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Top 10 Most Annoying Sports Personalities of All Time

Many of us Bostonians understand our home teams in a way that many well known commentators and sports personalities ever could. Over the course of my time as a Boston sports fan, I have noticed many announcers/sports personalities that are completely off in their analysis. This could include why a team is struggling, their insights on a major trade or butchering a widely known players name such as Brad Marchand. With Marchand, it was not until the 2nd game of the Stanley Cup Finals two years ago that the announcers said his name correctly.

Regardless, an unbiased and true commentator brings plenty to the booth and studio, but this list accomplishes the complete opposite.

10th- ESPN’S Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith

These two analysts need to be pared together in this list because it is always them I see arguing every morning with one another. Skip and Stephen A. are adults that act like children on the set of ESPN’S First Take. Stephen A never lets Skip speak, always yelling and telling Skip he is wrong, but then when it is Skip’s turn to fire back all he does is yell back at Stephen A. with narcissistic and contrarian remarks just to be difficult. Some of the most notable include Skip telling the public that Tim Tebow will be a very good QB (years ago) and still refusing to give LeBron James credit for his play.

9th- 98.5 Sports Hub’s Jermaine Wiggins

Wiggins helped the Patriots win a superbowl years ago, but whenever he visits the Sports Hub, he seems to always be off on his analysis. Just a fair warning, do not get him started on the Bruins, he becomes completely befuddled and but still attempts to break down the Bruins. Wiggins also has one of those voices that you are grateful that is not calling Red Sox games.

8th- Mark Jackson, formerly of ESPN

Who can ever forget Jackson’s “Hand down man down” or “Momma there goes that man” during every other play in the Celtics and Lakers Finals. Mark Jackson’s “catchy” More phrases can be found here at Jackson is now an NBA coach.

7th- TNT’S Kenny Smith

Smith has an an all star line up with him after every post-game including Ernie Johnson, Shaq and Charles Barkley.Kenny seems to get caught up when the hall of famers speak and when it is his turn to talk he usually just repeats what one of the two hall of famers said.

6th- Jim Rome of CBS Sports

Rome bashes people for a living, always calling people out never giving them credit. It seems that he has disappeared from his days on TV…

5th- Mike Francesa of WFAN in New York

Francesa drives not only other fans crazy, but also his own. He is never wrong and always repeats himself. According to, everything Francesa says is repeated twenty times. Also, if you dare to call his show and you make a valid point, he cuts you off. It is his show and he must be the shining star.

4th- NESN’S Jim Rice

Jim Rice may have been a great player but during his days he HATED the media. The media will also tell you that they did not like him or his answers (or lack thereof). Now, Rice himself is part of the media. I love Tom Caron and Dennis Eckersley, but when Jim Rice speaks he just seems to get lost while he talks and there is absolutely no flow to it. Rice reminds me of Magic Johnson, who you will see in this ranking, when he speaks. Maybe if Rice gave the media the time of day while he was a player, I would think differently.

3rd- ESPN’S Mark Schlereth

Schlereth hates the Patriots, yet he also reminds us every breakdown that he has won multiple Super Bowls. He should thank John Elway for that, because he was the reason they won them. After every one of his breakdowns, it is clear that he will never play another down in the NFL (nor should he given his age). He is another one that if he is questioned or debated against, he blows up and loses his cool.

2nd- ESPN’S Tony Kornheiser

Kornheiser almost got the first place vote here. Kornheiser has been seen on his show Pardon the Interruption wearing a chicken outfit and eating chicken. He also refers to his audience as boys and girls. We will not get into his brief stint as a Monday Night Football announcer, which lasted only one year.

Kornheiser is just plain horrible, and everything that comes out of his mouth is just simply said to amuse himself and attempt to make others laugh. I feel bad for his counterpart Michael Wilbon on PTI. I actually really like Wilbon.

1st- ESPN’S Magic Johnson

Johnson was an all time great in the NBA, but with his cliches and failed attempts to convey his thoughts, land him at number one. Johnson has had many blunders, more than any announcer I can recall. I remember Magic telling the world that “the Celtics are playing more better than the Heat.” Magic has also told the world that talent always beats hustle (after the statement there was a very long pause in the booth with Jalen Rose and the ESPN Crew). Magic Johnson just does not cut it as a professional announcer. I believe that many children can bring more to the dish than Magic.

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