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Connelly’s Top Ten: Guinness is Good

1. Red Sox:

* I know that concussions are nothing to fool around with but Stephen Drew’s lingering injury is sounding all too familiar
* Was in the Globe Saturday – minor league catcher Christian Vazquez is 5 for 5 throwing runners out this spring and picked someone off – lets see him July please
* John Lackey lost a lot of weight – he might stink skinny and fat
* John Tomase in the Herald Sunday predicted a loss season for David Ortiz but that the team makes the playoff – I’ll take that bet
* Spring Training is way too long
* They can’t come north with Satan
* Move Ellsbury sooner than later

2. Celtics:

* Again – why don’t the Celtics have a home game in the Garden every St. Patrick’s Day like the Red Sox on Patriots Day?
* Too bad that Garnett won’t be able to break the Heat’s winning streak
* Celtics have two players on their active roster from their championship season
* Better buy a program to figure out who is playing for the home team

3. Bruins:

* Most overpaid – Milan Lucic at $4,083m
* Most underpaid – Brad Marchand at $2,500m
* Boston is tied for 25th in power play goals – can’t score on power play, Pats can’t rush the quarterback, Red Sox can’t get a shortstop, Celtics can’t get a center
* Boston is tied for 3rd with fighting majors with 21

4. Patriots:

* Tom Brady is now the oldest player on the team at 35 – he has turned into George Blanda with a moat
* What is the over / under for receptions for Welker against the Patriots (Arrington is going to earn his $16mm that day)
* Get someone to rush the quarterback and trade for Larry Fitzgerald and now we are talking

5. Red Sox Rookies:

Red Sox have had a Rookie of the Year in every decade but the 80’s

2000’s – Dustin Pedroia
1990’s – Nomar
1970’s – Carlton Fisk and Fred Lynn
1960’s – Don Schwall
1950’s – Walt Dropo

6. NBA Scoring Leaders:

Update on leading career scorers in the NBA and where they fall in league history:

5. Kobe Bryant……….31,297
19. Kevin Garnett……25,201
23. Dirk Nowitzki…….24,712
25. Paul Pierce………..23,777
27. Ray Allen…………..23,612
28. Tim Duncan……….23,515
33. Vince Carter……….21,975
40. Lebron James……..20,745

7. Amazing Stats:

I know they are not done yet but, current Patriots receivers – Amendola, Slater and Donald Jones have combined career receptions of 277. Wes Welker had 285 after December 1st.

8. Old School:

Top scorers on the Bruins 1990 Stanley Cup finalists team (5 of the 8 from New England):

1. Cam Neely – 55
2. Bob Carpenter –25
3. Craig Janney – 24
4. Bob Sweeney -22
5. Ray Bourque – 19
6. John Carter – 17
7. Randy Burridge – 17
8. Andy Brickley – 12

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

In honor of yesterday’s St. Patrick’s Day – some fun facts on my favorite meal – Guinness:

* Moved into St. James Gate – 12/31/1759 (it is a 1,000 year lease – some say 9,000)
* Most Guinness sold to countries in this order – England, Ireland, Nigeria, United States, Cameroon
* 10 million glasses of Guinness are enjoyed a DAY
* The color is a function of roasted barley
* Only 198 calories a pint – much less than most beers
* The perfect pour should last 119.50 seconds

(from Guinness site and Rauncie Kinnaird)

10. Randomocity:

* Since 1985 – the Oakland A’s have had seven Rookie’s of the Year
* Herbert Hoover was so hated after the depression – he was not invited to the dedication of the Hoover Dam (Presidents Club)
* Revolution started Saturday – they are on pace to score no goals this year
* Most under-rated scorer in the NBA – Alex English 25,613
* Hot Air Ballooning and Carnival Cruises are not on a good roll

* Make sure you read Thursday’s Wes Welker submission and Friday’s top ten that came out late

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3 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Guinness is Good”

  1. $2 Guinnesses are even better! Despite the low calories, I’ll probably need nothing but water and lettuce for the rest of the week… 🙂

    REPLY – MPC – Know the feeling

    Posted by Alan | March 18, 2013, 12:13 pm
  2. Pats finished 4th in passing yards and 29th in passing yards allowed. Yet they got rid of all their WRs and brought back all their DBs! Go figure

    REPLY – MPC – I think after Talib though the numebrs were much approved especially on big plays – I think they are now as constituted right in the middle of the pack – WR they need a star

    Posted by TimU | March 18, 2013, 1:55 pm
  3. Alex English suited up for the Celtics one time because of a movie. It was a pre-season game at the old Garden.

    REPLY – MPC – Good note

    Posted by Brian | March 22, 2013, 8:55 am

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