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Connelly’s Top Ten: Opening Day in Baseball, Refs Ruin NCAA Tourney

1. Red Sox Preview:

* Over / Under in wins for the Sox in Vegas 79.5 – I’ll take under
* American League Pennant odds 15 to 1 (8th) / World Series Odds 30 to 1 (15th)
* Will JD in 2011 (81 games) and brother Stephen in 2013 play a combined 162?
* Over / under games by Ortiz for $13mm a year – I say under 100
* Free agents Gomes, Napoli, Drew and Victorino hit .244 (42-172) with 5 HR / 25 RBI in spring training
* Will Tom Werner assemble a focus group of pink hats to see if the Red Sox pants are tight enough?
* The way Pedroia plays, will he turn into a 130-game a season player as he gets older?
* ERA will go down with Farrell scaring the pitchers
* Perfect the Red Sox starting their season on April Fools
* How many games is Scott Boras telling Ellsbury to play?

2. Kevin Ware:

Louisville Kevin Ware suffered one of the worst injuries in sports history. Though typical Pitino, the bone was hardly through the skin when he was exploiting the poor kid’s injury for the advancement of his team. Hats off to teammate Luke Hancock, who stayed with him and comforted him.

3. NCAA Tourney:

What’s ruining the entire tourney – FOULS! Three officials instead of 2 is the problem (how is mom going to see me if I don’t blow my whistle)

Florida – Florida Gulf: 31 fouls
Duke – Michigan State 41 fouls
Oregon – Louisville 41 fouls
Michigan – Kansas 29 fouls
Miami – Marquette 26 fouls
Arizona – Ohio State 38 fouls
Syracuse – Indiana 35 fouls
Lasalle – Wichita State 26 fouls
Syracuse – Marquette 27 fouls
Wichita – Ohio State 45 fouls (at one point in the second half – there were 5 fouls in 17 seconds)
Michigan – Florida 24 fouls
Louisville – Duke 46 fouls

* That’s an average of 34 fouls a game or one every 1.17 minute (four games had more than a foul a minute)
* Combine that with TV timeouts and team timeouts and you don’t get 30 seconds of consecutive play

4. Celtics / Bruins:

* Start Randolph, bring Bass off the bench
* Bruins look like an average team
* I know one of the Top Ten readers out there bemoaned Tim Thomas for flopping but Tuuka is turning into a Zamboni
* If the Celtics win one round, their season is a success for their talent level
* Bruins will not win a round at this point

5. Speaking of Randolph:

Watching Friday night’s game, in which Randolph picked up five fouls in 22 minutes, confirmed for me that officials don’t think (consciously or subconsciously) that white players are athletic enough to block shots or make steals. If you want numbers, 17% of the league is white but 42% of the top 31 players in committing fouls per minutes are white. Watch the Randolph fouls and then tell me if that was Mutombo, he would get that same call (if I was Randolph or Greg Stiemsma, I would send video to the league and head of officials every month of bad calls just to survive in the league and be able to stay on the floor).

6. 85 Celtics:

The most discriminated team in sports history, after Texas Western, was the 1985 Boston Celtics. Despite the fact that they are considered the third greatest team in NBA history as noted by Dr. Jack Ramsey in my book NBA List Jam, they were nationally hated because there team was comprised of many whites.

7. Players left from last championship season

Patriots – Tom Brady
Celtics – Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce
Bruins – Good job keep nucleus together – bad job adding pieces
Red Sox – Lester, Pedroia, Ortiz and Ellsbury

8. Shortstops, season after leaving the Red Sox:

* Nomar………………….297 average / 9 HR / 30 RBI (62 games)
* Cabrera………………..257 average / 8 HR / 57 RBI
* Renteria………………293 average / 14 HR / 70 RBI
* Alex Gonzalez………272 average / 16 HR / 55 RBI
* Lugo……………………249 average / 0 HR / 20 RBI
* Scutaro……………….306 average / 7 HR / 74 RBI

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Tax delinquents – tax time is coming up – famous personalities that owed taxes ( / career overview)_:

Mark Anthony $2.5mm
Sinbad – $2.5mm
Willie Nelson – $16.7mm
OJ – $1.4mm
Nicholas Cage – $6.5mm
Julio Chavez – $12.8mm
Randy Quaid – $1.6mm
Chris Tucker – $3.6mm
Forest Whittaker – $1.3mm
Stephen Baldwin – $1.1mm
Floyd Mayweather – $6mm
Anthony Mason – $1.8mm
Abbott and Costello – both filed bankruptcy and had to sell their homes

Others – Al Capone, Sophia Loren, Pete Rose, Annie Liebovitz, Judy Garland, Wesley Snipes

10. Randomocity:

* It looks like a knock your socks off documentary is coming out on the making of the Shining. Called “Room 237” can’t wait (although those two little girls in the hallway scare me)
* Kirk Gibson is a nominee for the College Football Hall of Fame this year
* After three games this year the Revolution are on pace to score ZERO goals this season

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5 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Opening Day in Baseball, Refs Ruin NCAA Tourney”

  1. Stop whining and get behind the team!

    Who cares how much Papi earns the “extra” money he got wouldn’t have gone to any other player. Sox still had 9 million over for Drew, the other players out there did not offer much at all. Papi could earn 25 mill for all I care he has earned it earlier in his career.

    Go Sox!

    REPLY – MPC – So why don’t we pay Tony C and Ted Williams estates also if we are paying on history and not production?

    Posted by Martin | April 1, 2013, 11:34 am
  2. Red Sox 80 wins. Maybe! I’m surprised anyone pays for a ticket to see this train wreck.
    Since Sept 2011 when this team stopped playing and started whining, I’m surprised anyone goes to the dump on Yawkey Way. The flim flam men did a good job though trying to polish a sneaker.
    Fenway Park aka Bozo’s Big Top Circus.

    REPLY – MPC – I was on Bozo and Rex Trailer –

    Posted by NoBama | April 1, 2013, 12:09 pm
  3. The Yankee$ gave Youk 12 million bucks, is that fair market value?
    Much rather have Papi.

    But as with Papi it doesnt matter since there was noone else out there and they have the money.

    Its gonna sting watching Youk bat cleanup for the Yank$ but how was he gonna turn down 12 million when his next offer was maybee 5…

    REPLY – MPC – Both are stupid – you won’t get value for that money

    Posted by Martin | April 1, 2013, 12:25 pm
  4. I’ll take the over and say 84 wins.

    Awful NCAA tourney so far. Just a handful of good games.

    Middlebrooks will lead the team in HRs.

    Lester will win 17 games.

    Ortiz will play more than 100 games.

    Pat Riley was on that Kentucky team that lost to Texas Western.

    REPLY – MPC – I’ll save these predictions – Riley and Ainge cage match

    Posted by Brian | April 1, 2013, 12:36 pm
  5. There is no way that Rask flops as much as Thomas did. That was Thomas’ style. When Rask is playing well, his style is very “quiet”. He is square to the shooter, makes the saves look easy, & limits the rebounds. That is his usual MO.

    However, I agree that when Rask is not playing well, he becomes overly-agressive & does go down too early. That’s the exception to the rule, though.

    REPLY – MPC – Playoffs are coming we’ll see who is better

    Posted by Bob T. | April 2, 2013, 1:26 pm

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