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Connelly’s Top Ten – Still Hurts!

1. Thoughts on the sad week:

* That kid from Revere should sue the New York Post
* How long after a story has broken can a news outlet continue the banner – “breaking news”
* Some people in the media should be fired for lack of substance to stories
* Someone should inform suspect II – that white hat on backwards made him easier to spot (is that what he wanted for partner to spot him in crowd)
* Like 9/11, I am desperate for information
* I thought Mayor Menino’s speech was one of his better ones despite the duress of his city and painful leg
* Those three yellow balloons I wrote of Tuesday keep appearing
* Lee Harvey Oswald was a loser who impacted so many which made it more difficult to comprehend – could we be looking at the same thing

2. Bruins game

* Great job by the fans, Garden personnel and players alike
* Too much emotion for the Bruins – they get a pass
* Why can’t that be a Bruins fans tradition to sing the National Anthem every night?
* Mike Emrick was great as always announcing the game – at times he seemed to be on the verge of tears

3. Lowest batting averages to lead Major League baseball in hitting:

* Dick Groat .325 (1960)
* Tommie Davis .325 (1963)
* Eddie Murray .329 (1990)
* Roberto Clemente .329 (1965)
* Billy Williams .333 (1972)
* Dave Parker .334 (1978)
* Derek Lee .335 (2005)
* Pete Rose .335 (1968)

4. Celts vs. Knicks 1973 playoff:

* Celtics best regular season record 68-14
* Lost to Knicks 4-3 after Havlicek injury to shoulder
* Havlicek shot lefty in game 7
* Cowens averaged 46 minutes / 16.6 rebounds
* Silas average 15.1 rebounds
* Lost 94-78 in game 7

5. Milan Lucic production by year and salary (dollars per goal):

* 07-08: 8 goals / $585,000 ($73,125)
* 08-09: 17 goals / $585,000 ($34,411)
* 09-10: 9 goals / $685,000 ($76,111)
* 10-11: 30 goals /  $4,000,000 ($133,333)
* 11-12: 26 goals / $4,000,000 ($153,846)
* 12-13: 6 goals / $4,250,000 ($708,333)

6.  Randomocity

* Does Pedro need to do those Jordan Furniture commercials?
* Kit Kat’s boring?
* Watched a division III college baseball game on the computer the other night – technology is amazing
* Yodels – I lonely hungry nation turns it eyes to you
* Side note on sports radio – 50% of the time I was a Glenn Ordway fan (wasn’t big on the yelling he allowed) but his voice was missed after the marathon murders (the Salk thing is not working out).

7. Amazing Stat – Red Sox

* On a pace to win 118 games
* Ellsbury on pace to steal 76 bases
* Lester and Buchholz on a pace to win 62 games
* Napoli on pace to knock in 183 runs

8. Old School – Another great Boston Garden Bruins Moment from the Great Book of Boston Sports Lists –

* Boston Garden Salutes the Kraut Line (2/10/42) – The Bruins most famous threesome, the Kraut Line – comprised of Milt Schmidt, Bobby Bauer and Woody Dumart – player their last game before reporting to active duty in the Royal Canadian Air Force. During the game, the trio led the Bruins with 10 points in their 8-1 romp over the Montreal Canadians. After the game, both teams lined up to salute the three Bruins before they went off to fight in World War II. During the ceremony, Schmidt, Bauer and Dumart were presented with checks for a full season’s pay, plus bonus. Then in a final gesture of appreciation, the three were carried off the ice on the shoulders of the Bruins and Canadians while the crowd of 10,420 roared in admiration for their sacrifice for the cause

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Charity idea – How about this CD – Songs connected to Boston Sports (royalties to the victims of Monday):

* Home – Phil Philips the soundtrack to Wednesday’s marathon montage
* Beautiful Day – Patriots first Superbowl run by U2
* Impossible Dream from the Man of Lamancha – 1967 Red Sox teams
* Ain’t No Stopping Us Now  – Mid 80’s Celtics theme song by McFadden and Whitehead
* Shipping Out to Boston – Dropkick Murphy’s
* Sweet Caroline – I know, I know but its but of Red Sox nation

10. Some reasons why I’m proud to be a Bostonian!

* Real people with roots that respect and honor tradition
* Great schools / Great hospitals
* The 54th Regiment
* Medal of Honor winners from Boston such as William Carney,  John Andrew Barnes III, Thomas Gunning Kelley, Arthur MacArthur and then his son General MacArthur (only father and son) and all the other men and women that have sacrificed for a better way of life
* Watching the first responders the other day selflessly giving of themselves Monday – chokes me up at the very thought of their courage
* Shirley Simmons – shooting victim back in 1979 Darryl Williams mother who held the city in her hand and pleaded for peace instead of revenge

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