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Connelly’s Top Top: Celts Hold On, Bruins Keep Going

1. Celtics / Bruins:


* Did Doc Rivers take a shot at Rondo Thursday night? “We’re playing selfless and free. That’s how we have to be”
* Ironically they are more fun to watch without Rondo
* Denver has good depth and size – seven players 6’9″ or taller
* The traveling not called in the game should cost the officials money
* I’ll give Pierce credit – not many stars take charges like he does
* Pierce looks like he’s getting into shape (although up to the three pointer the collar was tight)
* 56 three point attempts
* Brandon Bass has jumped the shark
* Garnett and Pierce were 16-44 from the field


* Lucic is like Gordie Howe when the other team pulls the goalie
* Ryan Miller looked like his Olympic form
* Old school fight between Greg Campbell and Patrick Kaleta

2. Michael Jordan:

In honor of Michael Jordan’s 63-point playoff masterpiece on April 20, 1986:

* 22-41 from the field / 19-21 from the line
* Rest of the Bulls team was 25-61
* Jordan played 53 minutes
* Bird and McHale combined for 63 points / 27 rebounds / 12 assists / 8 blocks
* The late Orlando Woolwridge was 9-27 from the field
* Only 11 three pointers taken in the game

3. College Basketball:

Good article by Eamonn Brennan of with what’s wrong with college baseball:

* Scoring trending down for decades
* Slower than it used to be
* Offenses more efficient but possessions down
* Coaches over-coach
* Too many timeouts
* Referees
* Physical play
* Best players only in school for eight months
* Conference realignment

4. U.S. Soccer:

How can USA Soccer be getting worse despite the fact that baseball fields are being turned into soccer fields all over the country:
* US Soccer Federation lost $4.5mm last year (Steve Goff Washington Post)
* Coach, Juergen Klinsmann makes $2.5mm and has a record of 11-7-5 (.611) / Bob Bradley had salary of $650m and record of 43-25-12 (.632)
* Typical American – Size trumps skill (gotta have a Lincoln Town Car) Seventeen of their 26 player are at lease six feet tall / two best players in the world Messi (5’7”) and Neymar 5’9”
* Only one player on the roster has 15 or more international goals

5. Stan Van Gundy must be loving this season:

* Collecting a paycheck
* Orlando is 15-36
* Dwight Howard is having a pitiable season

6. Stat titles the local teams have never won:

* Leading NBA scorer
* Most Improved NBA player
* NFL Leading Rusher
* NFL Receiving Yards
* NFL Defensive Player of the Year
* Walter Payton Man of the Year

7. Amazing Stat:

Louisville point guard Russ Smith missed his team’s last shot at the end of the first, second, fourth and fifth overtime finishing 4 for 19 for the night living up to his nickname – “Russdiculous”

8. Old School:

I think Jim Nance’s two years from 1966-1967 are overlooked in Boston Sports: 28 games / 2,674 yards / 19 TD / 20 carries a game

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Red Sox catcher Sammy White not only owned bowling alleys (one of which had a quadruple murder) but was also the team’s best throwing catcher throwing out 48% of the runners 219 caught stealing of 459 attempts

10. Randomocity:

* Videos this weekend – Five Year Engagement: C- / Flight: C (the John Goodman character was insanely out of place) / Ted: B- good concept
* Can you think about Sergei Samsonov and not think of a phone booth?
* The three point shot is destroying basketball
* From the book No One Ever Told Us That by John Spooner – Katherine Hepburn was the first woman to wear slacks in the Boston Ritz
* Bryce Brentz, meet Paxton Crawford
* Kevin Paul Dupont said it in his Sunday piece – difficult to watch Pebble Beach with snow falling off our roofs
* Should winning the Lady Byng Award be celebrated?
* Has anyone seen Dino Radja and Rosie Ruzicka at the same time?

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2 comments for “Connelly’s Top Top: Celts Hold On, Bruins Keep Going”

  1. Rosie is doing well. He’s the coach of the Czech national team and he’s led them to 2 world titles.

    REPLY – MPC – Had a great end to end rush for the B’s one time – good gig on the coaching

    Posted by Jeffrey West | February 11, 2013, 10:40 am
  2. Didn’t Jordan not even attempt or make a 3 in that game? Something like that… maybe 1 max.

    Instead of the 5 Year Engagement, I negotiated to watch The Switch, which was dark-ish and somewhat passable. Glad I won that battle of the rom-coms.

    In order to jump the shark, don’t you have to be able to jump? I severely dislike everything about Bass’s game. Not my cup of coffee.

    REPLY – MPC – It was the real Jordan coming out party. He had one basket where he went between his legs three times and stuck a 18 footer in Bird’s face

    Posted by tronburger | February 11, 2013, 12:18 pm

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