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Connelly’s Top Ten: Bruins Up 2-0

1. Bruins Offense:

* Bruins scored in 28 seconds of first period / 27 second of the third period
* Crazy drop pass team
* Love how the trailing forward is peeling off into space for a cross ice pass
* Bruins defense has 14 goals in the postseason
* Nathan Horton had 13 goals in 43 regular season games / has 7 in 14 playoff games
* Marchand is flying – Plus 4

2. Bruins Defense:

* Back checking is insane
* Krug’s worst game – I would flip Bartkowski and Krug
* Bruins are the best poke-checking team since Derek Sanderson was on the Bruins
* Bruins were running around in the second period – like the timeout by Claude (Clode)
* Chara looks tired to me

3. Rask:

* Lot of poise
* Saw a stat in the Globe that Rask’s run is better than Thomas’ great run
* NBC people were saying you have to go high on Rask
* He’s got a long neck and two UU’s in his first name

4. Penguins:

* Love Malkin being a dog just coasting around and getting bagged
* Love Crosby coughing up pucks – especially on the first goal
* I love Dupois’ game
* Penguins should shave and shake it up
* Love seeing the dirty towels disappear

5. Refs:

* Penalty on Marchand could have changed the series
* Refs let them play
* Penguins were leaving their feet all night for hits

6. NBC:

* Eight at night is too late for me, but I understand nationally
* Doc like usual was great

7. Amazing Stats:

Jagr (Plus 2) is outplaying Iginla (Minus 4) so far and we didn’t have to give up Bartkowski

8. Old School:

Bruins beat the following in Conference Championships

* 2011 – Tampa Bay
* 1990 – Washington Capitals
* 1988 – New Jersey Devils
* 1978 – Flyers
* 1974 – Blackhawks
* 1972 – Blues
* 1970 – Blackhawks

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Who would win in a fight – Rene Rancourt or Kate Smith?

10. Randomocity:

* Heat to the finals against an old team – ugh
* Clint Dempsey is a legit international striker
* Governor Christie going over to the dark side – that will be one big shadow he casts
* Vegas had to make a killing with Chicago and Bruins going 2-0

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2 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Bruins Up 2-0”

  1. We know from the post-song routine Rene can put his punches together.

    REPLY – MPC – Two punches or three and then he taunts with the one more punch

    Posted by vermont k | June 4, 2013, 8:32 am
  2. Re: “Doc like usual was great.” Ugh. It seems that Mike Emrick has become an icon, & it’s sacrilegious to criticize him. I don’t get it.

    To me, Emrick should be doing baseball not hockey, as his calls reminds me of Vince Scully. In other words, Welcome to Cornball City. It’s TV, not radio. A little quiet time is not a bad thing. Someone doesn’t have to speak all the time. Having said that, I certainly prefer Emrick to the obnoxious self-promoter, Jack Edwards. Hockey play-by-play guys that I think are better than Emrick would start with B’s radio announcer, Dave Goucher. Others that I like better than Emrick are John Forslund (Hurricanes & NBC Sports), Joe Beninati (Caps & NBC Sports), Rick Peckham (Lightening, NBC Sports, & back in the day, the Whalers on Sports Channel),and Jim Hughson. Hughson does Hockey Night In Canada on the CBC & is very good. It should be noted, however, that Hughson had a huge miss-call when he called Marchand, not Bergeron, as the scorer of the OT winner in game-7 vs the Leafs.

    REPLY – MPC – You are anti-emrite / Goucher is late to the call you can hear the crowd yelling and he is still on the pass to the shooter – what about the guy who did the first round for b’s?

    Posted by Bob T. | June 4, 2013, 5:33 pm

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