs when Rondo pushed a referee that ended in a suspension for the young All Star while he team was in the midst of trying to advance in the playoffs.

Then there was the fight with Kris Humphries earlier this season that halted Rondo’s 37-game double digit assist streak and earned him a two game suspension.

Just this week, Rondo bumped an official during a game in Atlanta and was suspended for a key divisional game against the Knicks

There are other times where Rondo’s hot head has been a strong topic in the Boston media and one reason many fans think that Rondo could be an expendable piece to solve the problems for the Celtics going forward.

Yes, he has been very immature compared to the likes of Garnett and Pierce, but those guys have really crafted Rondo into a bonafide superstar in the NBA.

You can see it in the way he held himself during the preseason contests: answering questions and showing his knowledge of the game. He sounds mature and actually has admitted that he needs to improve in order the the Celtics to get better this season.

Rondo’s continued improvement will help the Celtics once Pierce and Garnett are retired and a new core is surrounding him

Rondo’s Leadership Abilities

No one really calls Rondo the leader of this Celtics team the same way they refer to Pierce, Garnett and Jason Terry as the team’s veteran leaders.

Rondo does possess the ability to take young players under his wing. Look no further for than the strides Avery Bradley has taken since joining the Celtics as evidence of Rondo’s ability to nurture.

Bradley has been a great defensive stopper on the perimeter for the Celtics. Thanks in part to Rondo, when Bradley has struggled,  Rondo has been one of the guys to go up to him after a turnover or bad shot to talk to him and help him understand what he did wrong.

This type of leadership quality on the court will go a long way to help Rondo and the Celtics keep moving forward once the older players start to retire and explore life after the NBA.

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