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Connelly’s Top Ten: Snow Coming with Jordan Crawford

Jordan Crawford will be arriving in Boston with the storm. (Photo courtesy of Yahoo Sports)

1. If the Bruins were in an 82 game season:

* They would be on a pace to be 59-11- 12
* Brad Marchand would be on pace for 53 goals
* They would be on pace to be 31-5-6 on the road in an 82 game season
* misc – Stats had Milan Lucic with seven hits / he is skating better this season – same turnovers though

2. Celtics get Jordan Crawford:

* Long way from DJ for Rick Robey
* Has averaged 13.4 points a game and 26 minutes
* 40% FG shooter / 29% from three point land
* 3.1 assists to 2.2 turnovers

3. Red Sox no hitter game times:

* Mel Parnell – 7/14/56 – 1:42
* Earl Wilson – 6/26/62 – 2:24
* Bill Monbouquette – 8/1/62 – 2:24
* Dave Morehead – 9/16/65 – 2:00 (1,247 attendance)
* Hideo Nomo – 4/1/01 – 2:29
* Derek Lowe – 4/27/02 – 2:28
* Buchholz – 9/1/07 – 3:02
* Jon Lester – 5/19/08 – 2:30

4. Alfonzo Dennard:

With Alfonzo Denard guilty of assault – yet another problem at cornerback – what other positions can’t we fill?

* Shortstop – why didn’t they keep Orlando Cabrera (surprised Francona book didn’t touch on the rumors)
* Celtics center (look at #5 below)
* Pass rusher – really? Chandler Jones he didn’t get near a QB in the second half and don’t dear say Ninkovich
* A Boston College football coach
* American marathon runner in the Boston Marathon
* A scoring center on the Bruins
* A Boston band (remember you had Donna Summers, Boston and the Cars at the same time)

5. Top 5 Celtic Centers:

(I would have given up Rondo and Sullinger for Howard if he could be signed)

1. Bill Russell
2. Dave Cowens (was really a power forward that played center)
3. Robert Parish
4. Ed McCauley
5. Kendrick Perkins (not a great list after three)

6. Coaches in the Basketball Hall of Fame with Celtics connections:

* John Russell
* Alvin Julian
* Red Auerbach
* John Thompson
* Bill Sharman
* Don Nelson

7. Amazing Stat:

Robert Parish played in 1,106 games as a Celtic and had 11,051 rebounds. Bill Russell played in 963 games and had 21,620 rebounds

8. Old School:

From the Baseball Hall of Fame publication Memories and Dreams:
* in 1958 Jim Bunning threw a no-hitter against the Red Sox
* The last out was a flyout by Ted Williams
* Red Sox lineup consisted of: Williams, Pete Runnels, Frank Malzone, Jack Jensen
* Bunning struck out 12 walked 2
* Game Time 2:02

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Oscars Sunday – crime that Zero Dark Thirty director Kathryn Bigelow not even nominated: my picks – Best Film – Zero Dark Thirty / Best Actor – Daniel Day Lewis / Best Actress – Jessica Chastain / Best Supporting Actor – I would say Philip Seymour Hoffman (but Tommy Lee Jones will get it) / Best Supporting Actress – Anne Hathaway

10. Randomocity

* Reading the Francona book – very creative writing format. Quotes are from Francona but busting on people is in the narrative from Shaughnessy even though stories came from Francona
* Snow again – Al Gore in the house anyone? Oh he’s getting a massage
* Do you think that powder to make Kool Aid was better for you or the syrup from Zarex?
* Don’t ask Carl Pavano to help you shovel
* You can’t eat cold cuts on regular bread unless toasted
* Sports event on my bucket list – Midnight baseball league in Alaska
* What is the third best looking bird around here after the Cardinal and the Blue Jay?
* Cashews are one expensive nut
* If you have a driveway, don’t shovel out in front of your house that way people don’t park there
* When are white bucks coming back?

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Lifelong Boston resident who finds equal enjoyment in celebrating the local team's success as I do complaining about their failures. I have been writing the Top Ten for the last decade as well as five sports books: 26 Miles to Boston, Rebound, The President's Team, The Great Book of Boston Sports Lists and NBA List Jam.

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3 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Snow Coming with Jordan Crawford”

  1. Two comments
    #1 (not a great list after three)

    Easy Ed McCauley is in the hall of fame.

    #2 Coaches in the hall of fame

    KC Jones,Bill Russell,Tom Sanders, Dave Cowens and Tom Heinsohn

    Don’t be lazy Michael

    REPLY – MPC – Thank goodness you are here to police the Top Ten – you need to stop being lazy (ya take that) the literal topic on those in the Hall of Fame said coaches not players. KC, Russell Sanders, Cowens and Heinsohn are in as players – so read more carefully before you spend the time to reprimand / Easy Ed went on to win his championship in St. Louis after getting traded for Russell but I’ll grant you his time in Boston was worthy of more attention.

    Posted by Jeffrey West | February 22, 2013, 9:56 am
  2. > Snow again – Al Gore in the house anyone? Oh he’s getting a massage

    Measuring global warming by only counting the coldest days in the year is not good sportsmanship–it’s sorta like playing football and only counting your own touchdowns. If you can’t play the game fairly, then don’t play it at all.

    REPLY – MPC – Did you like my massage comment (you know what that means -right?)

    Posted by Alan | February 22, 2013, 2:38 pm
  3. Hey, Michael,

    I’d have to say that the red-winged black bird is # 3. Nice screech, too. Too bad we don’t see any Baltimore Orioles around.

    REPLY – MPC – Excellent, see a lot of Red Tail Hawks around and saw Condors in Grand Canyon

    Posted by Conor O'Neill | February 22, 2013, 9:05 pm

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