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Connelly’s Top Ten: Krug Gives Hawks Life, Daugavins Doesn’t Shoot

1. Bruins Offense:

  • Lucic on fire (trade him)
  • How does Chris Kelly play 29 shifts for 27:47 and not get a shot on the net?
  • Marchand had to handle that breakaway pass in the third
  • Jagr winning a lot of pucks on the boards
  • I think Seguin’s skating prowess is overrated – he doesn’t beat people in races  – who said he was good?
  • On 3-2 they can’t go to the outside – keep the puck in the middle and criss cross
  • Daugavins shoot the puck!
  • Another reason to let Horton go – he can’t stay on the ice

2. Bruins Defense:

  • Krug on the ice too much  and not on his skates
  • Lucic is terrible in his own end
  • Rask not his sharpest- some loose rebounds
  • Too many icings
  • Is Rask tying up the puck too much?

3. Bruins Coaching:

  • Can not have three “too many men on the ice” in one year, never mind one playoffs
  • Dressing Krug was a mistake – he showed nervous puck work last two games – his giveway was brutal, leading to Chicago’s second goal and thus life
  • Saw assistant come over to talk to Marchand after he tripped goalie
  • Claude’s suit coat was giving me vertigo on the TV

4. Blackhawks:

  • Great red shirts on Hawks
  • Kane is a great skater
  • They are huge up front
  • Shaw is a punk – Chara will kill him before this over
  • Don’t know five players on their team
  • Didn’t know Alex Trebeck was coaching them

5. Stats:

  • High in time – Chara 45, Ference 45, Seidenberg 48
  • Minus 3 for Kelly
  • 14 shots combined for the B’s in the second and third period when they let Chicago back in this

6. Refs:

  • Bruins were owed a power play
  • The refs got fooled on Horton’s penalty – dive
  • Refs got fooled on crosscheck by Chara on Shaw hit him in the chest but he threw his head back

7. Other:

  • Crazy facial hair for Jagr
  • Is it me or are there a lot of pucks that leave play and lose the flow
  • Kane’s hair looks like he’s hanging around in Needle Park in Amsterdam or a bike delivery guy in Kendall Square

8. NBC:

  • Pierre gives some real value on the sidelines
  • Can Pierre stop saying that Seguin is about to break out
  • Don’t like Doc Emerick’s magic wand comment on a poke check

9. Long Games in Postseason for the local team:

  • Celtics triple overtime vs. the Suns – Win
  • Bruins triple overtime vs. Edmonton – loss
  • Red Sox vs. Reds – 12 innings – win
  • Patriots vs. Raiders overtime – win

10.Red Sox:

  • Red Sox should trade Aceves today after a good start
  • 3:22 in a 2-1 game
  • Ellsbury on pace for 70+ SB
  • Igilnas sits with hot bat
  • Freaking Nava on pace for 90 RBI

11. Randomocity:

  • Combined fans at Miami and Tampa on Wednesday = 28,559
  • Jason Kidd the only NBA coach with domestic abuse charge?
  • Why would Rivers come back?

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2 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Krug Gives Hawks Life, Daugavins Doesn’t Shoot”

  1. i’ve been in agreement with pierre on seguin… but who knows. maybe he’s about as far away as that non-planet planet pluto. he missed 3 golden opportunities to just end the game and put a mark on the series already. it’s disappointing considering the hype and $$$.

    chris kelly has been horrible. doesn’t have a single point in the postseason. if they had anyone else besides caron or soderberg, i would imagine we would be seeing them. still has like 2 more years or something, too.

    Posted by tronburger | June 13, 2013, 8:34 am
  2. -Do people need to give back their “Krug Life” t-shirts?
    -Great Chicago crowd.
    -2 pinball goals by Hawks doesn’t shake my confidence in Rask.
    -Does Jagr’s facial hair make anyone think John Wensink?
    -Agreed, too many icings and too many Rask tie ups.
    -I don’t like that Chicago and the Hawks (other than Shaw) are hard to hate.
    -Nava on pace for 90 RBIs (trade him). By the way, compare his stats to whiner Carl Crawford right now. Crawford makes $19.4 mill. more per year.

    REPLY – MPC – good comparison point on Crawford / Krug won’t be on the big roster next fall

    Posted by Orange Julius | June 13, 2013, 3:29 pm

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