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Connelly’s Top Ten: This Was Our Finest Hour!

1. Boston:

If I may apply the principle of poetic license to Winston Churchill’s famous speech:

“Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties and so bear ourselves that if Boston, and its Commonwealth, lasts for a thousand years, its citizens will say – this was our finest hour!”

2. Other stuff from Friday and the weekend:

* The picture of suspect 2 standing behind the Richards family knowing he left the bag and walked away without remorse is all you need to see to determine the outcome of this arrest.
* I will never look at a knapsack the same way
* Cool that Keith Yandel of the Coyotes wore Martin Richards name on his back Saturday
* Jason Wolfe should have made an executive decision and had Dennis and Callahan stay on at 10:00 Friday and sent Mut and Merloni home – D&C did a great job – should have went with the hot hand
* Love the full page ads in the newspapers from Boston Cabinets that read “Don’t #@$% with Boston” (donated 100% of Saturday sales to The One Fund Boston)
* Not since the celebrations in Scollay Square on VE day (see my book Rebound) has Boston seen such unabated and spontaneous joy as we saw Friday night – Cool to see the gatherings in the North End, Boston Common and elsewhere / Mission Hill might have been the best – see on Barstool
* When the Mets organization announced that the second suspect had been captured they broke into Sweet Caroline
* Great effort by Neil Diamond Saturday – not his best rendition
* Ortiz gets a pass on the F Bomb – great tweet from FCC
* I’m not a big Barstool guy but I couldn’t stop laughing at the piece on Waltham wrestler Gleeson who beat Suspect II twice in on the mat and was being called on to join the hunt

3. NHL Teams:

The NHL’s efforts to bring hockey to Dixie isn’t working out this year. No teams below the Mason Dixie line (not in California) will make the playoffs: Florida, Tampa Bay, Dallas, Carolina, Nashville, Phoenix

4. Around MLB:

Mike Trout and Bryce Harper stats projected over the year:

Trout – 219 hits / 114 runs / 67 doubles / 19 HR / 105 RBI
Harper – 216 hits / 117 runs / 27 doubles / 63 HR / 126 RBI

5. Red Sox splits:

* Bullpen 3.55 ERA
* Red Sox hitters vs Righties .282 / vs. Lefties .200
* Opponents 2,3,4,5 hitters hitting .193

6. PGA:

13 golfers are averaging OVER 300 yards a drive. Only Keegan Bradley has a driving accuracy over 60%.

7. Amazing Stat:

Daniel Nava’s home run now enters the list of top 5 biggest home runs in Red Sox history:

1. David Henderson vs. Angels
2. Fisk vs. Reds
3. Ortiz vs. Yankees
4. Daniel Nava vs. Royals (hats off to Don Orsillo for a great call)
5. Ted Williams walk off in All Star game

8. Celtics / Bruins stuff:

* Can Paul Pierce be any worse?
* The Jason Terry experiment has been a failure 0-5 from the field
* Bruins can’t let Iginla score the other night
* Lucic sits and comes back with 6 hits / 3 shots – see how it works. The power of negative reinforcement
* Courtney Lee threw up on Dean Wormer
* Danny Ainge D- for this roster – they stink – this is done in 5 games

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

The National Anthem

* The words Home of the Brave have never meant more to me
* About six or seven years ago, I emailed Dr. Charles Steinberg and suggested that singing the national anthem as one collective voice should be a new tradition as opposed to the “Yankee Sucks” chant. Glad to see they took my suggestion, which they announced on Saturday
* I love the crowd singing but you need a professional to guide them like Rene Rancourt did the other night – Saturday at Fenway the bleacher and box seats were on different words
* 102.5 plays the National Anthem at noon every day – Sunday they played the version from the Boston Garden – I hope they stick with it

10. Randomocity:

* Stolen base should count toward total bases
* Sad to see the Oak trees at Toomer’s Corner in Auburn, Alabama papered for the last time this weekend (being cut down after being sabotaged by an Alabama fan)
* The A’s – Reds 1-0 game Saturday took 2:42 minutes to play
* Great home run video by Todd Frazier of the Reds
* Future top ten item – Derrick Rose is being sued for not playing this year – I have a list of players I would like to sue for playing.

PS – Friday’s top ten was late – please read if you didn’t:

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Lifelong Boston resident who finds equal enjoyment in celebrating the local team's success as I do complaining about their failures. I have been writing the Top Ten for the last decade as well as five sports books: 26 Miles to Boston, Rebound, The President's Team, The Great Book of Boston Sports Lists and NBA List Jam.

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4 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: This Was Our Finest Hour!”

  1. Totally agree about the Orsillo HR call. It was his finest moment. Top notch!

    Bailey was shaky on Saturday. He did get the save but he walked the tightrope.

    Great story about Neil Diamond jumping on a plane in LA and coming to Boston. He invited himself.

    Great to hear about 102.5–props to them. Keep us updated if they stop playing it at noon.

    Celtics’ bench was awful. I had high hopes for Terry when he signed with Boston.

    Boston in the 4th qtr. set basketball back fifty years.

    Auburn has bigger issues than that tree. They did draw big the other day for their spring game but that program is in trouble.

    REPLY – MPC – So frustrating to watch Celts Saturday – they look like they should be in the CBA / Auburn true that / yes Orsillo’s greatest moment / Bailey made me throw up in my mouth

    Posted by Brian | April 22, 2013, 7:34 am
  2. The first thought that I had when they announced that the crowd would sing the anthem is that you have been saying that for years. I give you credit – I may be the only one, but I want to be on the record as saying that you have been beating that drum for years.

    Woke up mad yesterday. Now that they have captured the two main suspects (there are certainly more somewhere) I am angry about the lack of guts in a lot of our politicians. There has been so much talk about Menino’s and Patrick’s leadership. The two of them were tripping over each other to be first in line to be at ground breaking ceremonies and press conferences about the “community center” mosque that they were so anxious to see built. A few years ago the Wall St Journal wrote about the radical imam that is behind the thing and all the radical money that is involved in the funding. Menino didn’t care – he was busy with important issues like making sure that Chic Fil A can’t come to Boston. I wonder how many people in line at Chic Fil A appreciation day were considered suspects in the bombing.

    The night that they caught the second bomber, the president gives a briefing and cautions us about jumping to conclusions about motives etc. I would love to see someone at time like this give a lecture to the Islamic community about self policing. That would show courage. People don’t rush out to burn down mosques after an event like this. There were some pretty clear photos of these two and there was not a flurry of tips to the authorities once they were shown.

    Until there is a problem with Americans terrorizing people in mosques and pulling people out of their homes to torment them – spare us the lectures on xenophobia and stop trying to out PC each other.

    REPLY – MPC – Its funny – our country has always had the foundation as roll up the sleeves, cowboy type society that we tell as it is. Somehow we have morphed 180 to the other side where we dance around subjects to our own detriment. What happened to candor and honesty and personal pride? I don’t know – we are as*backwards

    Posted by David H | April 22, 2013, 1:57 pm
  3. I like the SB suggestion, Michael, but would tweak it to be net SBs, subtract the times hitters were caught, too.

    REPLY – MPC – I would have to think about that, if you gain a base you should get credit but when you lose a base hmmm – interesting

    Posted by vermont k | April 22, 2013, 4:19 pm
  4. “D&C did a great job – should have went with the hot hand” – said nobody…ever. The show is terrible and the ratings suggest that. Callahan getting a bad rap, he should leave or get a new partner (but not really up to him at this point, I suppose). No one wants to listen to John Dennis. The way Dennis responds to some callers and listeners on the show and via Twitter shows off his unbearable personality.

    Your long time suggestion for people to sing the National Anthem is right on though. Too bad it took an event like this for it to take hold! Hopefully it stays strong. I was at the Bruins game on Saturday and it was very moving.

    REPLY – MPC – When sung with passion it is an under-rated anthem / D&C ratings are down no doubt

    Posted by Brian Colella | April 23, 2013, 9:23 am

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