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Connelly’s Top Ten: Celtics Done, Patriots Sad Memory, Red Sox Don’t Have a 4 Hitter, Lets Go B’s

1. Celtics talk:

* How do you let Carmelo come into your place and score 28 points two weeks after he waited for your team at the bus?

* Celtics are on pace to win 39 games – wake up Danny and make the monster deal!

* In a two point game with two minutes left, Paul Pierce is giving up open looks from the free throw line to pass to Avery Bradley in the corner

* The 12 minute fourth quarter took 38 minutes to play

* I love pausing my DVR and then counting the number of steps NBA players take

* In Kevin Garnett you paid for half a player / Paul Pierce a 3/5 player —- Dollars per minute: Pierce $6,204 / Garnett $5,242 (Damon Lillard in Portland is being paid $938 a minute)

* Avery Bradley is not a top 30 guard in the league and he is all of sudden untouchable?

* Brandon Bass needs to be moved – he’s got the touch of Eric Fernstein this year and the intensity right now of Mark Blount

* Jared Sullinger and his lack of ups should force him to use the other side of the rim to protect the ball and reduce shots blocked

* Leoandro Barbosa leaves his feet whenever he gives up his dribble

* Jeff Green is signed for three years with a player option of $9mm in 2016 for a fourth (Danny over compensated to get something out of the Perk deal)

2. Patriots, further forensics:

* Tom Brady gets fined for sticking his foot in the air / Frank Gore gets fined for his socks too low / But Ryan Clark never was fined for this hit on Welker

* When the Patriots were winning three Super Bowls – luck fell their way (which we were not used to in New England sports). No greater example of that than in 2001 David Patten catches a ball and is knocked unconscious in Buffalo but falls out of bounds with the dropped football touching him ruling the ball dead. This year – Stevan Ridley is knocked unconscious and does a split while out of it causing his leg to be a 1/4 inch off the ground and ruled a game killing fumble.

* Luck – how many times during the good days did a Brady deflected pass fall to the ground?

* Randy Moss is in the Super Bowl

* Is Brandon Lloyd a zamboni in the offseason?

* Great piece by Greg Bedard of the Globe again this week

* Hernandez not running out of bounds was a game changer

* Does Bill O’Brien take any satisfaction with the Patriots not winning after McDaniels’ the savior came to New England to re-introduce a playoff-worthy balanced offense

3. Around the NBA:

* Only one 50-point game at the halfway point – Kevin Durant 52

* Toronto point guard Jose Calderon has five games with at least 14 assists

* Thirteen separate players have at least 20 rebounds in a game

* Kobe Bryant has had games in which he has missed: 25 shots / 22 shots / 20 shots / 17 shots / 16 shots / 15 shots

* Ray Allen is averaging 11.4 points in Miami over 25 minutes

* Phil Jackson must be loving the Lakers troubles

4. Wes Welker:

Wes Welker compared to Troy Brown in postseason (different amount of games but….):

* Welker – 686 yards / 4 touchdowns / 10.63 punt return average

* Brown – 694 yards / 4 touchdowns / 9.55 punt return average

5. Manti T’eo:

I’m actually getting sick of the Manti Teo story but the reality is – whether he was part of the story or not – he doesn’t go to New York for the Heisman without the story. He was an average linebacker this year and should go in the third round – his stats:

* Tackles per game – 8.69 which was 57th in NCAA

* Tackles for a loss – not in the top 100 in the NCAA

* Forced Fumbles – ZERO

* Sacks – 1.5

6. Red Auerbach:

Celtics’ inexcusable loss to Detroit the other day reminded me of the story when Red Auerbach crashed into the locker room in Detroit in the late 70’s and read the team the riot act for terrible play which drew the response from Curtis Rowe – “they don’t put wins and losses on your paycheck”

7. Amazing Stats:

For all those idiots that say the Patriots haven’t won anything since Spygate – they are freaking 75-20 (.790) in the regular season and have been to THREE AFC Championship games, winning two.

8. Old School:

Former Patriots running back John Stephens (deceased), was in the news this week when his daughter Sloan Stephens made it to the semifinals of the Australian Open. Stephens was the Patriots first round pick in 1988 / was Rookie of the year / rushed for 2,809 yards in his first three years while scoring 12 touchdowns

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

I know it’s devastating to lose a family member – But, Junior Seau was well aware of the head trauma discussion when he willingly returned to the Patriots in 2009. In an article written by Joseph Hanna in August of this year he stated the following:

* Studies in 2005 and 2008 determined football concussions can cause dementia, depression, etc

* 2007 the league had a summit on concussions and issued literature to the players on the potential link to long term impact

* 2009 prior to Seau’s return, there was a congressional hearing on the issue

*******NFL is culpable at some level but so isn’t Junior Seau

10. Randomocity:

* Should Ryan Kalish who is fighting for a roster spot talk about looking forward to reading the Francona book which is anti-ownership

* Would you give up a first round pick and Ryan Mallett for Darrelle Revis

* Crazy Winter X Games going on – maniacs

* It’s been over 115 degrees at the Australian Open

* Can’t believe the NBA didn’t allow the Celtics to use Reggie Lewis’s salary slot after his death

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  1. Patriots haven’t won a big game since Spygate. Why hasn’t the Evil Hoodie been fired yet ? Its over due.

    REPLY – MPC – I know you are just kidding – to think that an AFC Championship game is a big game speaks to your lack of understanding of competition and athletics

    Posted by Glass House | January 25, 2013, 9:35 am

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