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Connelly’s Top Ten: The Draft, Buchholz, Other Stuff

1. Red Sox:

* Buchholz and Lester on a pace to go 60-0

* Season 14% over / on a pace to win 110 games

* Surprised that the uniform police haven’t forced Mike Napoli to button up his shirt (reader Bob)

* When Roger Clemens started 14-0 in 1986 he was only 4-0 in April compared to Buchholz who won his 5th

2. Celtics:

* Paul Pierce last two years in playoffs .398 shooting

* He’s had 11 turnovers in first two games this series

* Painful to see Ray Allen shooting lights out Thursday night – 23 points / 5 three pointers

3. Tenured MLB Players:

From ESPN – MLB players who have been with their team only for at least ten years:

Mariano Rivera – 18 years / Derek Jeter – 18 years

Todd Helton – 16 years

Jimmy Rollins – 13 seasons

Brian Roberts – 12 seasons

Chase Utley – 10 seasons / Justin Morneau – 10 seasons

4. Patriots – Draft Day:

* I stay up for pick and Patriots trade down – good value though

* Patriots have picked once at 29th in its history – Chris Canty in 1997

* Best draft picks in NFL last twenty years at 29: Nick Mangold, Nick Barnett

* I have a feeling that we are going to hate Jarvis Jones who was picked by the Steelers who have a history of big mouths on defensive side

5. MLB Stuff:

* Derek Jeter’s run to 4,000 hits suffers with this injury

* Jason Giambi 28 hits from 2,000

* Jed Lowrie has never played a 100 games in a season

* I’m gonna say 22% of MLB on the juice this year

6. All Star MLB MVP stuff:

* Bobby Bonds / Ken Griffey won but not their sons

* Brothers Sandy and Roberto Alomar won in back to back years

* Willie Mays, Gary Carter and Cal Ripken won twice

7. NBA MVP’s that have played for the Celtics:

* Kevin Garnett – 2004

* Larry Bird – 1984 to 1986

* Bill Walton – 1978

* Bob McAdoo – 1975

* Dave Cowens – 1973

* Bill Russell – 1958 / 1961 to 1963 / 1965

* Bob Cousy – 1957

8. Tom Brady Michigan stats:

409-665 (61.5%) / 31 TD to 19 INT

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Residual from bombings

* Ironic that two kids that don’t pay taxes but benefit from us paying taxes would commit such acts on tax day

* Nice job by Barstool on the whole ordeal

* Suspects mother makes Ma Barker look like Mother Theresa

* If Suspect 1 was a concern of Russia twice then he was talking to people of ill repute over there

* Amazing pictures of shootout in Watertown

10. Randomocity:

* Kimballs (Carlisle / Westford) best ice cream

* I heard Twinkies are making a comeback

* Larry Mize’s chip at the Masters in 1987 was voted best golf shot ever by Forbes Magazine – I would say Tiger’s fairway bunker shot on 18 of Canadian Open gets my vote

* Still think New Coke was the greatest marketing ploy ever – introduced a new product / created a demand for Classic Coke / grabbed more shelf space

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3 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: The Draft, Buchholz, Other Stuff”

  1. In 2012, Buchholz got his fifth win in early June.

    I was at Clemens’ first loss back in 1986. A home loss to the Blue Jays. Jimmy Key got the win and George Bell hit a HR into the screen in left. It rained all day but it cleared up late afternoon.

    Bartolo Colon recorded his 174th win the other night against Boston. A lot of wins for an out of shape looking pitcher.

    Courtney Lee is in Doc’s doghouse.

    Jones had a strong season with the dawgs. A transfer from USC. Trojans’ doctors wouldn’t clear him to play.

    Does Kevin McHale age? Still looks the same after all these years.

    Crawford dropped another ball in left against the Mets.Quite similar to the last game back in 2011 in Baltimore. Should have stayed and played in front of friends and family members in St. Pete.

    Brady 3-0 in bowl games while at Michigan.

    Posted by Brian | April 26, 2013, 12:37 pm
  2. Ice-cream note. Russ Treadwell’s in Peabody is awesome and Richardson’s in Middleton is top notch. That’s all I got.

    Posted by Brian | April 26, 2013, 12:40 pm
  3. I still think the guys’ uncle had it right: “They are losers.” Had more to do with that than ideology, dirtballs were just looking for something to blame their troubles on.
    Mom sure is a piece of work, though, got that right.
    On the stolen base thing from last week, if a guy steals 20 bases and is caught 10 times, he is far less valuable than someone who goes 20 for 22. I would say that needs to be accounted for if SBs are going to be credited to hitters in a total base stat, and I agree they should.

    Posted by vermont k | April 26, 2013, 6:47 pm

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