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Wes Welker will Stick it to Belichick This Fall

Wes Welker will stick it to Bill Belichick in his return to Foxboro.

The countdown has already begun! Patriots nation, mark your calendars for Nov. 24 as it marks the much anticipated return of our beloved Wes Welker to Gillette as a Bronco. In the fall, Welker will get his chance to, as he so eloquently stated last year during an interview, “Stick it to Bill.” Not only will he do just that, but he will be doing it with Brady’s longtime rival, Peyton Manning, slinging the ball to him.

Why did he make the move?

It is hard to believe the move by Welker was just business and not personal. Perhaps he felt betrayed by one of his best friends Brady, who could have, and should have, fought harder for him to stay with the team. Maybe he felt betrayed by an organization that dispenses players whose names don’t end with Brady. Whatever the reason, he decided to take his skills to a team with a quarterback that we will most likely face in the playoffs. He decided to stay in the division to remind Belichick what an asset he is to a team and to remind the Patriots that given the right tools, there are other powerhouse teams in the AFC.

The Matchup

This will be an epic match-up to say the least. Not just because of the always entertaining Brady vs. Manning rivalry, but throw one of the best receivers over the last several years in the mix on the other side, and the stakes are amplified. As a Patriots fan, I am obviously rooting for the Patriots to win but secretly hoping Welker puts up career high numbers against our not so stellar defense.

Let’s be honest, who in our secondary will be able to defend him? Mayo, Arrington? I just laughed out loud. Since Belichick prides himself on defense, the best way to “stick it to Bill” would be to completely demolish the defense, catch for over 100 yards, and make the Patriots regret ever undervaluing him. Unfortunately, this could have all been avoided had Belichick simply swallowed his big pride and paid the man the money he deserved.

Sadly for Welker and the fans, that is just not the Patriot way.

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