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Connelly’s Top Ten: I’m Back

Wes Welker (AP Photo/Stephan Savoia)

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1. Bruins:

* Dennis Seidenberg, Andrew Ference are 0-64 shooting
* What does Tim Thomas do everyday? He still has a free pass in this town
* Krecji, Horton, Lucic – ZERO power play goals
* Marchand scoring on 26.7% of his shots
* Chara still averaging over 24 minutes of ice time a game

2. Celtics:

* Celtics are 7-9 against the top 8 teams in the NBA – actually not bad
* Remember when people were calling Avery Bradley untradeable – he is averaging 9.6 points / 2.0 assists
* You would have to give Danny Ainge a D for this year – couldn’t make the big deal, couldn’t keep Ray Allen and now we are stuck with a team for three years trying to make the playoffs

3. Red Sox:

* I got a kick out of the new Red Sox commercial with John Farrell guaranteeing 100% every day from his team – can’t wait to see his reaction when Ortiz stops running down to first and turns to the dugout
* Speaking of Ortiz, it is obvious that Ben got his lunch money taken again
* Jackie Bradley could be the first African American star at Fenway since Mo Vaughn
* Your back up catchers are hitting 5 for 39 (.128)
* I know Daniel Nava is a good guy – but if he’s on your team your not very good
* Doesn’t Pedro Ciraco deserve more attention hitting .333 with 3 stolen bases after a solid year last year
* Is Ben going to pull off a blockbuster – Ellsbury, Iglesias, the Devil and Dubront or Morales?
* Lackey is right where you would think 8.10 ERA

4. Games played by Patriots receivers/tight ends last year:

* Edelman – 9 of 18
* Hernandez – 12 of 18
* Gronkowski – 12 of 18
* Amendola – 11 of 16
* Lloyd (who won’t be back) 18 of 18

5. Filling Big Shoes:

Danny Amendola will be filling shoes of a New England great. Wasn’t so easy for Hank Finkel, who was booed without mercy in the Garden replacing Russell averaging 9.7 points / 7.7 rebounds in 1969-1970 leading the defending champions to a 34-48 finish.

6. Seguin:

Tyler Seguin’s third year and he has 9 goals in 25 games – equaling a goal in 36% of the games – how does that match up with other young goal scorers:

* Steve Stamkos third years 55% (45 goals in 82 games)
* John Travers third year 63% (17 goals in 27 games)
* John Kane third year 37% (30 goals in 82 games)
* Brad Marchand third year 50% (12 goals in 24 games)

7. Amazing Stats:

Top five active players for on base percentage:

1. Todd Helton………419
2. Joey Votto………….415
3. Albert Pujols………414
4. Lance Berkman…..409
5. Joe Mauer………….405

8. Old School:

People called Milan Lucic the next Cam Neely

* In 383 games Lucic has 94 goals = scores in 24%
* In Neely’s first 359 games with the Bruins he had 291 goals = scores in 81%

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Sports Illustrated’s top ten power players in sports:

1. LeBron James
2. Tiger Woods
3. Roger Federer
4. Lionel Messi
5. The Mannings
6. Rory Mcilroy
7. Serena Williams
8. Floyd Mayweather Jr
9. Shaun White
10. Michael Trout / Bryce Harper

PS – How about the guy with the moat?

10. Randomocity:

* The toll on the George Washington Bridge is $13
* Isn’t the TaylorMade driver the Rocketballz commercial – Rocketballz-ier – over the line?
* Wasn’t the Canada – Mexico brawl in the World Baseball Classic a long awaited reaction to NAFTA?
* The World Baseball Classic intensity was real last night between USA and Dominican – DR celebrated like they won the World Series – Tony Pena who is managing went crazy
* So much for in like a lion and out like a lamb – Al Gore, it’s cold out
* I think people that boo Adam Vinatieri should have their license pulled
* Someone please beat the Heat (if they lose will Mercury Morris pop champagne)
* Can’t believe the Patriots lost to the Giants in 2007

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4 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: I’m Back”

  1. Glad you’re back. Where’d ya’ go? I checked daily. Needed my fix. Don’t go away any time soon.

    REPLY – MPC – Florida for some 40 degree weather

    Posted by Conor O'Neill | March 17, 2013, 1:43 pm
  2. Good to see you back. Let’s never bring up 2007 (or 2011 for that matter) again.

    REPLY – MPC – I know – sometimes I think about it and go into the fetal position

    Posted by Greg Robinson | March 18, 2013, 12:59 am
  3. Welcome back Michael, glad you are doing what you do great

    REPLY – MPC – Thanks – went down to Flordia to see what frost on the windsheild looks like down there

    Posted by Bill Blackden | March 18, 2013, 7:36 am
  4. Ciriaco has a .299 OBP in 3000 minor league at bats. You talk about Nava – If Ciriaco is on your team, you are not very good! Brock Holt, on the other hand looks like he might be able to hit.

    I would hang on to Doubront. He has good stuff.

    REPLY – MPC – What has Ciriaco done at the majors (does swing a lot) – hopefully Holt steps up / Dubront thats fine – needs to fix his hat straight

    Posted by TimU | March 18, 2013, 9:56 am

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