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Connelly’s Top Ten: Great Weekend of Sports

1. NCAA’s:

* Nice run by Harvard (Imagine if their top two players didn’t cheat and get tossed)
* I know basketball is a tough sport to official but down the stretch more times than not the whistle gets blown and the refs mothers get to see them on TV
* Great Marquette – Butler game
* Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith commentary are must-watch TV in the studio

2. Local teams:

* Bruins are 6-6 over their last 12
* Celtics are 2-6 over their last 8
* Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, Patriots and Revolution have all lost their last game and have losing streaks

3. Milan Lucic scoring:

* Hasn’t scored in his last 15 games
* He has 4 goals over his last 37 games
* Zero power play goals

4. Saturday losers:

* Harvard lost 74-51 to Arizona
* Bruins lost 3-2 to Maple Leafs
* Celtics lost 110-106 to Grizzlies
* Boston University lost 1-0 to Lowell
* Revolution tie 0-0

5. NFL:

From the Globe, only three players are left from the 2000 NFL draft:

* Tom Brady 6th round / Plaxico Burress 1st round / Brad Meester 2nd round

6. Jeremy Lin:

Lin isn’t getting the buzz he did last year, but how does this season Houston compare to his Knicks days:

This year 13.1 points / 6.1 assists / 3.2 rebounds / 1.8 steals / 44% from the field
Last year 14.6 points / 6.2 assists / 3.1 rebounds / 1.6 steals / 44% from the field

7. Amazing Stats:

Amherst basketball is 80-9 over the last three years and play in the National D III championship on April 7th

8. Old School:

On June 14, 1969, Reggie Jackson went off at Fenway (from Baseball Hall of Fame publication Memories and Dreams):

* He led a 21-run / 25-hit attack going for 5-6 including a walk
* He had a double and two home runs
* Knocked in ten runs
* 12 total bases
* Red Sox pitchers Ray Jarvis, Lee Stange, Bill Landis and Garry Roggenburk all gave up 5 runs

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Curious in these days of human growth hormone that strapping athletes David Ortiz, Johnny Gomes, Chris Wilcox and Jeff Green would all have heart issues in their 20’s.

10. Randomocity:

* Clark Booth on baseball in the Pilot this week: “As plodding, pastoral, scandalized, even flawed it bears on. The genius of the gamehas always been its ability to transform the the mundane into mystical.”
* Excellent article on base stealing with Coco Crisp on Grantland, which is carried on
* After two games, the Revolution are still on pace to score zero goals for the season
* From ESPN – Kyle Dake from Cornell won his fourth straight national title in wrestling – all at different weights (love the movie Vision Quest – had to throw that it)
* New Gatorade G series is not as good as the old Gatorade
* USA Soccer beat Costa Rica in a blizzard Friday night in a World Cup qualifier – great home field advantage (Denver) against the closer-to-the-equator team
* Surprised more players don’t get hit by shots in front of the net like David Krejci did the other night
* Vanderbilt pitchers from Massachusetts (Tyler Beede, Kevin Ziomek and Adam Ravenelle) are a combined 11-1 with a 1.16 ERA

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3 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Great Weekend of Sports”

  1. I was at that Boston-Oakland game! 10 years old and wetting my pants with excitement to be seeing the Red Sox at Fenway for the first time. It turned into a long afternoon.

    What was the final, 21-7?

    REPLY – MPC – I think you are right – Jackson one of the true prima donna’s of sports

    Posted by TimU | March 25, 2013, 8:56 am
  2. Marquette is tough to watch but they get the job done. Win and advance is the name of the game this time of year.

    Arizona head coach Sean Miller appeared on Johnny Carson when he was in middle school because of his ball handling skills.

    Agree on Vision Quest.

    REPLY – MPC – good note on Sean Miller – he can now host the Johnny Carson show as he has time available

    Posted by Brian | March 25, 2013, 2:44 pm
  3. And this is why I follow you Mr. Connelly! Forgot all about Clark Booth. Used to love his commentary. Will have to look him up! Thanks!

    REPLY – MPC – Some news station should set up a camera in Clark Booth’s home and allow commentary – he would have been amazing in the sports talk shows these days

    Posted by NoBama | April 1, 2013, 12:25 pm

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