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If the Playoffs Started Today – MLB Week 10

Cardinals vs Red Sox: Week 10's prediction for the World Series

With 10 weeks done in the baseball season, excitement is still abound. Cincinnati and Pittsburgh are still knotted up in an effort to see who hosts the Wildcard game. Texas, all of a sudden, finds themselves in a very tough spot. Detroit now has the biggest AL divisional lead. The AL East is still up for grabs (except for Toronto, of course). With plenty to look at, let’s look at what would happen if the playoffs started as of Monday, June 10, before the day’s games:

National League

#1 St Louis Cardinals

Not much more can be said about the Cardinals; they’re very much the team to beat right now.

#2 Atlanta Braves vs #3 Arizona Diamondbacks

The Braves are beginning to get things rolling again; they’re even a mere 2.0 games behind St Louis. Arizona is alright, but they could be doing better. They’ll need to in order to win in Atlanta.

#W1 Pittsburgh Pirates vs #W2 Cincinnati Reds

The Pirates and Reds remain almost identical, making this anyone’s game. With that being the case, home-field advantage may be the one big difference that can exist in this game.

American League

#1 Boston Red Sox

Taking advantage of Texas’ struggles, the Red Sox have moved right into the top spot in the AL. They continue to win more often than not, Jose Iglesias has been a pleasant surprise so far, and Will Middlebrooks, Jacoby Ellsbury and Shane Victorino are back in action.

#2 Texas Rangers vs #3 Detroit Tigers

The Tigers have won four in a row to open up a 5.5-game lead over Cleveland. Texas is playing .500 ball, and finds themselves a game behind Boston and just half a game ahead of Oakland. If you’re struggling like Texas is right now, you won’t be able to beat Justin Verlander and a potent Tigers lineup once, let alone twice.

#W1 New York Yankees vs #W2 Oakland Athletics

The Yankees continue to do well, and aren’t nearly as injured as they were earlier in the season. With another steroid scandal potentially sealing A-Rod’s fate, the Yankees seem content to move on. The Athletics have some good talent in their own right, but with CC Sabathia going for New York, and with a potentially healthy Yankee squad for the playoffs, New York still has the edge for the time being.

What Might Change Next Week:

  • The Giants could definitely pick off one too many games from Pittsburgh, giving Cincinnati home-field advantage.

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