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Connelly’s Top Ten: Celtics Hang On, Bruins Limp, Red Sox Running

1. Patriots Draft:

* SI gave them a C+ / Sporting News B-

* Publications ranking of Patriots 52nd pick Jamie Collins: Yahoo 54th, Sporting News 69th / CBS 60th

* Publications ranking of Patriots 59th pick Aaron Dobson: Yahoo 117th, Sporting News 66th / CBS 117th

* Publications ranking of Patriots 83rd pick Logan Ryan: Yahoo 92nd, Sporting News 130th / CBS 90th

Publications ranking of Patriots 91st pick Duron Harmon: Yahoo -didn’t rank him, Sporting News – didn’t rank him / CBS – 413

2. Celtics / Bruins:

* Carmelo averaging 25 field goal attempts a game

* Remember when some of you were calling Avery Bradley untradeable?

* Pierce good effort at 50 minutes (22 turnovers in the series)

* Garnett a Cowens-like 17 rebounds

* Knicks 7-30 from three point land

* Bruins finish the year 2-5-2 and are the 4th seed

* Rask has a crazy ET neck / Lucic has no neck

* Marchand had 10 goals in first 16 games / 8 goals in the next 28 games

3. Red Sox:

* Red Sox are going so good right now even John Lackey has a .500 winning percetage

* Houston Astros is why there should be relegation in all professional sports

* Red Sox pitchers threw 70% strikes (85 of 121) // 29 first strikes on 37 batters

* Do you realize that the Red Sox are leading baseball in stolen bases with 22?

4. Around the MLB:

* Yankees are 15-9 without 5 starters

* Justin Upton on pace for 81 home runs

* Nationals had to mess with him: In Steven Strasburg’s last 8 starts: he is 1-5 with 4.20 ERA

5. Who’s better?

Sidney Crosby – 470 games / 238 goals – 427 assists = 1.41 point a game

Alex Ovechkin – 599 games 370 goals – 362 assists = 1.22

6. NHL MVP’s that played for the Bruins:

Joe Thornton 2006

Jaromir Jagr 1999

Phil Esposito 1974

Bobby Orr 1970-1972

Jacques Plante 1962

Milt Schmidt 1951

Bill Crowley 1941 / 1943

Eddie Shore 1933, 1935, 1936, 1938

7. Amazing Stat:

At age 50 in the WHA, Gordie Howe scored 19 goals in 58 games and had 51 penalty minutes.

8. Old School:

Mo Vaughn by team:

Red Sox: .304 avg / 230 HR / 752 RBI / $22mm

Angels: .276 avg / 69 HR / 225 RBI / $31mm

Mets: .249 avg / 29 HR / 87 RBI / $46.3mm

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

More Boston Massacre stuff

* If the Attorney General interrupted the FBI’s legal interrogation of Suspect 2, then that is either gross incompetence or treason – either way someone’s job should be terminated

* Wife of Suspect 1: meet Marina Oswald

* Everyone guarding suspect number 2 should have to watch the image of Lee Harvey Oswald being shot to make sure they are not the guards that didn’t guard one of the top ten most important prisoners in American history

* Guards should also be required to watch Homeland to keep them on their toes

10. Randomocity:

* Sad that the Heat can rest Dwyane Wade in a playoff game

* Mel Kiper is in ads for Pandora bracelets for Mother’s Day

* The “Boston Strong” Sports Illustrated Cover will be the most popular around here since Larry Bird’s waving the towel

* How has the milkshake / fribble faded from the list of must treats?

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4 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Celtics Hang On, Bruins Limp, Red Sox Running”

  1. > If the Attorney General interrupted the FBI’s legal interrogation of Suspect 2, then that is either gross incompetence or treason

    You have it backwards. The FBI is part of the DOJ which is headed by the Attorney General. He calls the shots, not the FBI. If the FBI is refusing the follow the directives of the Attorney General, that would be insubordination (unlike you, I am not willing to use the term treason so lightly).

    Posted by Alan | April 29, 2013, 7:49 am
  2. Draft grades right now are foolish.

    Pierce played nearly 50 minutes, does he have enough in the tank for Wed. night? Shumpert has taken his lunch money a handful of times.

    Finally, Jason Terry showed up.

    Bass is one player that misses Rondo. Rondo would set up him up and Bass would knock down that open jumper.

    Friday night’s game was brutal. Fans should get their money back.

    Belichick predicatable this past weekend. Trades out of round 1 and drafts Rutgers players.

    Where will Freeney end up? Would look good with the Patriots. Depending on the money but he would fill a need.

    REPLY – MPC – I actually thing Bass is playing the best of the season now seems to be applying himself / good point on Freeny he is cheaper in june

    Posted by Brian | April 29, 2013, 9:10 am
  3. I agree on the interrogation comment. I’m so sick and tired of people not willing to take a common sense approach to a situation like this. Eric Holder is a disgrace as attorney general. He refused to prosecute the New Black Panther case – he wants Kalid Sheik Mohammed tried in civilian court in NY city and now this. He says America is a nation of cowards, unwilling to have a discussion on race. With pinheads like him in positions of authority, what good would any discussion on anything do?

    Maybe we’ll get another lecture soon about not jumping to conclusions. He isn’t curious at all as to what the facts are surrounding this case. More information comes out every day about these two and their family. Why did they become radicalized? Who were they associated with? Things that would certainly be helpful to the safety of the citizenry.

    Deval Patrick seems more concerned with respecting their privacy. He isn’t allowing the information to flow about their public assistance programs. I will never understand the mindset of the PC crowd. Those two are building their street cred with the liberals. This isn’t a college campus – it’s the country that you are in charge of protecting. Wake up!

    REPLY – MPC – Concerned more about their careers than public which is ironic because its the public that makes their career but people don’t hold anyone accoutable

    Posted by David H | April 29, 2013, 9:24 am
  4. Lots of conflicting info re: that interrogation. Once good source says court did NOT step in with Miranda rights until the FBI interview was over. There has been a lot of misinformation from the get-go in this case; I would hesitate to jump to any conclusions about the situation, honestly, and some have tried to make hay by creating talking points out of it. Let’s wait and see until we have more facts.

    Posted by vermont k | April 29, 2013, 11:15 am

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