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Foxboro Home to a Future Super Bowl?

Could this be the future home of Super Bowl LII in 2018?

Gillette Stadium to host Super Bowl LII in 2018? It does have a nice ring to it. That is an idea Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, and many Patriot fans, is entertaining.

Generally played in warmer climates and indoor stadiums where weather is not a factor, the Super Bowl this year will be played in New Jersey in MetLife Stadium during the cold, bitter winter season.  Depending on the condition and outcome of the game, it could set a precedence for other outdoor stadiums to host the championship game.  Kraft has already mentioned he would be interested in the idea, and with him playing such an influential role in helping facilitate the end of the NFL lockout, it would be hard to imagine the league would not consider his bid.

Opponents may argue against the unfair advantage of cold weather games for some teams, but the league is taking a chance with this year’s Super Bowl. Besides, unpredictability has always been a part of the NFL and is part of what makes the games so exciting. Taxpayers in the state may argue against having to fund the bidding and renovating process. Despite these arguments, the benefits of hosting the Super Bowl far outweigh the negatives.  Could the most anticipated sporting event of the year and most important day of the football season be coming to Foxboro or are those chances as slim as Tim Tebow starting for an NFL team?

Here are the top 5 reasons why Foxboro will benefit from hosting a Super Bowl.

  1. MONEY- The Super Bowl is a money-making machine. The game itself brings hundreds of thousands of spectators who spend money on hotels, restaurants, entertainment and retail stores, all of which significantly impact the local economy. Numbers vary greatly depending on the source, but according to one study, the Super Bowl in Indianapolis generated approximately $384 million in revenue from game-related expenses, including more than $25 million in entertainment revenue including casinos, museums, and movie theaters ( In terms of making money, $384 million is not bad for a hard week of work and for simply showing visitors a good time. Boston, let’s make it rain like Aaron Hernandez in the end zone!
  2. JOBS– The influx of hundreds of thousands of fans would not just boost the economy by providing millions in revenue, but it would also create thousands of jobs for those in the Boston/Providence area. According to the same study, the Super Bowl in Indianapolis created thousands of jobs related to the planning, execution and post-game phase of the game. Although temporary, these jobs would provide relief for thousands of individuals and their families and boost the economy by increasing spending.
  3. EXPOSURE– The Super Bowl is perhaps the biggest sporting event of the year in terms of advertising, marketing and television viewership. Although Boston is not a city that needs any more media coverage since it already has such a rich history and big name colleges, the coverage would remind people of why Boston is such an awesome city and attract visitors throughout the year.  Let’s be honest, who would not want to explore Boston in duck boats or climb the 294 stairs of Bunker Hill. Increased tourism equals more money for the city!
  4. RIVALRY– With such an intense rivalry between and New York and Boston sports already established, New York would have bragging rights over us in this situation. The prideful city of Boston and its citizens may not be able to swallow that pill. After all, anything New York does we can and will do better! New York may have done it first but we will do it better.
  5. ADVANTAGE– Last but not least, the Patriots would have the opportunity to not just be the first team in NFL history to host the big game as the home team but win it in their own stadium. To be able to have the most loyal fans in the world, unpredictable weather and familiarity of the field is the epitome of home field advantage and would almost guarantee a victory for the Patriots.

In a city synonymous with championships, it only makes sense for the Super Bowl to come to Boston. As we all anxiously await the outcome of this year’s Super Bowl, let’s just hope Mother Nature cooperates and leaves the rain, snow, hail, and/or sleet at home that night.

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