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Should the Patriots Make a Big Splash and Sign Randy Moss?

Former Patriot wide receiver Randy Moss is now a free agent and New England could be the perfect team for him.

Randy Moss, one of the most prolific receivers of all time, spent last season with the San Francisco 49ers. Now a free agent, the 36-year-old Moss is on the precipice of retirement and contemplating his future in the league. Having already established a Hall of Fame career with astonishing statistics comparable to receivers like Jerry Rice and Cris Carter, Moss can now shift his focus away from money and numbers and on one last push of chasing the ring with the right team.

His former team, the New England Patriots, could arguably be the perfect fit for Moss this season. Having spent four seasons with the team, Moss proved to be a desirable target for quarterback Tom Brady. In a record setting season back in 2007, Brady and Moss helped each other set single season records for touchdowns thrown and caught, respectively. With several years passed, could Tom Brady and Randy Moss pick up where they left off?

Why Take the Risk on Moss?

The Patriots are the organization that takes risks on veteran players, such as Chad Johnson and Donte Stallworth, who they feel would beĀ  make an instant impact on the team’s production. If the Patriots were willing to take a risk on Stallworth, who was another Patriot that was brought back to the team, why would they not take a risk on someone who set the touchdown record with Tom Brady?

The Patriots should consider signing Moss to at least a one-year contract because Moss would come at a cheap price, something the Patriots can always appreciate. Moss is also already familiar with the system and has established a good relationship with Brady on and off the field. Learning the system is one of the hardest obstacles for new players to overcome. Moss has proven he can easily pick up the system and the chemistry between he and Brady is undeniable. This will be beneficial for the offense because in the first time in many years, Brady will be starting from scratch with his receiving core. With a fresh start in that position, it might be nice for Brady to have a familiar face in the line up.

Moss is Still a Playmaker

Although his numbers have declined over the past seasons, Moss has proven he is still a playmaker. He demonstrated last season he still has the speed, agility and leaping abilities to be a valuable deep threat in the league. Moss would be the perfect candidate to fill a much needed void in the deep game for the Patriots offense, something the Patriots desperately lacked last season. In order to best utilize Moss’ talents, the Patriots should not expect Moss to be a number one receiver. Instead, give Moss the opportunity to come off the bench on certain downs and flourish in his deep threat game role.

Back in 2010, Moss and the Patriots parted ways because Moss wanted a new deal during the season and became an issue. With Moss more humbled now playing for the 49ers for less money last season and having spent all off-season as a free agent, the two sides can put the money issue on the back-burner and focus their attention on winning a championship.

If all works out with the Moss acquisition, it would balance out the mistake that was Tim Tebow and all would be good again in Patriots Nation.


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  1. YES, Moss would get 10 TD’s back with Brady, even at 36/37.

    Posted by brad | June 20, 2013, 2:07 am

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