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Connelly’s Top Ten: Bruins Up 2-0

1. Bruins:

* Krug is skating like Bobby Orr – the between the legs and later the handling of the puck with skates was amazing skill
* Of the three young defensemen – Hamilton is third
* Boychuck and McQuiad can’t keep shooting the puck into Rangers shin pads
* Great Malacchi Crunch reference from Pierre
* Marchand being a pest energizes him
* You can’t score on a shot one on one anymore – there has to be a deflection or screen
* Top three Bruins that fall down: 1. Horton 2. Seguin 3. Gary Doak
* Bruins are 4 – 25 on the power play which amazingly is ahead of pace from the Stanley Cup year
* Good effort by Campbell to except the offer to fight Dorsett

2. Red Sox:

* Red Sox on pace for 99 wins
* season 27% over
* All Stars right now: Pedroia, Ortiz, Buchholz, Lester
* Ciriaco has six errors already

3. Around the MLB:

* Sunday Globe had league stats today
* Masterson is 7-2 ugh

4. Celtics:

Celtics have only drafted five players in the last thirty years that have scored at least 7,500 points:

1998 – Paul Pierce – 24,021
2001 – Joe Johnson – 15,927
1997 – Chauncy Billups – 15,730
1996 – Antoine Walker – 15,647
2004 – Al Jefferson – 10,318

5. Players who played for both Rangers and Bruins:

* Brad Park
* John Ratelle
* Phil Esposito
* Carol Vadinas
* Ken Hodge
* Don Awrey
* Bob Carpenter
* Anson Carter
* Russ Courtnall
* Gary Doak
* Ted Donato
* Glen Featherstone
* Jaromir Jagr
* Mike Knuble
* Brian Leetch
* Craig MacTavish
* John McKenzie
* Rick Middleton
* Chris Nilan
* Stephane Quintal
* Derek Sanderson
* Eddie Shack
* Dave Silk
* Dallas Smith
* PJ Stock
* Kevin Stevens
* Darren Van Impe
* Jim Wiemer
* Sergei Zubov

6. Arroyo Trade:

From MLB Network – Since 2005 when the Red Sox traded Bronson Arroyo, he has led the league in wins (95), innings (1548), starts (242)

7. Amazing Stats:

Lackey dollars per win- John Lackey has been paid over $2 million a win so far with the Red Sox

8. Old School:

Yoga Berra vs. Adam Dunn:

Dunn – 7,366 plate appearances / 2,082 strike outs (strike out every 3.53 at bats)
Berra – 8,350 plate appearances / 414 strike outs (strike out every 20.16 at bats)

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Highest paid New York players:

* A Rod $29mm
* Sabathia $24mm
* Vernon Wells $24mm
* Teixeira $23mm
* Carmelo $19.8mm
* Amare Stoudamire $19mm
* Jeter $16mm
* Eli Manning $15mm

10. Randomocity:

* In theory Shawn Thornton and the fourth line is supposed to give the top three lines breathers which he did this year only have 9 of 54 games with a MINUS
* Is anyone asking whether the train accident was terrorism – didn’t those Canadian terrorist arrests want to derail the trains on that rail
* Rain and cold coming this week

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3 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Bruins Up 2-0”

  1. * Re: “Players who played for both Rangers and Bruins:”
    I don’t think Sergei Zubov ever played for Bruins.
    Addition to list: Glen Sather- current Ranger GM – most famous for being architect of Oiler dynasty & long-time fishing buddy of Harry Sinden.

    Re:”Top three Bruins that fall down: 1. Horton 2. Seguin 3. Gary Doak”
    One guy I’ll always remember for this was Steve Heinze. He used to drive both Fred Cusick & Pat Burns crazy.

    Posted by Bob T. | May 20, 2013, 9:04 pm
  2. Re. ”Of the three young defensemen – Hamilton is third”

    This could be true at this point in time, though it should be noted that he is only 19. I imagine his skill set at 19 is better than Krug and Bartkowski at a comparable age.

    Posted by Jeffrey West | May 21, 2013, 7:42 am
  3. If only we had Bronson Arroyo, Justin Masterson and Anthony Rizzo…

    REPLY – MPC – And Hanley Ramirez, Reddick, etc

    Posted by Orange Julius | May 21, 2013, 2:57 pm

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