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Connelly’s Top Ten: Rask Falls on Face



* Did Rask faint on the last goal? He is falling face first into the ice instead of standing up
* Did he need his skates sharpened – he was all over the place
* In the playoffs, a goalie has to be extra cautious and hug the post even when his own defenseman has the puck


* All those body shots on Chara by Toronto starting to affect him (sleep walking and losing one on one battles)
* Krug – are you kidding me wow (he made an insane move cutting in front of his own net)
* Has Redden and Ference ever heard of Wally Pip?
* Boychuck’s hit on Dorsett in overtime was insane


* Big faceoff loss by Krejci leading to lead to the game winner
* The way the Bruins are hitting the trailing skater on the tape with the puck – they look like the Red Army team
* 3rd line – Peverly and Kelly are a combined MINUS 10 in the playoffs and they have 21 penalty minutes
* The Bruins need to show video every day to Lucic when he is skating and when he is coasting
* Seguin now 1-45 shooting in playoffs


* Every time the Bruins score the Rangers put Dorsett on the ice
* Chara won’t forget the slash by Nash (of course NBC missed it)


* Might be the worst announcing team in playoff sports history
* Disgraceful production by NBC – replays were horrendous
* Did Pierre Maguire get benched for being brutally honest about the Rangers? (didn’t know who Pierre was going to ask to the prom – the 4th line or Krug)
* Feel bad for the Providence Bruins losing their two best defensemen in the playoffs and coughing up a 3-0 lead
* Is the Ranger crowd the worst in playoff history?

2. Red Sox:

* Welcome back Tito – he didn’t look up at the owners box the way the drug user Clemens did
* Dempster, Lackey and Dubront record 7-11
* Ortiz is on pace for 98 games this season
* Buchholz 1.05 whip – best in Boston history — see #5
* Daniel Nava has 13-multi hit games

3. NBA:

* Are you kidding me – LeBron is allowed to make like the layup line with game on line
* Looks like Ray Allen made the right decision
* Didn’t watch 2 minutes until the five minute overtime, which took 30 minutes to play and cost me sleep

4. Biggest official complainers in Boston history:

* Kevin McHale
* Tom Heinsohn
* Danny Ainge
* Harry Sinden
* Red Auerbach
* Jon Lester
* Kevin Youkilis
* Tom Brady
* Carl Everett

5. Lowest Season WHIP in Red Sox history, since 1930:

1. Pedro 0.737 (2000)
2. Pedro 0.923 (1999)
3. Pedro 0.933 (2002)
4. Pedro 0.934 (2001)
5. Clemens 0.969 (1986)
6. Lowe 0.974 (2002)
7. Lowe 0.997 (1999)
8. Radatz 1.025 (1964)
9. Beckett 1.026 (2011)
10. Pedro 1.039 (2003)

6. Old School:

The Red Sox 1965 Staff losses:

Bill Monbouquette………18
Dave Morehead…………..18
Jim Lonborg…………………17
Earl Wilson………………….14
Dick Radatz………………….11

7. Amazing Stats:

Josh Hamilton and Albert Pujols vs. the Astros:

Hamilton and Pujols – .238 / 15 HR / 44 RBI / average annual salaries $49mm
Astros – .246 / 46 HR / 174 RBI / average annual salaries $26mm

8. List of annoying things:

* Banging the glass at a hockey game
* Waving to the camera behind the plate while on cell phone
* A neighbor’s dog waking you up by barking at 6 AM
* Someone who cuts you off and then goes under the speed limit
* Being bumped on the train

9. Just a Little Bit Outside: Oklahoma

* I know there is a element of this country who doesn’t want God in schools – but Tuesday God was on everyone minds in those poor schools
* Don’t want to tarnish a special moment – but whats the odds the film crew put that dog under the rubble and then interviewed the old lady?
* If you are in the tornado belt – shouldn’t every school have a safe place?

10. Randomocity:

* Still unsure about the accident status of that train collision (you have Boston, London and Orlando events now)
* Is Derek Lowe a Red Sox Hall of Fame inductee some day? I say yes
* Paul Pierce hasn’t missed a last second shot, dribbled out the shot clock or thrown the ball away in weeks
* Really Memorial Day weekend in the rain (don’t forget the purpose of Memorial Day)

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5 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Rask Falls on Face”

  1. #4, Antoine Walker.

    No way the old lady dog thing was fake, the donkey reporter and cameraman watched the 80 year old lady dig the dog out herself. If it was planned, they would have helped instead of acting like douchebags.

    Posted by El PResidente | May 24, 2013, 8:55 am
  2. Would like to think the dog wasn’t planted and the train was unrelated to Boston, Orlando and London. But by you bringing up the question shows how little we can trust those who tell us the news. The “Fourth Estate” has turned into a leftist propaganda machine.
    The “rule of law” and God is needed more than ever in this great country.
    God Bless all those who served and their families. For they truly are what makes this country great! Sacrificing of themselves to make it better for someone else.
    And Pedro has to be the best pitcher EVER!
    Thank You Michael once again for your column.

    Posted by Mark | May 27, 2013, 9:48 am
  3. D Lowe is not even close to boston hall of fame. he was a mediocre pitcher who had some great games, but boozed too much. As a reliever, just recall that D-lowe look, when the ball would be hit for a HR

    REPLY – MPC – 3.72 ERA / no hitter / had all three clinching wins in 2004 / 85 saves – 70 wins / 2.157 strike out to walks / only pitchers ahead of him on for win probability added – Clemens, Pedro, Papelbon, Kinder, Tiant, Parnell, Stanley Radatz

    Posted by Kevin | May 28, 2013, 1:20 pm
  4. Connelly Falls on his Face ! AGAIN !

    REPLY – MPC – I stand up tall when doing the top ten

    Posted by Glass House | May 30, 2013, 3:03 pm
  5. Mike, where have you been?? Miss your Top 10!!

    REPLY – MPC – Took the holiday – back at it with the B’s

    Posted by Fan of Mike | May 31, 2013, 10:13 am

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