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Connelly’s Top Ten: Best Weekend of NFL Football

JJ Watt (

1. Patriots vs. Texans regular season rehash:

* Twelve punts in the game
* JJ Watt had four tackles / hit the quarterback 3 times
* Ryan Mallet one pass / one interception
* Schaub’s QB rating was 68.8 / Brady’s 125.4
* Houston held Welker to 3 catchers for 52 yards
* Talk about Texans quitting in that game

2. Embarrassing Losses:

Texans since embarrassing loss to Patriots / 2009 Jets after embarrassing loss to the Patriots:

* Texans were 11-1 going into Patriots game – lost and then proceeded to go 2-2 while being outscored 81-64
* Jets were 9-2 in 2009 going into the Patriots game – lost and then proceeded to go 3-2, outscoring 117-88 before meeting the Patriots in playoffs.

3. Jaguars-Broncos, 1997:

How about De Ja Vu all over again – Jacksonville (9-7) AT Denver (12-4) January 4th 1997:

* Bronco’s were favored by 12.5 / Over-Under was 43.5
* Jaguars won 30-27
* Natrone Means ran for 140 yards / 1 touchdown
* Mark Brunell 245 yards passing / 2 touchdowns
* Patriots avoided trip to Denver and hosted Jacksonville for the AFC championship game, which they won

4. Celtics:

Celtics team free throw shooting has gone up this year to .789 from .778 even though Ray is in South Beach

5. What pitcher would you hand the ball to if you needed just one win?

1. Bob Gibson
2. Orel Hershisher
3. Curt Schilling
4. Whitey Ford
5. Jack Morris
6. John Smoltz
7. Jack Morris
8. Luis Tiant
9. Dave Stewart
10. Andy Pettitte
10b. Bruce Hurst

6. Hall of Fame:

Some positional Hall of Famers with one or less top three finishes for MVP over their career (obviously an indicator of greatness against their peers)

Ralph Kiner – 0
Pew Wee Reese – 0
Richie Ashburn – 0
Tony Perez – 1 (3rd)
Bobby Doerr – 1 (3rd)
Louis Aparicio – 1 (2nd)
Lou Brock – 1 (2nd)
Ozzie Smith – 1 (2nd)
Paul Molitor – 1 (2nd)
Jackie Robinson – 1 (MVP)
Barry Larkin – 1 (MVP)

7. Amazing Stats:

Jared Sullinger had 16 rebounds the other night – what were some of the rookie rebounds per game for some former Celtics:

Russell (1956-1957) – 19.6
Cowens (1970-1971) – 15.0
Bird (1979-1980) – 10.4
Heinsohn (1956-1957) -9.8
Walker (1996-1997) – 9.0

8. Old School:

Point Spread in devastating losses by the Patriots in postseason in Brady era:

* Giants 2012 – Patriots Favored 3.0 points, Pats lost 21-17
* Jets 2011 – Patriots Favored 9.5 point, Pats lost 28-21
* Ravens 2010 – Patriots Favored 4.0 points, Pats lost 33-14
* Giants 2008 – Patriots Favored 12.5 points, Pats lost 17-14
* Colts 2007 – Colts Favored 3.0 points, Pats lost 38-34
* Denver 2006 – Broncos Favored 3.0 points, Pats lost 27-13

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Most irksome TV characters:

* Mike Stivic – All in the Family
* Ned Flanders – Simpsons
* Ross – Friends
* Major Healy – I Dream of Jeanie
* Coyote – Bugs Bunny
* Jerry’s parents – Seinfield
* House
* Dexter’s sister

10. Randomocity:

* Bad day for Ben Affleck / Kathryn Bigelow learned the danger of pissing off liberal Hollywood
* Bad day for Tebow when Jacksonville says no
* Please Patriots blitz!
* Houston 4-4 against playoff teams / Patriots 3-3
* If Patriots play Denver – bring back Ty Law
* Chips Ahoy overrated
* Mike Greenwell underrated
* Do you think Milan Lucic is running around the field in his George Scott baggie sweatshirt?
* If Houston wins – interesting to see footage of Dan Shaughnessy in Texans locker room
* Whoever rescues Hostess Cupcakes should get one of those Kennedy Center medals and a stamp
* Is Gerry Cheevers mask the coolest thing in Boston Sports?

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8 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Best Weekend of NFL Football”

  1. Best Randomocity in a while…agree on Chips Ahoy – Famous Amos way better. Great suggestion on Hostess savior. Lucic does look puffy.

    REPLY – MPC – Thanks DH – big game this weekend here’s hoping

    Posted by David H | January 11, 2013, 8:25 am
  2. Agree with David H, today is some of your best stuff. On pitcher for one game, Bob Gibson hands down. Dave Stewart had that scowl #2, but what about a Dwight Gooden at his peak in 85? Greenwell must Hate Canseco for stealing his MVP in ’88 while on Juice

    REPLY – MPC – Gooden postseason surprisingly 0-4 /3.97 ERA / if I was canseco I would deliver the trophy to Greenwell and petition baseball to make the change – just like McGwire should ask baseball to asterisk his HR (and Bonds and Sosa) and give the HR season title back to the Maris family

    Posted by kevin | January 11, 2013, 10:16 am
  3. Question 5 I am stuck between 5 and 7. Should have gotten in this year. Dont think he will next year.

    Posted by Mo | January 11, 2013, 10:38 am
  4. Wouldn’t mind giving the ball to Koufax in that situation.

    Good call on Ross. Not sure the others on that list could hold a candle to his annoyance level

    REPLY – MPC – Of course Koufax – interesting his record in postseason doesn’t reflect how well he pitched 4-3 but ERA insane 0.95 – whip insane 0.825 – strikeouts to walks 61-11 – I move him up to second – big miss (on another note – I called Pedro the greatest pitcher of all time but wouldn’t put him on the list at 6-4 / 3.46 ERA)

    Posted by steve | January 11, 2013, 10:44 am
  5. Interesting though I had the other day. If the Patriots get to the Superbowl to face either the 49ers or the Seahawks, it could be the first time they would have to play every game of the postseason against a team they played against during the regular season. Might be worth mentioning later on pending playoff results

    REPLY – MPC – Love the contribution – and very interesting – who makes the best adjustments

    Posted by DMac | January 11, 2013, 11:21 am
  6. Agree with Steve above on Koufax.

    Bird’s prowess on the boards were an underrated part of his game as he averaged over ten a game for his career.

    Pats 2008 loss to the G-men in the SB was the third highest spread covered in the SB. Both the Jets & Chiefs in SB’s III & IV covered higher spreads.

    REPLY-MPC – Bird was so smart his positioning and understanding angles made his lack of vertical irrelevant / Pats beat a high favored Rams team also

    Posted by Pinch | January 11, 2013, 11:29 am
  7. Sullinger is actually a better per-minute rookie rebounder than either Larry or Antoine! He just isn’t getting the minutes. Doc doesn’t like to play the rooks.

    Going back a bit, but Lefty Grove was 4-2 with 1.75 ERA and 1.01 WHIP in WS play. I actually think I would take him over anyone on your list, except maybe Gibson.

    I think your list under #6 nicely highlights a number of HOFers that maybe shouldn’t be there.

    REPLY – MPC – If I was Ainge I would have traded Sullenger two minutes after that game and got value a rich man’s Danya Abrams /// Kiner is insane / Good one with Lefty Grove

    Posted by TimU | January 11, 2013, 12:45 pm
  8. And Ortiz should give Jimmy Foxx his Red Sox Home Run title back too.

    REPLY – MPC – Fair point

    Posted by Glass House | January 11, 2013, 3:30 pm

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